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Why use a dropshipping agent in France?

There is nothing to stop you from having direct relationships with your dropshipping suppliers, but it is more ideal to go through a dropshipping agent for several reasons.

Why use a dropshipping agent in France?

One of the obstacles facing those embarking on dropshipping is the difficulty of finding a trustworthy agent. Aware of the growing popularity of this business model, there has been a steady increase in the number of individuals who work as agents specialising in the field. There are some around the world, but those practising in France are more interesting for the following reasons. 

Dropshipping agent in France, an essential partner 

If you are new to the world of dropshipping or are an old hand at it and want to move up the ladder, you need someone to act as a mediator between your customers and your wholesalers. This is thedropshipping agent, a partner you need to choose well to make your business flourish. 

  • The importance of choosing the right dropship agent

The agent is one of the key players for your success in dropshipping. The choice of an agent should not be made hastily, and a number of criteria must be taken into account. This is particularly true of its ability to guarantee the exact delivery of what you communicate to your customer. You can lose your customer's trust if they receive a product that is in poor condition and does not meet their requirements or if it is not delivered on time. For this reason, it is always recommended that you use only the best agents. The latter will not hesitate to attach your visual identity to the packaging of the delivered products so that your customers are convinced that you have taken care of the delivery yourself. 

While a good number of agents are located in foreign countries such as China, there is no shortage of options in France. Moreover, with a foreign agent, you can enjoy more advantages, starting with flexibility. 

  • How to find a dropshipping agent: flexibility, an important criterion guaranteed by proximity

When you choose to partner with a local agent, you are likely to enjoy greater flexibility for your business. Local agents are more responsive than those in other countries. They will not make your customers wait longer for their orders to be delivered. Moreover, an agent faces almost no obstacles when coordinating shipments in his own country. 

French dropshipping agent: customer satisfaction and product quality guaranteed

Like many people who start dropshipping, chances are you have thought about an Aliexpress agent for your intermediation with your customers. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you want to make sure your customers are satisfied and your products are of high quality, nothing beats using a French agent. 

  • Better customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is a happy customer and when a customer is happy, they tend to turn to the source of that happiness more frequently. This customer satisfaction is largely related to receiving their delivery quickly and enjoying a high level of product quality. You will receive almost no complaints or requests for refunds from them. And in the rare case that a dissatisfied customer demands a refund or replacement, handling their grievances will be less complicated with a local agent. And with a local agent, there is no language barrier. There is no guarantee that an Asian agent can understand what you are saying. 

  • Finding a dropshipping agent guarantees you greater control over the quality of your products

Any agent will claim that in terms of fairness in the treatment of their customers and their orders, they are ahead of their competitors. But this is not always the case. Are you already certain about the products that will lead you to success? This should not prevent you from finding a dropshipping agent. They are the best qualified to show you the best products and to provide your customers with a service that will benefit your business image and your e-reputation. And if he is in the same country as you, you will have control over him and this will allow you to build a relationship of trust with him. 

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Dropshipping agent in France: solution to late deliveries and profitability problems

In addition to the quality of your products, there is a determining point to ensure the loyalty of your customers: the speed of delivery. This will be more assured with a French agent than with one based in China or in another country. 

  • Faster deliveries

If you use an agent located abroad, shipping your orders to France can take much longer than with a local agent. Your French customers may have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to receive their orders. Many of them will see this as unprofessional, others as a scam. While some will be happy to cancel their order, others may go as far as taking you to court. With a French agent, on the other hand, you will be able to respond favourably to a customer's request for immediate delivery of his products. Delivery times can be as short as 48 or 72 hours and rarely exceed one week. 

  • Increased profitability

If your answer to the question " how do I find a dropshipping agent? is "by relying on a local network", you are surely aware of the advantages of relying on a local agent in terms of profitability. Indeed, because the shipping circuit is shorter, you will save on shipping costs. However, there is one condition sine qua non to take advantage of this: to build up a local supply chain.

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The choice of agent is one of the most important steps you need to go through to succeed in dropshipping. As your business can be compromised by a dubious agent, it is always recommended that you rely on the local channel. You can go through Minea for to get valuable advice on this matter.

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