How do I dropship with AliExpress?


Dropshipping has been a fast-growing trend in the e-commerce world for some time now. It's a business model that allows entrepreneurs to launch an online store without having to manage inventory or deal directly with product shipping.

In this context, AliExpress is the partner of choice for dropshipping, offering a vast catalog of products at competitive prices. But before we dive into the details of setting up a dropshipping store with AliExpress. It's essential to understand what dropshipping is and why AliExpress is a preferred platform for this business model.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail system in which the seller does not stock the products he sells. Instead, when the customer purchases a product, the seller buys the item from a third party (a supplier or manufacturer) who then ships the product directly to the customer. This method eliminates the costs associated with managing an inventory and reduces the financial risks for the seller.

Why choose AliExpress for dropshipping?

AliExpress home page

AliExpress is an online sales platform belonging to the Alibaba group. It brings together suppliers mainly based in Asia, offering a wide range of products in various categories. Here are a few reasons why dropshipping with AliExpress is advantageous:

  • Access to a large product catalog: With thousands of suppliers, AliExpress offers an impressive diversity of products for sale.
  • Competitive prices: Most sellers on AliExpress are manufacturers, which means very attractive prices and higher profit margins.
  • Ease of use: AliExpress is easy to navigate and use, making it simple to select and add products to your online store.

How dropshipping works on AliExpress 

Once you have decided to go for a dropshipping project, you should know that there are many suppliers available on the Internet. You can for example bet on BigBuy. It is also a leading European dropshipping provider. But, if you have decided to bet on AliExpress, it is for good reasons. As mentioned above, this platform groups together Asian suppliers. 

To take advantage of dropshipping on AliExpress, you need to set up your own online store. Once this is done, you can rely on the aliexpress dropshipping center or the AliExpress dropshipping center to find your suppliers easily. The "aliexpress dropshipping center" is an easy-to-use tool that also allows you to resell the most popular products on the market. 

All you need to know about the AliExpress dropshipping centre

AliExpress dropshipping center

The success of your dropshipping project depends on the quality of your products. You must therefore know how to choose the winning products well before launching your dropshipping online store. This is a step that requires a little more patience and know-how.

That's where the AliExpress dropshipping center comes in. This tool was created by AliExpress to help you easily find your winning products. AliExpress dropshipping center offers you an opportunity not to miss out on all the major suppliers offered on this platform. This solution is also able to help you analyze products before putting them up for sale. So you can be sure of the quality of your items. But how do I get the dropshipping center on AliExpress? Nothing could be easier:

  • Create your AliExpress account
  • Login to your account 
  • Visit this link: https: //
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the general agreement

In addition to this tool, you can also rely on the AliExpress dropshipping tool to help you find your supplier. You can also work with an AliExpress dropshipping agent to find your suppliers.

Steps to start your dropshipping store with AliExpress

Launching a dropshipping store with AliExpress involves several key steps, from selecting a niche to setting up your online store. Following these steps methodically can greatly increase your chances of success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Find a profitable niche

Choosing a niche is crucial to the success of your online store. A well-defined niche enables you to target a specific audience and differentiate yourself from the competition. To find a profitable niche, look for markets with consistent demand but moderate competition. Use tools like Google Trends and discussion forums to identify trends and unmet needs.

Select products to sell

Products on AliExpress

Once you've identified your niche, the next step is to choose the products you want to sell. On AliExpress, youcan find products in almost every category imaginable. Look for products with good reviews, a large number of sales and reliable suppliers. Take the time to read customer reviews and analyze product quality before adding them to your store.

Find a product with Minea

Using Minea to identify winning products can also be an effective strategy. With Minea, you can access detailed analyses of successful ads and get direct links to the corresponding products on AliExpress, simplifying the process of selecting high-potential products for your store.

Find reliable suppliers on AliExpress

AliExpress seller reputation

Selecting reliable suppliers is essential to ensuring your customers' satisfaction. On AliExpress, check suppliers' reputations by examining their feedback scores, number of years in business and customer reviews. Don't hesitate to contact suppliers directly to assess their responsiveness and professionalism.

Create your online store

Shopify home page

With a niche and products in hand, it's time to create your online store. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce on WordPress and PrestaShop offer simple solutions for launching your store quickly.
Choose a design that matches your niche and make sure your site is easy to navigate. Don't forget to optimize your store for search engines (SEO) to attract more visitors.

In fact, thanks to our partnership with Shopify, take advantage of the platform for 1 month for only $1.

The advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping with AliExpress

Dropshipping with AliExpress offers many advantages, but like any business model, it also presents certain challenges. Knowing these points can help you better prepare and manage your online store.

The advantages of dropshipping with AliExpress

  • Access to a large product catalog: One of AliExpress's greatest strengths is its vast selection of products, enabling entrepreneurs to test different markets without investing in stock.
  • No stock management required: dropshipping eliminates the need to stock products, reducing operational costs and financial risks.
  • Flexibility: AliExpress makes it easy to change products, suppliers or niches without major complications.
  • Low-cost start-up: With dropshipping, initial costs are minimal. You don't have to pay for stock or a warehouse, making this business model accessible even on a small budget.

The disadvantages of dropshipping with AliExpress

  • Long delivery times: Since most AliExpress suppliers are based in Asia, delivery times can be long(10 to 20 days on average), which can frustrate some customers.
  • Limited quality control: Since you don't manage inventory, it's difficult to control the quality of products sent directly from suppliers to your customers.
  • High competition: The low cost of entry into dropshipping with AliExpress means you're likely to have plenty of competition, including sellers offering the same products.
  • Variable profit margins: Although AliExpress prices are competitive, profit margins can be affected by price fluctuations, shipping costs and competition.

Best practices for successful dropshipping with AliExpress

Successful dropshipping with AliExpress requires more than simply listing products on an online store. Here are some essential best practices to maximize your chances of success.

Optimize your online store for search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Use relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions and site content to improve your visibility on search engines.
  • Publish quality content regularly, such as blog posts around your niche, to attract organic traffic.
  • Optimize product images by including keywords in file names and reducing their size to speed up your site's loading time.

Efficient order and logistics management

  • Automate the ordering process as far as possible, using tools such as DSers or Oberlo, which can make it easier to place orders on AliExpress and track shipments.
  • Clearly communicate delivery times to your customers to manage their expectations and reduce customer service requests.
  • Offer tracking options for orders so that your customers can follow the shipment of their purchases.

Build customer loyalty and grow your business

  • Offer excellent customer service by answering questions promptly and resolving problems. Open and honest communication can help build customer loyalty.
  • Encourage customer reviews of your products and store. Positive reviews can increase the confidence of future buyers.
  • Use e-mail marketing to keep in touch with your customers. Send newsletters, special offers and updates on new products to encourage repeat purchases.


Dropshipping with AliExpress offers an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their online store without a large initial investment in stock. Although this business model presents challenges, particularly in terms of delivery times and quality control. Advantages such as access to a vast product catalog and operational flexibility can considerably outweigh these obstacles. By adopting the above-mentioned best practices, you can maximize your chances of success and develop a thriving dropshipping business.


How does dropshipping work on AliExpress?

Dropshipping on AliExpress works by listing products from AliExpress on your own online store. When a customer buys a product, you then place the order directly with the supplier on AliExpress, who ships the product directly to the customer. You never have to physically handle the product.

How do I Dropshop with AliExpress?

To get started with dropshipping on AliExpress, follow these steps:

  1. Create your online store on a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce.
  2. Select a product niche and find reliable suppliers on AliExpress.
  3. List the products on your store, setting your own prices.
  4. When a sale is made, place the order on AliExpress with your customer's delivery address.

Why dropshipping with AliExpress?

Dropshipping with AliExpress is advantageous for several reasons:

  • A wide choice of products at competitive prices.
  • No need for inventory management or shipping.
  • Flexibility to test different products and niches without significant financial risk.

What is AliExpress dropshipping?

AliExpress dropshipping is a business model where you sell AliExpress products in your online store without stocking them. You place the order with the supplier on AliExpress, who ships directly to the customer.

Dropshipping with AliExpress: how does it work?

You select products on AliExpress and list them in your store. When a customer makes a purchase, you order the product from the supplier on AliExpress, who sends it directly to the customer.

Why dropshipping with AliExpress?

Dropshipping with AliExpress is attractive for its easy access to a wide range of low-cost products, enabling you to get started without large initial investment or stock management.

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