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What is Minea ?

Minea is the most advanced product and ad search tool on the market. With ads tracked across all networks, you're sure not to miss any products or ads that might interest you.

Which advertising channels does Minea monitor?

Currently, Minea analyzes Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Tiktok ads and influencer placements on Instagram and Snapchat.
Snapchat analytics is currently being tested and will be released very soon.
We are committed to making each of our tools the best in its niche. We only offer a new social network when it is 100% operational and covers enough ads.

Can I share my Minea subscription?

No, it is strictly forbidden to share your Minea subscription. If we detect several suspicious connections on the same account, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel it without refund.

Do you make refunds?

No, you can test Minea for free and cancel your subscription at any time. We do not issue refunds.

What is the price of Minea?

Minea has a Lite offer which is free. A Starter offer at 49$/month and a Premium offer at 99$/month.

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