Top 15 best Shopify dropshipping providers in 2023

Dropshipping on Shopify is a popular e-commerce model that allows anyone to sell physical products without having to own inventory. In fact, it's the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to open a store with limited capital. This business is also suitable for people who want to test a product before investing or take their ecommerce store to the next level. 

However, the problem that most of these entrepreneurs face is choosing the best dropshipping supplier. So, if you are looking for reliable suppliers for your business, you are exactly in the right place. In this guide, we have compiled for you a list of the best dropshipping providers for Shopify and the criteria to consider when choosing. Here we go. 

  1. Oberlo
  2. Modalyst
  3. Spocket 
  4. Printful
  5. Salehoo
  6. Wholesale2B
  7. AliExpress
  8. Amazon
  9. eBay
  10. Doba
  11. DropnShop
  12. SupplyMeDirect
  13. Footwear US
  14. DHGate
  15. Suppliersdata

What are the characteristics of good Shopify dropshipping vendors?

Before we continue with this article, where we will see the best dropshipping providers for Shopify, let's start by analyzing some of the characteristics that good providers have. When choosing a dropshipping provider, make sure you think about the features described below:


A good dropshipping provider should be trustworthy. You don't want to work with a supplier who promises things like one-day processing, but can't deliver. In dropshipping, you rely heavily on your supplier, so make sure you trust them.

Fair prices

The main objective of dropshipping is to make money. So, a supplier is of no use to you if his prices do not leave enough room for a decent margin. 

Dropshipping suppliers Shopify : product range

A supplier should have a large catalog of products so that you can choose and test many different products.

Fast order processing

The best suppliers will have a one-day turnaround, while others will take five days. This can make a big difference since choosing a dropshipping supplier with fast processing times will save you at least three days in guaranteed delivery time.

Customer Service

Whenever there is a problem with the product or delivery, it is crucial to be able to contact your supplier. This is to get a quick response to keep your customer informed. So whenever you deal with a new supplier, check how quickly they respond and how good their English is.

Secure payment method

Secure payment method

Make sure your provider offers secure payment methods such as PayPal. This is one of the payment gateways that can be used safely.

Targeting by country

When choosing a dropshipping provider, you should always check if they support shipping to the country you plan to target. Some Shopify europe dropshipping providers focus on certain regions of the world such as Europe or the US. 

If you're not sure which countries you're going to target yet, here's a list of the best suppliers to choose as a dropshipper. You really need to find a dropshipping provider that has these characteristics if you want to have the best chance of success.

Best dropshipping suppliers europe Shopify

If you are already familiar with our niche or the products you wish to sell, then please browse the list below carefully. It will help you find the supplier that best suits your needs. 



Oberlo is a European ecommerce platform specifically designed for Shopify. Naturally, it is the default dropshipping tool with seamless integration to your Shopify account. In addition, Oberlo has a number of useful features namely:

  • Easy to add products

Your dropshipping products can be added directly to your Shopify store with a simple and understandable import. For example, you can directly import a product fromAliExpress and start selling it on Shopify. 

You don't have to worry about inventory because Oberlo processes your Shopify orders directly. Plus, you get automated inventory updates for your store. This way, you always know what you have in stock.

  • Access to product customization

Oberlo users can rename products, edit product descriptions, change images, etc. 

  • Prices are managed automatically

With Oberlo, you can define product pricing rules and enjoy automated pricing. You can also update prices en masse!

  • Follow-up of the shipment of your products

You and your customers have access to shipping information, such as the time of shipment and the current location of a product. In fact, the tool supports multiple users, which allows for teamwork when managing your e-commerce store. It also works with multiple currencies and languages.



Modalyst is an automated dropshipping platform specializing in well-known brands. In fact, the tool handles the routine operations of e-commerce businesses while offering a wide range of products. 

The main features of Modalyst allow you to :

  • Work with Shopify us dropshipping suppliers and European suppliers that meet the strict requirements.
  • Get pre-negotiated sales rates to save time in reaching an agreement with your supplier. 
  • Manage everything from a single dashboard. So you don't have to juggle with different tabs anymore. Your orders can be processed from a single system.
  • Add products from the Modalyst marketplace to your dropshipping store in one click.
  • Modify the names and descriptions of your product sheets.
  • Automatically synchronize inventory and prices in real time.
  • Ship anywhere, fast. Shipping details are sent to you automatically so you can track your product at any time.  
  • Use a universal return policy that works for everyone.



Spocket is an app that allows e-commerce businesses to dropship trendy products. With this platform, you can find more than 50 categories of products from American Shopify dropship suppliers. In addition, European, Canadian and Australian suppliers are also available. 

Spocket has the following features:

  • It offers high quality dropshipping products from global suppliers selected through strict evaluation.
  • The order processing is fully automated. You can do dropshipping in one click.
  • Inventory is managed and updated automatically in real time.
  • The products are imported quickly and easily without any manual work.
  • Shipping is fast and can be tracked at any time.
  • The tool offers 30 to 60% profit margins for dropshipping with the e-commerce platform.

Shopify dropshipping providers : Printful 


Printful is a dropshipping solution that allows your business to operate on a print-on-demand model. Plus, it allows you to customize products with your own designs.

Key features of Printful :

  • Easy access to major consumer markets with warehouses in Europe.
  • No monthly fees to use the dropshipping service. You only pay a fee if you sell an item.
  • No inventory fees involved. 
  • Fast shipping at good rates. On average, products are delivered within 3 days.
  • Automatic execution of commands. 
  • Wide variety of customization options. 
  • Warranty policy: lost or damaged products are replaced.


Similar to Spocket or Oberlo, Salehoo is one of the best dropshipping providers for Shopify that recommends smart products.

Salehoo's main features: 

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

Powerful features, with Salehoo you can find profitable niches and product ideas. You can also identify trusted, low-cost suppliers using a vast directory of 1000 approved dropshippers from around the world.

  • Lower registration fees 

70% of Salehoo's directory providers do not require registration fees or minimum orders. This is possible so that users can save money and maximize the initial investment.


With a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, accompanied by top reviews and comments, Wholesale2B is on par with giants like AliExpress.

The main features of Wholesale 2B: 

  • Over 1.5 million products in categories such as apparel, entertainment, electronics, health, home and sporting goods. In addition, this platform integrates easily with Amazon, eBay and Shopify.
  • If you want to sell on the internet, but don't want to have a website yet, Wholesales2B has a plan to provide you with a storefront. You can place orders directly from the administration dashboard of this storefront.
  • They do not provide chat support, only email support. So it can be slightly frustrating for users to not get immediate help. Sales and performance tools are also limited.
  • There is no drop shipping fee, but as usual, you will be charged credit card processing fees and other fees. This depends on the list of suppliers you are working with.



AliExpress is a wholesale and dropshipping platform that provides over 100 million products in 40 niche categories ready for sale. AliExpress is owned by China-based e-commerce company Alibaba. In addition, it connects with overseas manufacturers so you can ship items anywhere in the world. In fact, AliExpress is one of the major Shopify dropshipping providers.

Key features: 

  • Provides a labeling and packaging service to help Shopify sellers brand their store.
  • Smooth order processing. This way, the tracking number will be automatically captured and synced with your Shopify orders.
  • There are no upfront costs or fees, so you can test the products without any financial commitment.

Europe Shopify dropshipping suppliers: Amazon


First of all, Amazon is a leading American e-commerce company operating almost everywhere in the world. So it's not surprising that Amazon is also a popular name in Europe, with millions of products available for dropshipping.

Key features: 

  • Millions of products in every niche.
  • European warehouses.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Reputable Dropshipping Shopify Suppliers


eBay is one of the pioneer e-commerce platforms that is as popular in Europe as it is in the United States. Although eBay is mainly used as a selling platform, it is an excellent provider. On this platform, you can shop for a variety of product categories.

Key features: 

  • Massive product selection
  • Dedicated websites in the main European countries 
  • Incredible customer service

Best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify

Are you operating only in the US market or are you looking to get started? Either way, below are the most reliable Shopify us dropshipping providers for your niche. 



Doba is the largest dropshipping service based in the US that contains 2 million products and 200 suppliers in one place. Indeed, it is an attractive, efficient and easy to use platform. Plus, there is a 30-day free trial option to help you get started. 

It's not the cheapest option, but Doba is probably the best for Dropshippers who are rich in experience, but short on time. If you have the experience to sell items at a higher price or the confidence to compete, Doba is a time-saving option.


DropnShop is the best dropship provider that allows you to add products for sale online in the Shopify catalog. It sources from the best factories, leaving you with a wide range of quality products.

The main characteristics 

  • DropnShop works with different suppliers around the world, so you can sell your products anywhere in the world. 1 click for an order and they will ship the package to your customer in less than 2 weeks.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Create your own brand by sending personalized invoices to your customers.
  • Compatible with all major shopping cart providers like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many more.
  • Seamlessly synchronize products, inventory and orders with your store on marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.
  • Hundreds of top rated US Shopify dropship suppliers. Each supplier must meet rigorous technical and performance standards, primarily based in the US and Europe. So you can expect short shipping times and flexible returns.
  • Streamlined fulfillment process: discover trending products, manage product lists, place and track orders all in one place.



SupplyMeDirect is a wholesale supplier designed for entrepreneurs who want to grow their dropshipping business on a larger scale. It is dedicated to helping direct shippers get the most out of their online business, whether it's via Amazon sales or company websites.

SupplyMeDirecy was created to better support drop shipping operations with automatic processing of : 

  • Controls, 
  • Private labeling,
  • Local inventory and agile procurement. 

In addition, they provide direct delivery to the US, EU and China.

Key features: 

  • Integrates and synchronizes orders with Shopify,
  • Private labeling for each order,
  • 24/7 dedicated support team,
  • Local shipping for fast delivery times, with an average delivery time of four to seven days.

Shopify us dropshipping suppliers : Footwear US

Footwear US

Footwear US is a drop shipping supplier specializing in footwear products. The drop shipping service is available for all orders without the usual minimum order value requirement.

Key features: 

  • Free shipping to US addresses.
  • Blind drop shipping: Footwear US sends an order directly from its warehouse to your customer with a return label that says "Fulfillment Center" or "Shipper". This ensures that your customer will return to your business for future purchases, without knowing about your dropshipping suppliers.


DHGate is one of the largest cross-border B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer) e-commerce marketplaces. It facilitates the sale of manufactured goods from suppliers to small and medium-sized retailers.

Key features:

  • Similar to Aliexpress, DHGate offers buyers access to a vast library of low-cost niche products. These can be sold at a higher price on your Dropshipping store.
  • Flexible payment options: Dhgate offers buyers various payment options which can be bank transfer, credit, wire transfer and others. 
  • Customer protection is also provided with all payment methods.
  • Sellers can only get payment once customers confirm receipt of goods. This can help you to increase the customer satisfaction rate


Are you having trouble finding products from US-based dropshipping vendors? Do you not necessarily need certain features such as automatic order fulfillment or integration with an e-commerce platform? If the answer is yes, Suppliersdata may be the perfect solution for you.

Key features: 

  • Provide a database of thousands of hidden companies that offer drop shipping in the United States. You can contact them simply by phone and email.
  • Define categories such as countries, keywords, so you can easily search for winning products by niche.
  • Register suppliers in the watch list so you can contact them later.
  • Get FREE access to the best collection of e-commerce resources: eCom Repository to grow your business.


When you're considering starting a dropshipping business, Shopify is probably the first platform that comes to mind. Shopify dropshipping is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are starting their business. It's one of the best ways to sell your products without having to carry inventory, and it doesn't require a high initial investment. 

However, it is not without its drawbacks. So do your research, focus on the best dropshipping vendors for Shopify and the best winning product search tools! The latter is the foundation if you want to succeed in your niche.

With Minea, for example, you can find all the winning products in your niche with one click. The tool also allows you to see all your competitors' listings so you can do better than them. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I start Shopify dropshipping with no money?

The answer is yes, you can try Shopify dropshipping with no money. There are no upfront costs for inventory or a warehouse where you keep your goods. Plus, the products are supplied directly from your suppliers, so you don't have to pay shipping and packaging fees.

Is Shopify good for dropshipping?

Dropshipping on Shopify can be a great way for entrepreneurs to cut costs. Since products are only paid for and shipped after they are purchased.

What shouldn't I sell on Shopify?

On Shopify, you should avoid bellying products like: 

  • Alcohol. 
  • Tobacco and electronic cigarettes.
  • CDB.
  • Fireworks.
  • Firearms and weapons.
  • Solvents.
  • Medication.
  • Game restrictions.

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