Presentation of Minea, the new all-in-one tool for Dropshipping


Why did we create Minea?

Dropshipping is evolving. Today, to find winning products, we can no longer just spy on Facebook ads, but we need to discover other sources of acquisition like Instagram placements, or Ads on other networks like Snapchat.

Minea is, in a single tool and a single subscription, all these networks, all these tools:

  • A Facebook ad spy tool (AdSpy tool) with the largest database of e-commerce ads. There are 10k+ new ads added to the platform daily.
  • A product placement spy tool. All product placements of influencers on Instagram and Snapchat, in over 30 markets.
  • A spy tool for online shops. All data gathered to monitor the biggest e-shops: All their ads + All their placements = All their winners!
  • In development... the only really functional AdSpy for Snapchat ads.
  • Our next ambitions... Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads...

Minea Sponsorship Program

With Minea every user can get a free Premium account if they share their unique coupon around. When 10 referrals apply it to pay their Minea subscriptions, then the referrer receives a free Premium subscription for life! Nice, isn't it?

dropshipping minea products

In this case (image above), the code that the referrals will have to apply is "MINEWITHBAPTIST". It gives a 15% discount on the first month of the referral's subscription.

I) The Minea Adspy tool

facebook ads

Like AdSpy or Dropispy, this section allows you to search for the best ads on social networks. Here is a brief overview of Minea's ad spy tool to start searching for our first products.

We find a range of filters to conduct specific searches in Minea's database of advertisements:

1. Search by...

To start with, we can search for all the winning ads of a shop by searching by "Domain Name" or via their "Facebook Page". 

We can also analyse the competition for a target product by doing a "Keyword" search. The aim is for this keyword to match an element of the description or title of the ad on Facebook.

2. Search Filters 

Then, we have filters at our disposal to direct our searches. We can search by :

  • The audience for the ad → Country, Age, Gender
  • Date → Date the ad was first and last seen. Date the ad was created.
  • Number of reactions/engagements to the ad → likes, comments, shares, etc.
  • CTA (Call to Action ad) → Shop Now, Get Offer, etc.
  • The format of the ad
  • The language of the ad
  • The type of platform where the ad is redirected. Namely, if the store was made with Shopify, Magento, etc. 

3. Sorting of advertisements

Once the appropriate filters are selected and the search for ads is launched, it is possible to sort it all. Specifically, we can sort the set of search results by creation date, first/last viewed date, likes, comments, reactions, etc.

For example, by sorting by number of shares, the ads with the most shares will appear in the top results. What better way to find winning products than by searching for the most shared ads?

4. Detail page of an advertisement

Then, from the detail page of an ad, all the data that allow us to analyze it are listed: the evolution of the number of interactions over time, information on the advertiser's targeting or even the redirection to the ad on Facebook.

By clicking on "Ad from the same advertiser", we can see all the current winning ads from this shop and the older ones.

👉 We've just taken our first steps on the ads spy tool. To learn more about the "Ads" section of Minea and find lots of winning products, we can go on this tutorial.

II) The Minea Investment Spy Tool

This tool gathers all the product placements that have taken place in Influencer Marketing. In Dropshipping, influencer marketing is becoming more and more important, which is why it is interesting to study the placements of influencers on both Instagram and Snapchat. Indeed, the latter are full of winning products!

1. Search filter

From this section, we can filter investments by :

  • Categories → Health-wellness, cooking, pets, etc.
  • Technologies → Shopify, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, etc.
  • Country
  • Number of Followers of the influencer
  • Platform → Either the placements on Instagram or the ones on SnapChat. 

In the example above, we have filtered out kitchen-related placements whose redirecting e-commerce platform is Shopify. We discover winning products from Dropshipping like this blender or this donut pan.

2. Investment details page

When we go to the detail page of a placement, we get more information. Information about both the influencer and the placement. It is from this page that we can see the stories made by the influencer for a product.

By clicking on "other placements", we can see all the placements of this influencer. Here, this influencer has made placements only for the shop "", so we can deduce that she works exclusively with this shop (

III) Minea's Shops Spy Tool (🔒 Premium)

This tool gathers data on all the Shops in the world. Popularity, visitors, traffic, ads, placements, etc. The purpose of this section is to be able to spy on the whole marketing strategy and all the winning products of a Shop.

1. Search for a shop 

To search for a particular shop, simply place the URL in the "Search" field. For example, let's take the Dropshipping shop "". This one puts forward products for depilation.

2. Detail page of a shop 

When we go to the detail page of a shop, we can know everything about its reputation, its visitors, its strategy.

For example, the evolution of its Alexa Rank over time. The Alexa Rank is a worldwide ranking of all websites according to their notoriety. The notoriety is calculated from the traffic and the number of pages seen on average for 1 user.

If we click on the "Placements" tab, we see all the product placements the shop has made over time.

The "Facebook Ads" tab lists all the ads in this shop.

👉 To discover the Minea Shops spy tool in an exhaustive way, let's go to this tutorial.

Finally, these two lines sum up the new software perfectly:

1. Whether it's influencer marketing or network ads, all marketing strategies become transparent and repeatable.
2. One subscription to find all winning products on all networks.

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