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White Labeling: the best way to remove suppliers' brands


Many dropshippers have decided to get rid of their suppliers' brands so they can launch their own. The most appropriate concept for creating your own brand is the white label. This allows you to put your brand on a product that you didn't design, but which you want to market online. In this guide, we'll explain why you should choose white label dropshipping, and give you the names of the best agencies in the field.

Adopt the white label

White labeling is a business process that allows you, as a dropshipper, to create and sell your own brand by removing your dropshipping supplier's brand. In other words, this process allows you tobrand a product. You buy the products from your supplier, discard their brand and legally market your own. Your consumers will have no way of knowing that you didn't manufacture the product you're selling, because it's your company's brand that's affixed to the product. 

However, if you want to use the white label, you need to consider a general product that your suppliers will be able to label themselves without altering its specific features. It is therefore highly likely that your product can be sold by other retailers, this time under their own brand names. 

The white label commits you bilaterally to the manufacturer who makes the product and markets it on the online platforms. A contract will seal your partnership with the manufacturer of your choice. 

Why remove the brand name of dropshipping suppliers?

We have listed below the main reasons why you should remove the supplier's brand from your products.

  • Perceived quality control: by removing the supplier's brand, the store has greater control over how the product is presented to customers. This enables the perception of product quality to be controlled, and the product to be presented in a more attractive way.
  • Price flexibility: the store owner can adjust prices according to his or her pricing strategy, without customers being able to compare directly with other retailers selling the same product.
  • Reduced dependency: by creating its own brand and not linking products directly to a supplier, the company reduces its dependency on a single supplier. This can be useful in the event of changes in supplier pricing, availability or product quality.
  • Control over the customer experience: by removing the brand from the supplier, the store has more control over the overall customer experience. This includes personalizing packaging, adding marketing materials and creating a unique experience for the customer.
  • Avoid availability problems: if a product is out of stock with the supplier, this can cause supply problems for the online store. By removing the brand from the supplier, the store can more easily find alternatives or similar products from other suppliers.
  • Preventing competitive searches: if customers search directly for a product brand online, they may discover other stores selling the same product. By removing the trademark, the store can discourage these searches and keep customers on its own site.

What are the advantages of white-labelling?

White labeling is a really advantageous concept. Of these many strengths, the following are the most important:

  • The ability to create your own brand from almost nothing

You don't need a large budget to sell white label and yet you will be creating and developing your own brand, which is rather expensive with a traditional business process. This concept allows you to create a loyal customer base for your brand and will have a positive impact on your business. 

  • Ease of implementation

You don't have to worry about producing the product you've decided to sell, because your supplier takes care of that for you. You won't have to buy the product and affix your label. You'll save time and pay more attention to the sale itself. 

  • Exchange of expertise

With white label dropshipping, you remove your supplier's brand name while benefiting from their expertise. You'll be able to choose any niche, even if you have no knowledge of the corresponding product. As a professional, your supplier takes care of the entire production chain for you, so you can concentrate on selling the product in your own image. 

Build and sell your brand  

In order to remove your supplier's brand and sell your own dropshipped products, you need your own e-commerce site. Don't hesitate to use dedicated platforms to get started and develop your business. You have a whole range of applications at your disposal to help you expand your sales. 

Next, find a reliable supplier with whom you can sign a "white label" contract. This is an important step, because if you sign with the wrong supplier, they may turn against you. This contract will commit your supplier to delivering quality products that won't harm your image, and above all to meeting delivery deadlines. 

Before any processing can take place, it's vital that the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract are acceptable to both you and your supplier.
Once you've found the right supplier, you can concentrate on selling, promoting your label and ultimately making a profit. 

Find a reliable white label supplier

How to remove supplier branding for dropshipping? How can I find a reliable supplier? You should turn to a supplier who guarantees quality products and impeccable customer service. 

They should be able to provide you with several transport options and guarantee on-time delivery. A supplier is all the more reliable if he has an overseas storage network. At the same time, a reliable supplier must be able to assume responsibility and repair any errors as quickly as possible. 

As a white-label dropshipper, you should maintain a relationship of trust with your white-label wholesaler, and communicate with them on an ongoing basis. This will enable you to resolve any problems more quickly. 

Finally, create your brand: logo, slogan, packaging, color... If you meet all these criteria, you can then remove your supplier's brand from the product you've decided to sell, and promote and develop your label. Now let's take a look at software (Crm) that offers white-label services.

4 best white-label dropsipping providers 

In this section, we present four brand suppliers and the functionality of each of them.


AliExpress is a dropshipping platform offering a wide range of products, including white-label software. Customers can explore a variety of products from different suppliers around the world. The platform offers great flexibility to find solutions tailored to your specific needs. What's more, it offers free trials, enabling customers to test its functionality. Payments are secure and various options are available to suit customer preferences.


Wiio is a reputable white label supplier in the dropshipping industry. With extensive experience in the industry, Wiio offers a variety of high-quality products for these customers. Their approach distinguishes itself by personalizing products with your own branding and logo, offering a consistent experience for your customers. Wiio also stands out for its solid expertise in data management and the provision of a range of features to enhance your dropshipping business. Their competitive pricing adds significant value to the overall experience.


Printful is positioned as a white label supplier that excels in product personalization. Their experience in the industry is undisputed, offering contractors the opportunity to create a diverse range of personalized products for their customers. Printful stands out for its ability to manage data efficiently, allowing you to streamline your ordering process. What's more, the features they offer add an extra layer of appeal to their service. 


HyperSKU sets itself apart as a white-label dropshipping provider by focusing on efficient operation management through its intuitive dashboard. Their industry experience is evident in their commitment to providing regular updates and advanced features to enhance your dropshipping experience. 

Analysis also plays a key role in their approach, as they provide useful reports and information to help you make informed decisions. What sets HyperSKU apart is their ability to provide a transparent environment where you can track performance and optimize your operations with ease.
If you want to white-label, you can work with HyperSKU.


By taking advantage of the white label concept, you can legally market your supplier's products under your own label. Putting your own brand on a product goes through several stages. 

To achieve this, you'll need to follow a few crucial steps, while at the same time facilitating communication with your white-label supplier. Throughout these steps, the Minea tool acts as your partner, guiding you every step of the way and providing solid support as you start up and grow your business. You can now explore the features of this tool, starting at $0 per month.

Frequently asked questions 

What does white-label dropshipping mean?

The white-label dropshipping concept means that products supplied by the manufacturer or supplier are marketed under your own brand name. In this way, only the products carry your own label. This approach enables several online stores to practice dropshipping by selling the same product under different labels.

How do I know if my product is white-labeled?

White-label products are offered by retailers with their own brand and logo, while the products themselves are manufactured by third parties. White labeling occurs when the manufacturer of an item uses the brand desired by the buyer or distributor, instead of its own brand.

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