10 steps to successful dropshipping branding

10 steps to successful dropshipping branding


Branding is not just for big companies. Once you have decided to start dropshipping, you need to know how to use all the effective means to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One of the most common tools used in e-marketing is branding. How to create and communicate your brand image? 

  1. Conducting market research 

Like any other project, branding requires preparation. Market research is considered the most important step in this ultimate guide. You are even advised not to forget this study long before creating your e-commerce site. During this stage, it is essential to study your competitors. It is this market research that will help you find your winning products. 

  1. Identify your potential customers 

There are several ways to find your potential customers. But the most practical way is to create a customer profile or persona. Try to find out :

  • The overall age of your targets
  • Their geographical location
  • Their activities
  • Their income
  • Their lifestyles
  • etc.

From this data you will establish an effective communication strategy. 

  1. Find your mission 

Long before creating a brand image, it's also important to go through the process of determining your mission. Take the time to find out what your business or dropshipping store is all about. Try to answer the question: "What do you want to offer your customers? The product you want must meet the needs of your target customers. 

  1. Styling your brand

To successfully create your brand image, you must also determine your style. This is what will help you stand out. This is where you will also determine the visual or textual elements of your site, your brand, your logo, your advertisement, your caption, etc. To find the DNA of your brand, all you need to do is determine the personality of your audience.  

  1. Designing the brand name 

Once you've determined your business, it's time to find your brand name. To build your brand image, you need to choose the name carefully. List the names of your competitors to help you identify current trends. If you want to choose your name at random, try to opt for a name that's both short and easy to remember. 

  1. Create your logo for the brand

This step is also part of the research into the visual appearance of your label. You can do research to find the right image for your business. To build a successful brand image, you should not take this step lightly. It is from your logo that your customers will recognise your products or services. 

  1. Create your graphic charter 

A graphic charter is the set of visual elements of a brand. These elements include fonts, colours, images, videos and brand motifs. To help you with this, try to work with a professional graphic designer. But, of course, when choosing your graphic design, it is important to consider your taste and that of your audience. 

  1. Create your website 

How do you create a brand image? This is quite impossible. If you want to do a good branding, you have to create your own website. To do this, you can buy an existing site. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a turnkey solution. We suggest that you opt for this solution once you have created your graphic charter. 

  1. Work on the design of your site 

Working on the design and graphic elements of your site gives you the opportunity to increase its visibility and optimize your brand image. It's an easy solution. If you can't afford to hire a professional Illustrator or Photoshop artist, you can opt to use Canva. This tool is widely used by dropshippers to enhance the visual details of their sites.  

  1. Reaching out to your audience 

Once you have been able to develop your brand and have created your website, it is time to get closer to your targets. It is at this stage that you will try to advertise. For this, you are encouraged to create different accounts on social networks. For your online shop, try Instagram and Facebook accounts. But, in order to attract even more visitors, don't forget to take care of the visuals of your accounts. 


Creating a white label involves several steps. You need to find your audience, tailor a solution for them, and don't forget that you also need to find your white label supplier. Need help creating your dropshipping brand? Take professional advice. We invite you to visit the Minea website. This platform specializes in dropshipping. It offers comprehensive training in all aspects of dropshipping.

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