Top 5 dropshippers in terms of brand image

Top 5 dropshippers in terms of brand image

Internet commerce abounds and customers are spoilt for choice. For this reason, some players have not hesitated to work hard on their brand image in order to ingeniously stand out from the increasingly tough competition. Here is a top 5 of these shops with a strong brand image. 

  1. Tred-Fashions

Tred-Fashions is a dropshipping shop where everything is present. Through the ultimate branding guide, Tred-Fashion has built a strong brand image. This has allowed the company to develop its reputation and to work with external partners. Having built a strong brand image, Tred-Fashions currently offers international delivery, the team is able to track orders and satisfy the demand of its loyal customers, particularly in terms of men's and women's clothing. The shop deploys effective marketing incentives to entice prospects. The shop's website is well designed to ensure its success. 

  1. Kusoka

Choosing a specific theme is an excellent way to work on your brand image. This dropshipping shop uses Japaneseism, a webshop theme that is all the rage at the moment. The shop has made every effort to have a good, strong brand image and has managed to establish its reputation in its chosen niche market. This image is also materialised by the quality services that the shop offers: free international delivery with interesting delivery times. The products offered for sale are easy to ship with a simple payment method and developed on a clean and efficient site. How to build a strong brand image with mid-range products? You simply have to go beyond the name, logo and products. Go deep by analysing the competition and take note of consumer reviews which can be important triggers. 

  1. Osakastreetwear

Let's stay on the same theme to demonstrate that two shops can market products from the same category without selling the same items. This is a good example of a company with a strong brand image, as each of the shops has managed to stand out from the crowd and at the same time occupy the leading position in the dropshipping field. When a shop has a strong brand image, the rest depends on the budget that each customer allocates to the purchase of the products on sale. Here, the target is perfectly clear: fans of Japan. The Osakastreetwear website is richer in terms of its catalogue. The shop has had the excellent idea of reassuring its customers with seals of guarantee on each of their products. To really establish a reputation, this Japanese-style clothing shop preferred to improve its brand image and convey its message through branding. 

  1. Boho-Yah

Formerly known as Yogi Mood, Boho-Yah used to focus on the theme of wellness and yoga. But over time, having acquired a strong brand image, the shop was able to move into another niche: bohemian and wellness. With a more different approach, Boho-Yah has built strong brand images by focusing its conversion on text rather than marketing incentives. Brand building in online business is a factor that can perfectly serve as a lever for development. Many web companies prefer to limit marketing pressure and opt for branding. By working closely with external partners, Boho-Yah has further developed its business. Fans were captivated by the quality of its services and even though the change of business caused controversy on social networks, the shop was able to recover by having the good idea to reposition itself by improving its brand image. This reassures its loyal customers, who continue to consume their products. 

  1. Retro Gamer Stop 

This dropshipping shop is what we call mono product. Retro Gamer Stop is based on the marketing of a single product: the iPhone case that also serves as a retro console. The company has managed to find an important and very specific market niche. This is a smart dropshipper that has known how to target its customers, who are flocking to their rather nice website. The success of the shop is based on two important points:

  • A brand image conveyed on a streamlined site.  
  • A well-developed product sheet that appeals to consumers.

Despite a communication that was considered far too flattering, Retro Gamer Stop preferred to convey its message by reinforcing the quality of its services. This has propelled the brand into the top 5 dropshipping shops with a strong brand image. 


With a strong brand image, your dropshipping shop has every chance of success. With the help of Minea, an online sales support platform, your business can take off quickly and efficiently. Your business will grow as a result of building and maintaining your brand image.

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