Ethical dropshipping: how to make it eco-responsible*?

Ethical dropshipping: how to make it eco-responsible*?


Dropshipping is an online business that allows you to make money quickly. It is convenient and usually requires no start-up funds. Currently, there is a growing trend towards ethical dropshipping. What is the reality and how can dropshipping be made environmentally friendly? Here are the steps to make this type of e-commerce fair. 

Choosing the right status for your ethical dropshipping business

To do ethical dropshipping, it is very important to know that the dropshipping market is a legal industry. You can do this business in full compliance with the law, as long as you follow the procedures required by the relevant institutions. As a retailer, it will be your supplier's responsibility to ship the products ordered by your customers. But to be trustworthy, it is important that you are legally compliant. 

In order to set up an ethical dropshipping business, you need to choose the right status for your business. This can minimise the risks and prevent you from being exposed to certain dangers. In order to carry out an eco-responsible dropshipping business, you need to exist legally. The status of auto-entrepreneur is most often recommended. 

For a dropshipper, the auto-entrepreneur status is recommended as it offers many advantages. It is easy to set up. You only have to make an online declaration. You do not need to have a specific capital. You don't need a chartered accountant. You will benefit from a favourable tax regime. Depending on your objectives, it is possible to choose other statutes, such as the SASU or EURL, given that the microenterprise still has some limitations. 

Selecting a supplier that meets the green business concept 

In order to impose a brand image that corresponds to ethical and ecological dropshipping with organic products, you need to choose your suppliers carefully. When you collaborate with a merchant who offers only low-quality products, you'll pay a price, and you may lose potential customers in the process. 

In the dropshipping process, you are the source of the products in the eyes of the customers. Sometimes they do not necessarily know your suppliers. However, it is your suppliers who will ship the products to the end customer. For your customers, you are therefore solely responsible for the quality of the products and services offered. There is no need to point out that it is more than important to choose your supplier carefully. 

As part of ethical dropshipping, you should consider choosing a supplier that offers environmentally friendly products. This is the only way you can be in line with your principles. When you are in line with your values, and you offer the corresponding products, your customers will have more confidence in you. They will be more likely to buy your products. Now it's easy to find green dropshipping suppliers. 

Pay attention to the standards indicated on the products 

In addition to paying attention to the choice of suppliers for ethical dropshipping, you should also focus on the details mentioned on each item. Amongst other things, you have the option of requiring a certificate for the products. This will give you the opportunity to reassure yourself, but also, and above all, your customers. These documents give you information on health details, product safety details, but especially environmental details. For example, it may be recyclable packaging, an organic product, etc. 

Taking into account the needs of the customers and treating them well 

When you want to start an ethical dropshipping business, it's not just about satisfying customers with your products. You also need to think about providing impeccable service, even if you don't handle certain tasks. In this business, you mustn't forget that you're in sales, and customers are usually king. 

Online shopping is not free of scams. This is something that you, as an entrepreneur, should be very careful about. Your procedures must be clear and your services must inspire confidence from the moment you place your order until you receive your packages. The only way to avoid unpleasant surprises is to form partnerships with professionals. 

Deploying ethical marketing techniques  

Just like other e-commerce activities, ethical dropshipping requires various relevant and effective ethical marketing techniques. Among them, let's mention a few: 

  • Choosing a supplier who limits over-packaging,
  • Preference for products with biodegradable and reusable containers, 
  • Favouring local suppliers and choosing eco-friendly transporters, 
  • The way to promote the sale of second-hand products to avoid waste, 
  • The know-how to develop more transparency: talk about your values and commitments on your dropshipping site, present clear and complete product sheets, give access to product traceability, etc. 
  • The choice to become an inclusive brand, i.e. you need to build diversity and inclusion into your values. 


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