Customise your online shop images with 5 free tools

Customise your online shop images with 5 free tools

Dropshipping requires that you set up an online shop that is both pleasing and functional. The visual aspect plays a big role, so you need to create images that fit the bill. There are several tools available online that can be used free of charge to improve the images on your site.

  1. Photopea, an excellent Photoshop clone

Photoshop is known as a standard tool for professional photo processing. The price of acquisition is one of the obstacles to the use of such a tool by private individuals. For the latter, dropshipping tools for free image processing like Photopea exist. This site is a program largely inspired by Adobe's photo editing software. It gives you all the features of Photoshop, free of charge.

This tool is still active, and no action has yet been taken to take it offline. So you can simply go to the site page and use Photopea. You don't have to create an account or pay anything to use the site. This does not prevent the site from being quite profitable for its creator. If you don't know what tools to use for your image optimisation, turn to Photopea.

Pixlr, afreeonline image optimisation tool

Many may have known Pixlr as a mobile application, which is still available. Pixlr is a free service that lets you professionally process images, both photos and logos. It comes in both free and paid versions. Even if you limit yourself to the free model, you can be sure of good image processing. A wide range of tools is available for this kind of application.

The paid versions are for those who have greater needs for image processing tools. The whole thing is easily done online, and all you have to do is send your photo to the site. As soon as it is on the site, you can perform the various manipulations you wish. Pixlr makes it easy to do things that are also available in other similar software. The interface is also pleasant and intuitive, and you quickly get the hang of things from the first visit.

  1. Colorcinch, to retouch colours

Among the components of the photos that need to be taken care of, we can mention the colours. The Colochinch tool allows you to make a good treatment of the coloured tones of your photos. Initially known as Cartoonize, this application was mainly used to convert images into cartoon versions. Over time, a very different direction was taken, and it is now used to process images professionally.

The rendering is on a par with other similar applications, and it is easily one of the best recourses one can have. The beauty is that it's free, and you can do a wide range of things. While it's not as versatile as Photoshop, it's easy to get to grips with. There are not an excessive number of tools to use, but these can be mastered in no time.

  1. GIMP, a pioneering image optimisation tool

The GIMP website is known as one of the oldest image optimization tools on the web. This means it's easy to access, and has been sufficiently refined over time to meet today's needs. Secondly, the way in which this software is used is not quite the same as Photoshop and co.

The consequence is that you need to learn about it in order to master it. If you want to use this tool, you have to prepare yourself mentally to train for its use. This requires patience, but once you understand how it works, the possibilities are endless. When the time comes, process your image for web optimization with this software.

  1. TinyPNG, to compress your photos

This tool is a little different from the others mentioned, but it will be of crucial use to your online shop. In terms of the service it provides, it is one of the best recourses you can consider.

  • The importance of image compression

Today's needs in terms of image optimisation will also include the weight of the image. Using an image compressor allows your site to enter a virtuous circle:

  • Faster loading time
  • The user does not have to wait too long to access your page
  • It also saves data
  • Image compression thus contributes in part to building loyalty

It is therefore a good practice that should not be neglected if you want to be successful.

  • TinyPNG, the best recourse for lightweight images

TinyPNG is an essential tool for optimising an image for a site. It is highlighted because it is free, but also because it is easy to use. Without too much trouble, you can send your images to it, and compress them quickly. The quality of your photos remains decent even after a significant compression. This is made possible by the quality algorithm that is used on this site. This action is therefore a must for any image optimization.


All the tools you need to optimize the images in your online store can be purchased free of charge. All you need to do is adapt to the small constraints that may accompany them. Minea is one of your best allies in ensuring that your professional photos look their best.

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