Top 5 best dropshipping advertising strategies


Do you need to attract more traffic to your online shop? Do you want to generate more sales on your e-commerce site? With the right tools, you can get as many visitors as possible to your platform. You will then be able to make the most of your current visitors. By applying the right strategy, you will also have the opportunity to recover the customers you have lost.

Having an Instagram account 

Whatever your business, it is important to promote your online shop or e-commerce site. Advertising in dropshipping plays an essential role. All you need to do is find the right strategy to apply. To start with, you will need to have an Instagram account. On average, the amount of an order from this platform is $65. According to studies conducted on Instagram, it turns out that this network allows you to get 25% more engagement compared to other social networks. 

In dropshipping, the right hashtags and filters should be used for marketing to work. It is also important to post at the right time. By choosing the right method, you will manage to get a lot of followers and subscribers on Instagram. On this social network, you have to make sure that you engage and interact with your followers and followers. 

There are different ways to increase follower engagement. For example, you can : 

  • Planning campaigns or competitions ; 
  • Showing the underside of products, etc. 

If customers use your product and send you pictures of them using it, it will be to your advantage. These pictures will show potential customers that you have satisfied customers. You will show them that other people have tried your products and liked them. 

In order to build an audience on Instagram, keep your followers interacting with your followers. 

Have a Facebook strategy

As part of your marketing strategy, establish a Facebook strategy. It is a great platform for social network marketing. As well as being a good source of traffic, it can help you to close many orders. 

Advertising on Facebook for dropshipping is quite easy. However, making money from it is a bit more complex. Before setting up a strategy, you will have to take into account different parameters. It is necessary to determine your audience. On Facebook, you have a wide range of targeting options. It is up to you to define the right targeting for your business. You will also need to choose the right campaign to maximise results. Once you have chosen your ads, you must choose their placement carefully. 

In dropshipping, Facebook advertising plays an important role. That's why, before launching an ad, think about a good script and scenario, its title, the visuals used, etc. Basically, you need to make quality videos.
By thinking about every detail, you'll optimize the performance of your ads. You should always evaluate your campaigns. Analyze your results and try to see if the click-through rate or conversion rate has increased. To optimize the performance of your marketing strategy, refer to a Facebook dropshipping advertising agency. You'll need to tell them about your dropshipping advertising budget.

If you are looking for other social networks to complement Instagram and Facebook, you may want to look at Snapchat or Twitter. 

Getting started with the emailing strategy 

  • What the figures say about this strategy 

Email can generate interesting traffic and sales on a dropshipping shop. It is a complementary tool to content marketing. According to some research and surveys, email provides a significant return on investment. About 70% of Internet users use coupons or promotional codes obtained by email. According to 60% of people, special offers sent by email encourage people to subscribe to a company's email list. For dropshipping advertising of your online shop, the emailing strategy can be really effective.

  • Actively launching a campaign 

Users are inundated with tweets and Facebook posts. This makes it a bit difficult to get their attention. Internet users now attach more importance to new messages sent in their emails. This gives them a more private communication environment. 

Generate more product ratings and reviews 

Adding product reviews to your dropshipping shop is beneficial for your business. On the one hand, it is a "social proof". By seeing the testimonials of other consumers, your customers will be able to form an opinion of the product they are about to purchase. On the other hand, it is beneficial for your SEO. Thanks to the reviews of your products, you will generate content on a page. This will help you identify long tail keywords. 

On the web, you can find applications to add ratings to your shop. These tools are customisable and can be adapted to suit your theme. 

Optimising advertising expenditure

In dropshipping marketing, defining the budget is often difficult. Initially, you may take an experimental approach to your advertising spend. Don't hesitate to test the opportunities available to you. In this way you can determine which tools are most profitable for your business. To attract qualified visitors, using Google AdWords can work to your advantage. There is a good chance that your shop will appear when people search for your keywords. 

Even if you advertise with Google Ads, it doesn't mean you should neglect other channels. Test different channels and you can easily identify which ones perform best. In dropshipping, advertising should not be neglected. If you need help, refer to a dropshipping marketing agency.


To make your e-commerce shop work, you will need to establish a good marketing strategy. You will also need to find winning products. For this, you can use a platform like Minea. You can easily identify popular products on social networks.

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