Online marketing strategy for effective dropshipping advertising

Online advertising is a really effective marketing tool to promote a dropshipping shop. How do you set up this lever to promote your products or services? How to proceed to carry out purchasing campaigns via search engines? We'll give you the answers in this article. 

Online advertising: a real marketing lever 

The advantage of online advertising is that it can generate traffic and thus increase turnover. It is a high-impact virtual marketing strategy for all forms of online business, especially dropshipping. Online advertising is the process of promoting a product, service or brand on the Internet. To get off to a good start, your dropshipping needs to be pushed by robust and attractive advertising. 

Usually paid, the price varies according to the ad and the leverage adopted. E-advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies. There are two types: search advertising and display advertising. Get in touch with Minea to guide you through all the steps involved. 

Search advertising allows you to add hyperlinks that lead people to your site. Links that appear in the results when someone types in one of your keywords on search engines such as Google. 

With the display option, you have the possibility to insert banners, messages or buttons on social networks or other websites.  

Target Internet users 

Google AdWords is a tool that allows you to display your banner ads on Google and Display, a partner network. When a user enters one of your keywords, your ads appear on the first page of search results. With this distribution channel, you pay per click according to a bidding and quality process. The cost decreases according to the relevance of your ad. Thanks to this system, your dropshipping advertisement is bound to reach your target.

Facebook Ads is an ideal communication channel to target passive internet users. This social platform has also set up a communicative system allowing you to broadcast your ads via Facebook for Business. Thanks to this application, you can adapt your content according to the age, gender, profession or interest of your targets. The visibility and success of your dropshipping with a Facebook ad is guaranteed. By integrating Facebook Ads into your dropshipping advertising campaign, your marketing strategy is bound to succeed. 

The benefits of a good online marketing strategy

Online advertising is one of the best strategies for targeting a wide range of qualified prospects. Thanks to ads or redirected links, Internet users will be able to buy immediately from your dropshipping store. E-advertising gives you the opportunity to respond instantly to your customers' questions and requests, by generating targeted ads based on each visitor's area of interest. There are agencies specialized in distributing Facebook ads for dropshipping. They can support you every step of the way to ensure that the marketing strategy you've adopted delivers the development and success you're looking for. is also a social platform on which to run ads. To deploy a winning marketing strategy, you need to have a budget earmarked for your dropshipping advertising, the amount of which will be determined by your communications agency. 

Winning marketing strategies

How to optimise online advertising in dropshipping? What are the main virtual tools to use? 

  • Natural referencing

There is no point in digital marketing if SEO is not mentioned. It is an indispensable tool for an effective dropshipping strategy. By spontaneously and naturally generating traffic, SEO will improve your position in Google search results. To optimise your content and benefit from a better positioning, make sure that the keywords used are consistent with your dropshipping products. 

  • The blog

In order to benefit from the advantages of the Internet and to implement an effective marketing strategy for your online business, you need to rely heavily on content. Blogging is closely linked to SEO. By creating a blog and feeding it regularly with coherent and well-marked content, it will become a tool that guarantees the success of your dropshipping business. The more attractive your content, the more likely you are to attract new visitors and the more traffic you will generate. By using a professional blog, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • Your blog contributes to the optimization of your natural referencing. Shops with a blog have 97% more links pointing to their site. Your pages will be referenced 4 times more. It has been proven that dropshipping shops with a blog generate 15 times more traffic. 
  • The blog allows you to inform your prospects about your shop. 
  • It was confirmed that 61% of consumers made their purchases after reading a blog post. 
  • Social networks

How to advertise a dropshipped product on social networks? Social networks are the most visited online platforms on the web. If you place your ad on these platforms and if you boost it in a coherent and efficient way, your product will circulate virtually with an impressive speed. Adapt your communication strategy to your theme and your product. And above all, make sure you choose the right social networks, because each platform has its own audience. For example, the community on LinkedIn will not be the same as the one on Snapchat. 

Other forms of online marketing strategy

How to sell dropshipping through internet advertising? Affiliate marketing is another form of dropshipping marketing strategy. It is a system of selling by recommendation. You offer other people to present your products by offering them a bonus for each sale made. Typically, affiliates are website publishers who affiliate through social networks, e-mailing or video. You will then know how a video can be used to launch a dropshipping ad.  

You can also make the partnership part of your marketing strategy. Your partnership could be in the form of an exchange of services. Currently, you have influencers and bloggers who allow you to launch your products in a more flexible way. You will gain in visibility, because the reputation of your partner, even if it is known, plays in your favour. 


In order for your dropshipping business to reach its intended goal, it is essential to develop an effective online marketing strategy. Minea, a specialist in the promotion of online products and services, is an ideal intermediary to help you set up and implement your marketing plan.

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