7+ Best Single Product Shopify Stores


Are you a business owner or an auto-entrepreneur? Do you want to get into ecommerce, but don't know where to start? Well, the best single-product Shopify stores are a must-have choice for those who want to start selling remotely through an ecommerce platform. With just one product, you can already create a store to start buying and selling easily.

In this article, we provide you with a list of the most successful single product Shopify stores and the benefits of having one. So keep reading to know everything about it.

What is a Single Product Store on Shopify?

The name pretty much says it all. You create a new Shopify-based merchant site to offer a unique product and encourage online sales. There is no set guideline for the product catalog to offer. However, here are some more specific examples where e-merchants can get the most out of a single product with their Shopify-based e-commerce store:

Digital offerings 

These include educational resources such as courses and e-books. For example, there are services such as video yoga classes, meditation sessions, art, music and software tools.

Niche products 

This is about successful branding by focusing on a niche. Good examples are shown for vegan food, pet accessories, and gaming seats.

General merchandise

Products such as phone covers or water resistant backpacks can satisfy and attract a wide range of potential customers. In addition, you can offer product variations in your e-commerce store. For example, differences in size, color or material, to give new customers more options when they come to buy on your site.

The best single-product Shopify stores

The examples of the best Single Product Shopify stores below have a wide variety of offerings and designs, but they have a few things in common. They all have effective branding, as the tone and aesthetic reflect their ideals and help establish their identity.

These best Shopify Single-product stores all use appropriate themes, which offer enough options. These also offer e commerce tools to help merchants create more distinctive and relevant pages for their items. With that, we invite you to check out our list of Shopify Single Product eCommerce Stores.

Seattle Cider

Seattle Cider is a retail site that focuses on offering five different flavors. That is, small-batch ciders made from Washington state apples grown nearby. The page begins with a full-page illustration of Seattle's natural beauty, a retro-style logo and the statement that this won't be your standard cider.

Secondly, the menu of this ecommerce store becomes sticky and easily accessible when you scroll down. However, the menu items actually indicate sections rather than separate pages. This minor change is really unusual and fascinating. The most important part of this Single-product store on Shopify, is the Ciders section. It features high quality photographs of the various drinks that can be clicked on to display additional information.

Finally, the section that offers considerable visual value to the potential customer comes after the product and ingredient presentation. This graphic scroll shows you the steps the manufacturer takes to produce your batch of cider. Seattle Cider is a great Shopify web store that you can emulate when you want to set up an e-commerce platform.

Single-product store with Shopify : Palmpress

In this Single Product Store on Shopify, the product being sold is the service of using a plunger coffee maker to make coffee. It starts with a powerful hero that immediately explains the product. Then it's followed by a CTA and includes a segment on social proof that acts as a power converter.

Speaking of effective conversion tactics, it also conveys product features through badges. The small symbols along with concise text are eye-catching and always look more professional. Palmpress is one of the best e-commerce sites on Shopify from which you can get inspiration to open your store.


A collection of high-end artist sketchbooks specially designed by IDRAW is available for a variety of styles. These include manga, vehicle design and comics. Sketchbooks are the main theme of this ecommerce site, which features strong writing and an attractive color palette.

In addition to full-width photographs and in-depth explanations, thisSingle Product Store with Shopify, also features badges for the many versions of the product.

Best single-product Shopify stores: Ratio Coffee

High-end coffee machines are the only item sold on this marketplace. With its sleek layout, Ratio Coffee offers a smooth scrolling experience with basic animations. The site features a powerful hero at the beginning, with a video in the background, a strong headline and a CTA. It's really simple, but effective.

In addition, this commerce site features functional product demos, user manuals, related products, and short lists of product variants. The beautiful store design is smartly focused on the products and not the other way around, and the simple and clear navigation only reinforces this point.


If you're thinking of creating an e-commerce site that specializes in selling food products, TRUFF is a good example in this area. In fact, this Single Product Store with Shopify specializes in truffle hot sauces and offers a fantastic example of homepage design.

No matter how compelling the product is, most people won't click on the CTA right away. In this case, the TRUFF team relied on a high-end product image with a short, well-written description and a video to keep their visitors coming back. 

Single product store with Shopify : Pipcorn

In this case, the product is a variety of traditional seed-based flavored snacks. This is a distinct type of design that relies on attractive colors and a beautifully created and executed flat cartoon animation.

In addition to the animations, a fantastic touch is the hovering movement of the products that follow the star. The visitor has no choice but to scroll down to learn more about the product because the design is so compelling. The site has sections that describe how the heritage seeds make the product unique.

It also reveals how a potential customer can support a charitable cause simply by making a purchase. Finally, if you want to create a business on Shopify to sell grain products, you can take Pipcorn as a reference.

Heraldic Jewelry

Heraldic Jewelry is one of the best Shopify ecommerce sites specializing in a single product. These services simply offer medieval themed jewelry. Custom designs are available for the variants, which also include rings and pedants with family crests.

The website features a sophisticated design with a well-balanced color palette. High resolution photos of rings that showcase the excellence of the engraving. The home page features a well-designed grid of connected banners and is organized like a magazine.

Best single-product Shopify stores: the benefits

Let's take a closer look at the benefits you can get from a Shopify virtual store that only sells one item:

Creation of a single product store or boutique

After creating your website, you will use less time, resources and people to focus on creating your one and only product. In other words, simply selling a product in your online store reduces the tasks enough. In addition, you can use the web store as a way to create and sell your products to potential customers who have the most specific needs.

Unique dropshipping product store: expand your audience 

Shopify is a great commerce platform that you can use to create an eCommerce site and reach a wide audience with your products. Sellers don't want to pass up the opportunity to grow their business and create a sales site, even if their physical store is doing well.

Helping to develop a powerful brand 

With a single product dropshipping store, it will be easier to develop your brand awareness and implement an effective web marketing strategy. Thanks to the fact that you have the time to focus on a single product. 

As a result, after visiting your internet sales site, visitors will know what your company does and the benefits they can expect. Indeed, it would be more productive to invest time and energy in a website that actively addresses targeted market segments rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

The management 

Creating a single product store and managing it is easier. All you need is to design and enhance a single product page. This greatly reduces the amount of work you have to do, instead of setting up multiple collections and catalogs as you would with a multi-product store. Plus, it saves a lot more time in managing orders and supplies for a single item.


We've just gone over some typical examples of Shopify stores. So you should have a good idea of what is best for the form of business you want to create. Also, keep the benefits in mind when you want to choose your unique dropshipping product store.

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Frequently asked questions 

Does only one product work in Shopify stores?

Yes! You can start selling on Shopify with a single product or product line. In fact, Shopify offers many third-party features and applications, making it much easier to operate and maximize sales for single-product stores.

What is the most profitable product to sell on Shopify?

Below are some popular Shopify products for sale that can help you increase your income:

  • Furniture.
  • Skins for laptop.
  • Accessories for smart phones.
  • Mask.
  • Car and bicycle accessories.
  • Globalized products.
  • Reusable water bottles.
  • Esports accessories.

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