10+ Best Tools to Spy on Your Competitors in Dropshipping

As in all sub-sectors of activity, competition is tough and it is not always easy to gain a good place in the market, especially if you are a beginner. In dropshipping, each seller tries to better direct the market towards him to get the maximum profit. To achieve this, spy on your competitors is the best way to understand what is happening on the market and to position yourself accordingly. 

Ensuring your campaign or your project of espionage requires more watches by using tools to spy on your competitors. The objective of spying is to research, analyze and even exploit all the information about your competitors with great care.

Indeed, you need to know the different tools used to spy on your competitors in order to have the maximum information about them. In this article, we will zoom in on the best tools to spy on your competitors in dropshipping! 

Why spy on competitors?

In dropshipping, knowing how to observe and be attentive to the potential changes of your competitors becomes a necessity for everyone. This information watch allows you to identify the methods or techniques to implement to better adapt your marketing strategy to your competitors. Moreover, there are several tools on the market today that you can use to spy on your competitors for free and get inspired by what they are doing. 

For example, you can spy on competitors who sell the same products as you and get inspiration from their best advertising campaigns. You can get inspiration from their marketing copy, landing pages and creative. You can even go as far as taking their best winning products and reselling them on your store while adding value. 

It is important to understand that spying on your competitors is not a malicious act, but rather a way to learn about your field of activity. With the tools to spy on your competitors that we will see in this article, you will be able to do it easily.

The best tools to spy on your competitors

If you want to spy on your competitors and get the maximum information about them, you need to use spy tools. Here we will see tools to spy on advertisements and also tools to spy on your competitors' content.

  1. Minea
  2. Dropispy
  3. BigSpy
  4. EcomHunt
  5. Xpareto
  6. Semrush
  7. BuzzSumo
  8. SimilarWeb
  9. Monitor Backlinks
  10. Google Alerts 


As a dropshipper, the first of the tools to spy on your competitors that we recommend is Minea. Minea is a spy tool that allows you to monitor the ads made by your competitors on all social networks. 

It is by far the most complete tool, as it also allows you to find the best products on the market. That's why it's called an all-in-one tool. Minea has 3 features:

  • Ad spy tool;
  • The spy tool for online stores;
  • The influencer marketing analysis tool.

Minea has intelligent algorithms that spy on advertisements and store them in its database. For example, if you want to spy on the ads that your competitors are running on Facebook, just log in to Minea's Facebook ad library and you will have access to all the ads collected by the tool. 

There, you'll just have to apply the available filters and search parameters to find exactly what you need. For example, you can filter ads based on your competitor's page, specific keywords, social engagement, time period, language and even country.
All this is possible on other social networks. You can spy on your competitors' ads on TikTokInstagram and even on Pinterest. In terms of ad spying, Minea is just the right cocktail. 

Minea's second tool, the online store spy tool, allows you to deepen your spying and get even more relevant data about your competitors. With this store spy tool, you will be able to have information about the average number of visits to your competitors' store, the best products in their stores as well as the demographics of those who visit the store.
All this will give you relevant information on how to implement your different marketing strategies .

Finally, if you are more advanced and want to make use of influencer marketing in your dropshipping business, it's really worth spying on what your competitors are doing in order to know the best influencers you can collaborate with. Minea has thought about this too by setting up a very effective influencer marketing spy tool that allows you to unearth everything your competitors are doing as promotions or product placement.

By using this tool, you will have information about the top influencers they collaborate with and the product placements they make. You will be able to identify what works for them so you can replicate it at home.  


  • Easy to handle
  • Large database 
  • Several channels spied on
  • Highly effective filter setting 
  • Explicit analysis of advertisements
  • Shop analysis 
  • Influencer analysis and product placement
  • Free plan available


  • Very limited free plan
  • No access sharing


If your competitors are mainly on Facebook and you want to spy on their ads, the best tool I can recommend is Dropispy. It's a tool that is specially dedicated to spy on Facebook ads. Just like Minea, you have an ad library where all the ads collected by the tool are located. 

Dropispy also has filters and search parameters that allow you to optimize your searches according to your needs. For each ad collected on Dropispy, you will be able to have information like:

  • the date of publication
  • social engagement (Likes, Shares, Comments)
  • The hearing
  • The evolution of the ad over time...

So don't hesitate to test Dropispy to spy on competitors' Facebook ads. Moreover, the tool also has a tool for spying on online stores. So you can use it to find out more about the performance of your competitors' stores. 


  • Large databases
  • Advanced filters and search parameters
  • Free trial to test the tool
  • Store analysis tool
  • Relevant ad data


  • Spy only on Facebook

In terms of price, Dropispy is one of the most affordable spy tools on the market. For less than $30 a month, you can access the main features of the tool. But to get started you can take advantage of Dropispy's free plan to spy on competitors for free. 


Like the previous competitor spying tools discussed, BigSpy also specializes in spying on advertisements. It is a tool that is widely used by e-tailers and dropshippers.   

BigSpy has a large library of ads as it spies on more than 9 social networks. In all, more than 500k ads are collected every day by the tool. So there's no question of missing out on your competitors'. 

Like the previous tools, BigSpy also offers filters that make it easier to find and spy on ads.
For example, you can: 

  • Filter by number of Likes, shares and comments;
  • Filter by type of e-commerce platform;
  • Filter by ad language ; 
  • Filter by creative type (Video, Image, Carousel) ;
  • Filter by call to action;
  • Filter by running time ;
  • Filter and Sort by Date (Last View, First View) ;
  • Sort by number of prints.

The small drawback we noticed in BigSpy's filters is that the tool does not allow you to filter directly through the competitor's Facebook page. This is also possible with the two previous tools: Minea and Dropispy. 


  • Wide range of advertisement library
  • Several channels spied on
  • Over 500k ads collected per day
  • Relevant ad data


  • Very limited free plan
  • Cheaper basic package
  • Limited filter


For spying on your competitors, you can also use EcomHunt. This tool is recommended if you want to have detailed information about the performance of a specific product. 

I'm assuming you've already done your research with Minea and identified their best ads and products. By using EcomHunt, you can get an even broader view of the product. You can for example see the product trend on the big marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon and find the best opportunities on the market. In addition to basic data such as the product's social engagement, EcomHunt also provides you with:  

  • The number of sales/orders of the product;
  • The average price of the product in the market;
  • Estimating the profit margin;
  • Online stores that sell the same product.


  • Product overview
  • Spying on advertisements
  • Relevant ad data
  • Affordable price point


  • Difficult to handle

In terms of pricing, the tool offers several pricing plans depending on your needs. The basic subscription costs $23 per month and the pro, $49 per month.


In terms of handling, Xpareto is one of the easiest tools to use among the tools to spy on your competitors. It is a 100% free tool that is recommended for beginners. On the homepage of Xpareto, you will see a list of the top selling online stores. You will get their address, an estimation of their daily traffic, the direct link to their best selling products and their active Facebook campaigns.

If you are dropshipping beauty products, just search for the keyword "Beauty" in the search bar of the tool. You will then get a list of all the online stores that sell beauty products. 

You can use this information to spy and see what your competitors are doing on their online stores. Xpareto is completely free and is the ideal tool for beginners who don't have enough money to invest in a spy tool. 


  • Easy to handle
  • Free
  • Relevant ad and store data


  • Small database
  • Unverifiable data


Semrush is a keyword spying tool that allows you to spy on the terms or keywords your competitors are ranking on. If you want to create a real business around your dropshipping, you need to take the SEO factor into account.
Although SEO is time consuming, it is still the best way to acquire qualified traffic for free. By using the right strategies, you can build a good SEO foundation for your website in a few months. 

Semrush is the ideal tool to spy on your dropshipping competitors, especially their keywords. You will also be able to discover, with this tool, the search intentions of your prospects. This will allow you to know the keywords that your potential prospects are looking for to find your products.
You will then only have to position yourself on these keywords with web content and optimized sales pages to benefit from this traffic. Semrush also allows you to see where your competitors' traffic comes from. Basically, it's the all-in-one tool to do SEO in dropshipping. 


You can't talk about SEO without talking about content marketing. BuzzSumo is a spy tool that allows you to stay on top of the different content your competitors are producing on social networks. 

With this tool, you can, for example, identify the types of content that are popular with your audience. This is the best way to spy on your competitors' content marketing. 

Simply enter the URL of a page or site into BuzzSumo's search bar and the tool shows you in seconds what content is engaging the community the most. You can even use the available filters to optimize the results for your needs. Once you've identified everything that works for your competitors, you can replicate it for yourself and adapt it to your marketing strategy. 


SimilarWeb is well known for spying on websites and online stores in general. It is a chrome extension that you can install on your browser. Once on the store or website of your competitor that you want to spy, Similarweb gives you directly, in one click, relevant information about traffic, keywords, audience, referring sites, number of pages per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate and many other information that can help you analyze your competitors. 

You can also use the web version of the application directly to analyze websites and online stores. 

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a backlink spy tool. We classify it in the same category as SEO spy tools. If you want to use SEO as a source of traffic acquisition, you must go through backlinks.
Backlinks are recommendations from other sites to your website. These backlinks allow the algorithm to understand the quality and relevance of your website. You will have understood, the more good sites recommend you, the more Google's algorithms put you forward. 

However, it is not always easy to know how to collect the best backlinks for your website. The best way to do this is to spy on your competitors' websites and see the different sites that recommend them. You can then in turn contact these same websites or other similar websites to benefit from the recommendations, otherwise known as backlinks. 

Monitor Backlinks is a tool that allows you to do this monitoring. You can use it to see in real time all the links and referrals that your competitors receive. 

Google Alerts

The last spying tool we will talk about in this article is one of Google's tools. Google Alerts is a tool set up by Google that allows you to set alerts for specific keywords. 

You can therefore create notifications on the keywords or on the brand name of your competitor. Indeed, each time a web content containing these keywords is put online, you will receive directly in your mailbox a Google alert with the link to the content. 

This is by far the best way to monitor everything that is being done or even said about your competitors. You will literally be the first to know. 

What is the best tool to spy on your dropshipping competitors?

We have just seen, in this article, the 5 best tools to spy on your dropshipping competitors. You can see that each tool has some specific features. So you need to choose a tool that fits your needs. 

In dropshipping, since your main source of traffic acquisition will be advertising on social networks, you will mainly need to spy on competitors' ads to learn more about the types of ads they are running and especially the types of creatives that work best for them. And in terms of ad spying, Minea and Dropispy are the best tools we recommend for spying on your competitors' dropshipping ads. 

On the other hand, you will also need to spy on your competitors' stores. Fortunately, Minea and Dropispy all offerspy tools for online stores. You will be able to use them to collect a maximum of information about your competitors.


Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet today. The best way to have a store that makes money is to see what others who are already on the market before you do. You will only be able to learn from them. There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel and do what no one else has done. That's why you need to spy on your competitors. 

In this article, we have discussed the best spy tools to spy on your dropshipping competitors. As a dropshipper, Minea and Dropispy are the ones we recommend the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tools to spy on your dropshipping competitors?

  1. Minea
  2. Dropispy
  3. BigSpy
  4. EcomHunt
  5. Xpareto
  6. Semrush
  7. BuzzSumo
  8. SimilarWeb
  9. Monitor Backlinks
  10. Google Alerts

How to spy on your competitors?

If you are wondering how to spy on your dropshipping competitors, this article is the answer to your concern. 

In reality, spying on your competitors consists of monitoring their activities in order to gather as much information as possible. This information will allow you to adjust your strategy according to what is being done on the market. You can spy on competitors' Facebook ads, content publications and even their online stores. To do this, you can use tools like Minea and Dropispy. 

Which tool is best for competitive analysis?

MInea and Dropispy are by far the best tools you can use to analyze the dropshipping competition. Each of them allows you to spy on your competitors' ads as well as their stores. 

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