The Best Abandoned Cart Applications for Shopify in 2024


A better abandoned cart app for Shopify is a tool that helps businesses recover lost sales. This is done by sending reminders to customers who have added items to their online shopping cart, but have not finalized their purchase. These reminders can take the form of e-mails, SMS messages or personalized push notifications, encouraging customers to finalize their purchase.

In this article, we will review the best Shopify applications abandoned cart apps. This will help you make the right choice for your business. If you're interested in this topic, read on to find out all about it.


RecoverMyCart home page

The RecoverMyCart app for Shopify is one of the most popular commerce solutions for recovering lost sales in your web store. It uses email, Facebook Messenger and pop-ups to send cart reminders to customers. What's more, it helps reduce shopping cart abandonment rates in Shopify. The application also allows store owners to design and personalize e-mails and choose the ideal time. 

RecoverMyCart features 

  • Automatic personalized e-mails to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart
  • Personalize e-mails based on abandoned products
  • Real-time tracking of abandoned baskets


  • Recover lost sales by encouraging customers to return to the site
  • E-mail personalization for a more engaging user experience
  • Easy to use, with quick and simple configuration


  • Customers may consider e-mails to be spam, or be annoyed by the frequency of e-mails.
  • Customers may have abandoned their shopping cart for reasons other than forgetfulness or interrupted navigation.

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Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart landing page

Consistent Cart is the best abandoned cart app for Shopify. It was founded by CareKit in 2016 and strives to build lasting relationships with customers. This app offers built-in automated features to help e-merchants. In addition, it works to track website visitors in order to recover abandoned carts and turn them into orders.


  • Detailed data analysis to understand the reasons for shopping cart abandonment 
  • Improves user experience
  • Integration with Google Analytics to track conversions and recovery campaign performance 
  • Abandoned baskets can be retrieved from multiple devices


  • Reduced cart abandonment rate  
  • Improving customer loyalty 
  • Increased revenues 


  • Recovery of all abandoned baskets is not guaranteed
  • Retargeting campaigns on other advertising platforms may require additional technical skills.

Best abandoned cart application for Shopify: PushOwl 

PushOwl home page

PushOwl meets the needs of every business, whether it's a small ecommerce store or a large e-commerce company. It's probably the only marketing channel that claims to convert one-off visitors into regular consumers. This performance is due to the continuous engagement of customers. In addition, it enables push notifications to be sent to customers' browsers to recover abandoned baskets and improve conversion rates.


  • Easy integration: PushOwl integrates easily with Shopify and can be set up in minutes
  • Sending time management: PushOwl lets you manage the time at which notifications are sent, to avoid sending inappropriate messages.
  • Multi-language support 


  • Personalized notifications for a more engaging user experience
  • Real-time customer tracking for more effective retargeting campaigns
  • Create discounts and discount codes to encourage customers


  • Advanced personalization of notification messages may require technical knowledge.
  • Push notifications cannot be sent to customers who have disabled notifications for your website.


Abandoned Cart Emails & Recovery

Abandoned Cart Emails & Recovery landing page

Care Cart 's abandoned basket recovery application is a simple, reliable system that tracks all shopping baskets, purchases and orders. It targets everything via automated e-mail marketing and online push alerts to improve conversions on abandoned items.


  • Email sign-up popup to collect even more subscribers as they add a product to the shopping cart.
  • Intelligently track a list of all checkouts and abandoned baskets on your sales site.
  • Discount code distribution system available.


  • Recovering abandoned baskets and orders is simple thanks to CareCart's automation.
  • Easily recover abandoned baskets by restoring persistent baskets.


  • Users have often reported the slowness of the application.
  • Customer support is often slow and responses are slow in coming.

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Best abandoned cart application for Shopify: SMSBump

SMSBump home page

SMSBump is Shopify's most advanced SMS sales recovery application. Designed for online businesses of all sizes, it lets you recover sales and provide customer support. You can also share mass marketing messages with ease.


  • Use of unique discount codes to encourage customers to make a purchase using SMS messages.
  • SMS message performance analysis with key indicators such as open rate, click rate and conversion rate.
  • Customize SMS messages with images, links and emojis.


  • Automatic SMS reminders for abandoned shopping baskets
  • Predefined campaign texts for shopping cart abandonment campaigns
  • Full compliance with SMS marketing laws (TCPA & CTIA)


  • The costs of sending SMS can add up fast
  • SMS messages have a character limit of 160 characters.


Adwisely landing page

Adwisely is the best abandoned cart application for Shopify. It enables e-commerce site owners to recover lost sales by sending personalized ads and follow-up emails. The app uses machine-learning algorithms to target customers who are most likely to return. To achieve this, it offers features such as detailed reporting, automatic discounts and multi-channel retargeting campaigns to maximize the chances of conversion.

Adwisely features

  • Customize the frequency and timing of reminder e-mails
  • Integration with Google Analytics to track website conversions.
  • Possibility of scheduling e-mails to optimize open and conversion rates


  • Increase conversion rates by recovering abandoned shopping carts
  • Generating additional income
  • Track the effectiveness of relaunch campaigns with detailed reports


  • Compatibility problems with certain third-party themes or applications.
  • Conversion rates can be affected by the time it takes to recall abandoned shopping baskets.


In short, every best abandoned cart app for Shopify has its pros and cons. What's more, it offers a variety of features to recover lost sales. To choose the best app for your needs, you need to consider your business goals, technical skills and budget. Based on these factors, you can make an informed decision to maximize your conversion rate and increase your sales.

Finally, to limit the abandoned cart phenomenon, it's important to offer the best products. To this end, we recommend Minea. It's a comprehensive tool used by thousands of e-tailers that you should also consider. It analyzes the ads of your best competitors to find you the best products to sell in different niches.
The tool is affordable and accessible to all. You can try it out for as little as $0 a month.


Frequently asked questions 

What is the abandoned cart rate on Shopify?

Shopping cart abandonment is calculated by knowing the difference between the number of successful sales and the number of visitors who added an item to the shopping cart. To obtain the abandoned cart rate as a percentage, simply multiply the rate by 100. In your Shopify administrator interface, access Analytics > Dashboard.

How long does a shopping cart remain active in Shopify?

Unused and abandoned shopping carts automatically expire within 10 days of their creation. In fact, Shopify automatically deletes the cart when the customer completes payment.

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