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What is the Business Center?

Minea launched its affiliate programme last year. The idea behind this affiliate programme is to give anyone the opportunity to promote the Minea application and receive a commission in return. Indeed, through this program, you will receive lifetime commissions on people who subscribe to a paid subscription through an affiliate link that will be assigned to you and thus easily generate monthly income.

Do you need to have a community or a blog to get started? No, you just need to be motivated and committed to creating great lists of winning products alongside your business. Once you have these lists available, you can share them with your friends, in groups, on YouTube, etc. So, on every person who is interested in your list and who subscribes to Minea through this, you will receive a commission as remuneration through the Minnea Business Center.

In order to learn more about how Minea's Business Center works, we invite you to read this article in full. 

To begin, we invite you to watch this short introductory video as a summary:

How to connect to the Business Center?

First of all, to activate your "Business Center" you have to go to "My account". Then you have to go to "Advanced Settings" and "Activate Business Mode" as shown in the image below.

Activate business mode

A "Business Center" tab will appear on the left side of your screen:

The "Business Center" tab will then appear on the left of your screen

At this stage, it is important to connect youraffiliateaccount in order to have access to yourbusiness centre.

connect your "affiliate" account

Don't have an affiliate account? Don't worry! Simply enter your email address in the box shown in the image above and follow the steps to create one. However, if you still have difficulties creating your affiliate account after this procedure, please contact us directly via customer service.

Navigating the Business Center

After logging in or creating your affiliate account, you will now have access to your"Business Center". There you can copy your affiliate link to share it with your community.

In addition, in your Business Center, you will find all your statistics, the number of people who have signed up for the program thanks to the affiliate link (sign ups); the people who have subscribed to a paid Minea subscription with your link (Clients or Customers); as well as the associated earnings (30% commission for all paid subscriptions).

Then you can create your "product winners" lists directly.

Now, with the Business Center, you can manage access to these lists before sharing them with your community. 

As we have already mentioned below, if you do not have a community or a website, this is not a problem. There are several other avenues you can exploit to achieve success easily. For example, you can share your lists with your friends; on groups, on blogs and many other platforms you have access to. We're sure you'll be inspired to do just that! 

In addition, you can condition access to your lists according to the following criteria:

  • Public access. Here you indicate that anyone can access your lists.
  • Private access. This criterion specifies that only those with an account (Free, Starter and Premium) can see them. This is ideal for encouraging subscriptions via your lists.
  • Premium access. Here, only premium members will be able to access your lists. This type of access is ideal for getting people to subscribe through your affiliate link so that you can earn your commissions.

Case study: How to create a list of Winners and make the most of it

After activating the business centre, you need to create a list as described above. Then you have to fill it up! Here are the things you can put in a list on Minea: 

  • Successful ads (Facebook or Pinterest); 
  • Great Dropshipping shops to draw inspiration from; 
  • Influencers or product placements! 

As an example, in the list below there are 12 successful Facebook ads and 4 successful product placements:

To make the most of the list you have created, you can give access only to premium members (1). This way, all people who want to access the Winners of the list must have a Premium membership.

In addition, you can define the number of visible items before restricting the user's access from a given level (2). This is a plus that allows you to attract more people to take action.

In this example, the user can only see 2 of the 14 Facebook ads in the list (see image below)

Now all you have to do is copy the promo link from the list and distribute it to your community, if you have one. Otherwise, share it with your friends, on groups, etc.

The link in the list is in fact an affiliate link of type: https: //

You will find the list identifier(lists/public/2d18e0e8-304f-486b-9a04-453182c905d7) followed by your affiliate reference (?ref=thibaultthuillier3).

All people who sign up for a Premium membership within 15 days of viewing your list will be assigned to you. As a result, you will receive 30% of their lifetime subscription as a commission.

TIPS: You can use and even clone our top Winners' picks to create your lists. Indeed, each month, we put at your disposal the best winning products of the month. You can discover them through this link: https: //

In addition, you can use the loyalty program rewards you have unlocked

As you can see, through the affiliate programme launched by Minea, everything is done to help you make the most of your business centre. It is therefore an opportunity for you to develop a parallel activity to easily generate monthly income through affiliation. The ball is in your court, it's up to you! 

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