PinterestSpy, the first Pinterest Adspy Tool to find tons of Winners products

I am pleased to inform you that PinterestSpy, the first Pinterest adspy tool, is officially available on Minea!

In this article, we will look at how to use PinterestSpy to search for Dropshipping Winners. Before we start, let me tell you a little about Pinterest. Pinterest is the network that many people forget about, and yet, whether it's to find your future Winner by spying on ads or to boost your sales, Pinterest is the ideal network... I explain it all in detail here.

By the way, do you know the Winners products that are a hit on Pinterest? Because yes, there are tons of them! In this article, I will explain how to find them with this tool.

A little amuse bouche before we get to the heart of the matter? Here is a short video that you can watch:

Organization of the Pinterest Adspy Tool

First, let's go to the Pinterest Ads section. This section lists millions of ads from Pinterest.

By default, the tool sorts ads by "last seen date". In other words, the ads that were last seen on Pinterest. At the moment the ads we are viewing are both new ads and old ones that have been running for a while. 

To be able to accurately target Pinterest ads, let's dive into the search filters that PinterestSpy offers:

The central search bar

This central search bar allows you to search either by keyword or by domain name:

  • The keyword search allows you to find all the advertisements which, in their titles or descriptions, have these words. This search is useful for searching for a particular product.
  • By placing a competitor's domain name "" in the search bar, we will be able to browse all of their Pinterest ads.

Advanced filtering by date

Being able to filter by date is essential to find the trendy ads, the ads created for particular events like Valentine's Day. Between last seen date, creation date, seen date of the ad, it is very easy to get lost. 

First seen date: This is the date the ad was first seen on Pinterest. In other words, the date the ad was collected by Minea 🤫 

Last seen date : This is the date when the ad was last seen on Pinterest. If the ad was seen a long time ago, it is certainly no longer active on this network. On the contrary, if it was seen a short time ago, it is probably still running. Perhaps it is very profitable for the advertiser?

Creation date: This allows you to select a date range in which the ads were created. We can use it to target recent ads or older ads between two specific dates.

Seendate : Finally, this is the date on which the ad was seen by Minea on Pinterest.

Filtering by number of social interactions

The number of social interactions filters out the ads with the most engagement. The ads with the most reactions are often the ads that are the most liked and the most viewed by the community. So inevitably... the most successful!

Here we can filter by the number of "Pins" (ads pinned by the user) or by the number of comments received by the ad.

Filtering by e-commerce platform

Here, we are able to select the type of platform the ad is destined for (Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce). More precisely, when we click on an e-commerce ad, we arrive at an online shop. The destination platform is the CMS (Content Management System) used to create this online shop.

sHence the importance, if you are looking for the best Dropshipping ads, of filtering by e-commerce type platforms. Thus, we only target ads promoting e-commerce products.

Advanced filtering by media type and ad language

Very simply, the advanced filtering by media type allows you to define the media of the advertisement that interests you: An image? A video? A carousel?

The language simply allows you to target the language of the ad.

Advanced filtering by audience type

As the name suggests, advanced audience type filtering allows us to identify an ad based on its audience. In addition to country, we can target the gender of people who have seen the ad on Pinterest.

Sorting out the ads 

Minea's Adspy tool allows us to sort all the results of our search by comment, creation date, first/last view date.

To understand, when sorting by number of Pins, the ads with the most Pins appear in the first results (see image above). Similarly, if we decide to sort by "last seen date", the ads that have been seen the most recently will appear in the first results.

Note: The "running time" sort makes the difference between the last viewed date and the first viewed date. It is used to highlight the ads that have been running for the longest time on Pinterest, i.e. the most profitable ads. Indeed, what is the point of suspending a successful ad?

How to search for your Winner product on Pinterest?

There are many good strategies for finding a winning product on Pinterest.

Below is a combination of very simple filters that I personally use to find out which products are the most popular:

(1) An ad creation date range of one month
(2) A number of "Pins" (pinning) of more than 100
(3) The Shopify type e-commerce redirection platform to maximise the chances of spotting Dropshipping ads.
(4) Finally, I sort everything by running time, the ads that have been running the longest and the most profitable for the advertiser will arrive in the first search results.

This combination is deliberately very broad and allows a maximum number of ads to be targeted. Indeed, for a network like Pinterest where the volume of winning products is clearly inferior to that of Facebook, it is important not to miss any winning ads.

Congratulations, you have now mastered the Pinterest Adspy tool from Minea. Winners on Pinterest are almost a thing of the past! Now you need to experiment with it and find your own combination of filters to be more efficient in your searches. Good luck!

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