How do I create lists and make them public with Minea?


Create a list of winning products

To create a new list on Minea, there are several ways to do so.

The first is to go to your Dashboard, then scroll to the bottom of the page. We can then click on "Add a list".

Minea Dashboard

Once clicked, we can name this new list. For example, "My Winning List".

Create a list on Minea

Another way to create a list with Minea is to go to the "Lists" section (1). Once in this section, we can follow the same procedure as before by clicking on "Create a list" (2).

Create a list on Minea

That's it, our new list is created! Now we need to feed it with winning products, influencers and shops.

Adding winning products to your list

To feed our first lists, we can go to the different sections of Minea:

  • From the "Ads" section we can add ads that are popular on social networks. 
  • From the "Shops" section we can add successful shops to draw inspiration from.
  • From the "Influence marketing" section we can add product placements or Influencers.
Minea features

For example, to save an ad that is popular on social networks, we first have to go to the "Ads" section, then we have to click on the "list" icon at the bottom right of the ad (1), and finally we have to choose to which list to add it (2).

Create a list on Minea

From the other sections, we can proceed in the same way to save a shop, a placement or an influencer.

Create a list on Minea

Share and publicise your list of winning products

With Minea, it is possible to make our winners' lists public so that we can easily share them with our friends, colleagues or future clients. To do this, we need to find our lists in the "Lists" section (1) (2).

Create a list on Minea

Once on our list, we can share it by clicking on the "Share" button in the top right-hand corner:

Create a list on Minea

Next, we need to make our list public by creating a link to it. 

Create a list on Minea

Finally, it is this link that will allow us to share our list by copying and pasting it to our friends.

Create a list on Minea

Here's what our public list looks like (image below). At the top are the different tabs with all our saved items! 

Create a list on Minea

If necessary, we can change the cover page by clicking on edit cover photo, top right (1).

On the left side, we can share our list in 2 clicks on our social networks, by WhatsApp, or by email (2).

That's it! We can now enjoy our best finds and share them with others. 

Tip: If the person we're sharing the list with doesn't yet have a Minea account, they can create a free account directly at the top right. This way, when their account is created, they'll automatically get the list we've just shared with them in their new account!

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