Adheart VS Minea: which is the best adspy?

In e-commerce, and especially in dropshipping, the ability to spot trends, identify flagship products and recognize the most effective advertising strategies is paramount. The role of social network advertising is undeniable in this process, as it is through these that merchants reach their target audience.

Ad spy tools, like Adheart and Minea, are essential instruments for understanding what's working in the world of social network advertising, providing a competitive edge for their users. So, which of these tools is best for your advertising needs? Let's find out together.

Adheart VS Minea: Presentation


Adheart home page

Adheart has established itself as a benchmark inFacebook and Instagramad spying . Proclaimed as the leading spy tool for these platforms, it stands out for its ability to analyze and present billions of ad examples.

Aimed at e-tailers, dropshippers, advertisers and marketers who want to decipher their competitors' ads. Adheart offers insight into audience targeting, crucial for fine-tuning an advertising strategy, and excels at highlighting the best ads while providing a perspective on the most promoted applications.


For a more in-depth analysis, read our detailed review of Adheart.


Minea home page

Minea is the undisputed leader in social network ad spying. Designed specifically for e-tailers and dropshippers, this tool is the ideal place to spot market trends. Featuring a library of ads updated daily on numerous social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.), Minea offers a range of advanced features for accurate and efficient research.


Key features of AdHeart and Minea

Minea spies on networks 

Minea stands out from many spy tools for its extensive ad coverage. It enables ad spying not only on Facebook and Instagram, but also on platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat. This makes it ideal for those looking to monitor a wider range of social networks.

Networks spied on by Adheart

AdHeart, which specializes primarily in ad spying on Instagram and Facebook, also offers a good experience for these two social media giants. This means that advertisers who focus primarily on these two social networks will find AdHeart particularly suited to their needs.

Comparative table of spied social networks

To get an accurate picture of which tool spies on the largest number of social networks, we'll compare the various spying channels in the table below:


From this comparison table, we can deduce that Minea spies on more of the key social networks for dropshippers and e-tailers than Adheart. As a result, you'll find it very easy to find a product with Minea, given the large number of channels it spies on.

Search functions

The search function in an ad spy tool allows users to search for products based on specific parameters such as keywords, domain names or page names. In the table below, we have selected a few key search options to evaluate the performance of the two tools.


The table shows that Adheart offers many search options, but lacks some relevant ones. For example, search by comment and search by Facebook page name. These options are available in Minea, which leads us to conclude that Minea offers more product search options than Adheart. 

Filters and sorting functions

Filtering and sorting functionalities refer to the tools integrated into a spy tool that enable users to restrict and prioritize their searches according to specific criteria. Filters, for their part, are selection parameters that enable searches to be limited according to certain predefined characteristics. Sorts are classification parameters that organize data in an order.


To examine the filtering and sorting features offered by both tools, we've identified 19 options crucial to dropshippers and e-merchants in the table above. Following a thorough search of these options on both spy tools, we found that Minea offers 16 options, while Adheart offers 9. As a result, we can conclude that Minea is the tool offering the most possibilities in terms of filtering and sorting.

Advertising information

Ad information refers to the details relating to the advertisements delivered. These details include elements such as ad content, associated visuals, text, ad format, target demographics, delivery period, measured performance, and so on. Indeed, analysis of this ad information is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

In the following comparison table, we compare the two tools, taking into account some relevant information.


In this table, we've selected 20 essential pieces of information for dropshippers and e-tailers. Our research has shown that more than half of this information is not available on Adheart, whereas on Minea, almost all the data listed in the table is available. We can therefore conclude that Minea is the tool that provides the most information on ads collected on social networks.

Advertising volume

The term "ad volume" refers to the total number of advertisements present on a social network. In other words, it's the overall number of ads collected by a spy tool on a social network.

In our case, to check which of the two tools collects the greatest volume of ads, let's carry out a manual check on each tool. To do this, we'll use the ads collected on the social network common to both tools: Facebook

Our verification procedure will involve applying relevant search filters on the tools to assess their respective capacity in terms of ad library. It is important to note that the tool generating the highest number of results in this targeted search will be considered to have the largest ad volume or ad database. 

Here are the significant filters we have chosen for this test:

  • Ad date: last 30 days
  • Social engagement: +15000 likes
  • E-commerce platform: Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Language: English
  • Ad format: video
  • CTA : e-commerce

After applying various filters to Minea's Facebook database, we obtained 74 results, representing ads collected over the last 30 days.

When we tried to apply the same filters on Adheart, we noticed that Adheart doesn't have a filter by engagement. This means that it's not possible to filter ads based on likes. This makes searching even more complicated, as you won't be able to filter ads by engagement. We were therefore unable to apply the filters properly to assess ad volume. 

However, using the same filters on Adheart, only 30 ads were provided. This test highlights the disparity in database size, demonstrating that the Minea product search tool has a considerably larger database than Adheart.

Other useful functions

If you've managed to find your winning product, the next step is to find a supplier. This is a very important step, but one that is an obstacle for most dropshippers. 

Aware of this, Minea has implemented a very interesting feature based on Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this feature, you can find quality suppliers on AliExpress for any product with just one click. All you need is the product image, and Minea suggests suppliers based on their rating, product price and much more.

And that's not all: thanks to the same technology, you can edit your product, its description and select the best reviews before importing it directly into your Shopify store. So you can save time and manage all your activities from a single platform.

As for AdHeart, it offers a feature that allows users to track promoted apps. This provides valuable insight into current advertising trends for the most popular apps. It should also be noted that AdHeart does not offer a supplier search or product import function.

Store spying

Store analysis

The Minea store analysis tool lets you explore the world of competitive strategy in depth. Thanks to this advanced feature, you can study your competitors to discover the tactics that are causing a stir in the marketplace. Featuring powerful filters, this revolutionary tool lets you customize your searches according to criteria you define yourself.

Imagine being able to dissect your rivals' moves, understand their tricks and spot the flaws in their game. That's exactly what Minea offers. Not only can you detect your competitors' product placements, you can also analyze over 1 million stores.

And that's not all, Minea's store analysis function also lets you track sales, top products and sales estimates of competing stores. In fact, it gives you everything you need to succeed.

AdHeart also offers ad spying on Instagram and Facebook. Although it lacks Minea's diversity of filters, this feature is nonetheless useful for users. 

Minea's additional features

In addition to the functions listed above, Minea has other very important features that you won't find on other adspy tools. Let's take a look at a few of them: 

Influence marketing 

You won't find this feature anywhere else in Minea. Indeed, influencer marketing is proving to be a powerful tactic in the marketing world, where companies leverage the expertise and notoriety of influencers. They do this to promote their products or services. 

By partnering with experts and celebrities in their respective fields, you can reach a wider audience and increase your sales very quickly. Minea allows you to find over a million influencers with whom you can collaborate in your niche.

Products" tab 

In dropshipping or e-commerce, the sooner you detect a product before your competitors do, the more sales you'll make. The ads collected by Minea in the Starter and Premium plans are ads that are already working and to which many dropshippers or e-tailers like you have access. 

You'll certainly make sales with these products, but the special thing about this function is that you get access to the product before anyone else. This function tracks products and adds them to its database when it believes the product has a better chance of success. This is a great advantage for your business, as you won't have to test a product, but will launch sales automatically. 

The Success rada

This feature is very useful for dropshippers and e-tailers who want to dispense with the product search process and get straight to the point. With this Minea feature, you'll have direct access to a list of the 100 lesser-known winning products that are gaining momentum on social networks. What's more, for each product you'll have access to detailed information, the stores already selling it and the target markets.

Magic Search

Among adspy tools, Minea stands out for its many surprising features. The brand-new " Magic search " is particularly interesting. It lets you take the temperature of the market in relation to a specific product. 

Following a product search, you can find out who your direct competitors are who are already selling the same product on the market. With Minea's Magic Search tool, this task is just a click away.

Simply search for the name of the product you want to spy on, and the tool automatically provides you with all the ads currently running on the various social networks for that product.

Top 10 products of the day

Don't have enough time to search Minea's ad database for a winning product? No problem, this tab is the solution for you. The"Top 10 products of the day"tab is where Minea collects the winning products of the day. 

The best part is that you can access 10 winning products on different social networks such as: Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest. It's all done for you in advance. You can then analyze the information available on the ad and import it directly into your store.


Price list

Cost is often a decisive factor for many when it comes to choosing a tool. So it's crucial to consider not only the amount, but also the features offered in return for that price.

1- AdHeart

AdHeart offers a flexible pricing structure, allowing users to choose from several plans. Each plan offers unlimited access to ad searches, with no restrictions on search results. Here are the details of each plan:


What's more, AdHeart offers a free demo mode, accessible immediately after registration. Althoughlimited in terms of the number of queries and results, it nevertheless offers a glimpse of what the tool can offer.

2- Minea

Minea offers a wide range of price plans to suit all types of user. From the completely free "Lite" plan, to premium options for those seeking maximum functionality, every user can find a plan to suit his or her needs:


With this variety of options, it's certain that Minea has something to offer everyone, whatever their budget.

Start testing Minea for free right now!

Our opinion on Adheart

Adheart has positioned itself as an essential tool for those who focus their marketing efforts primarily on Facebook and Instagram. Its ad spying capabilities on these platforms areundeniable, enabling companies to detect competitors' advertising strategies and draw inspiration from them. 

Adheart's filter system is highly effective at refining searches and targeting specific ads, giving marketers a clear view of current trends on these networks. However, while it excels in these areas, it is limited by its platform coverage .

For businesses or individuals seeking a global view across multiple networks, they may find this limitation restrictive. What's more, while its pricing options are varied, they may seem a little high for those on a tight budget.


Why choose Minea?

Minea sets itself apart from its competitors by offering broader coverage of social networks and a host of new features that make this tool a benchmark in ad spying. Here are some of Minea's distinctive advantages over Adheart:

  • Presence on many networks: Unlike Adheart, Minea covers a wider range of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and even TikTok (with the premium plan).
  • Advanced search: With its many filters, it's easy to find the perfect ad for your specific needs.
  • Store analysis tool: This unique feature allows you to analyse the strategies of competing stores.
  • Influencer marketing spying: Another rare feature that can bring inestimable value to your marketing strategy.
  • Price: With a totally free Lite plan, Minea offers excellent value for money.



What platforms does Minea run on?

Minea covers a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok (with the premium plan).

What's the main difference between Minea and Adheart in terms of functionality?

Adheart focuses primarily on Facebook and Instagram, with an efficient filter system. Minea stands out for its extensive platform coverage, advanced search, adspy, store analytics tool and ability to spy on influencers.

What about Minea's rates?

Minea offers a wide range of pricing options, including a totally free Lite plan.

If I want a global view on several social networks, which one is the most recommended?

Minea would be the optimal choice due to its broad platform coverage, unlike Adheart which is limited to Facebook and Instagram.

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