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In the age of ever-evolving digital marketing, social networks have metamorphosed into indispensable assets for companies seeking to expand their reach and boost their sales performance. At the heart of this revolution are social network ads, powerful tools capable of propelling a brand to new heights. However, in this competitive landscape, keeping a close eye on your rivals' advertising tactics has become an undeniable necessity, especially in dropshipping. 

And there's nothing easier than using product research tools, commonly known as adspy tools. In this article, we're going to highlight a selection of top tools that will help you decipher the secrets of your competitors' success.
Discover the best product search tools used by those who
Whether you're a dropshipper or an e-merchant, these tools will help you find winning products for your business. 

Why spy on ads on social networks?

Today, online advertising plays an essential role in a company's marketing strategy. These ads, delivered with creativity and precision, can turn a simple interaction into a lucrative conversion. 

The Impact of Advertising on Social Networks

Ads on social networks are not simply visual announcements or promotional messages. They are the pillars of targeted communication, capable of reaching millions of potential users in an instant. Thanks to their ability to capture attention and arouse interest, they can influence purchasing decisions and brand perception. From awareness to conversion, these ads act as powerful vectors, driving companies to sustained growth.

The Role of Ad Spying on Social Networks

Observing and analyzing competitors' ads is not an intrusion, but a strategic necessity. Spying on ads on social networks allows us to decipher market trends, identify effective strategies and potential shortcomings, and thus shape our own advertising approach. Far from being a mere imitation, this analysis provides new ideas and stimulates innovation. Competitive advertising becomes a source of inspiration, a roadmap for navigating the complex world of online marketing.

Building a Strategy Based on Competitive Analysis

A solid advertising strategy isn't formed in a vacuum, but through a deep understanding of the market and the competition. By observing the creative choices, distribution channels and audience segments targeted by your competitors, you can adjust your tactics to meet changing consumer expectations. It also enables you to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, avoiding common pitfalls and optimizing your efforts.

Selection Criteria for Ad Spy Tools

When it comes to choosing the right tools to spy on social network ads, it's crucial to consider several key criteria that will ensure effective analysis and relevant results. These criteria will help you select the tools best suited to your specific needs and business, while optimizing your efforts to obtain actionable information.

Scope of Social Networks

Choosing a tool that covers a wide range of social platforms is crucial. Ads are served on a multitude of networks, each with its own audience and peculiarities. Make sure the tool can monitor the networks relevant to your business, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others.

Filter functions

The tool's filtering capability is essential for refining your analysis. Look for tools that allow you to filter ads according to specific criteria such as country, language, gender, age, interests and so on. These filters will help you target your searches to specific segments of your audience.

Performance Analysis

It's essential to choose a tool that goes beyond simply collecting ads. Look for performance analysis features such as engagement metrics, click-through rates, conversions and trends over time. This data will help you determine which types of ads work best.

Ease of use

Opt for a user-friendly tool that doesn't require a steep learning curve. An intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through the data, saving you time in your analysis.

Regular Updates

Social media evolve rapidly, and so do the ads that run on them. Make sure your tool is regularly updated to keep pace with changes in advertising policies and new social network features.


Compare the price plans of the different tools according to your budget and needs. Some tools offer limited free versions, while others offer more advanced features for a subscription fee.

TOP 14 best ad spy tools


We can't talk about product search tools without mentioning Adspy, which is the genesis of all product search tools available on the market. 

In fact, Adspy was the first tool to make it possible to spy on advertisements on social networks. This was a major revolution, helping e-tailers to multiply their sales, as they found it easier to find winning products. 

It's worth noting that after its launch, Adspy didn't evolve much in terms of functionality. That's why product search tools like Minea have come up with several features to fill Adspy's gaps.
Find out more about Adspy's features, benefits and drawbacks here. 


Minea is the most widely used and comprehensive tool for spying on social network advertising. It's clearly the place to go to find your winning e-commerce or dropshipping product. 

Minea offers a large library of advertisements, with several thousand added every day. The tool features several search and filter options that make searching faster and easier, something not always found on other product search tools.

When it comes to ad data, Minea is still by far the tool that provides the most data for ads. That's why it's easier to find a winning product using Minea. 

In fact, for each ad you find in the Minea library, you can have information such as : 

  • Duration of online ad ;
  • Social engagement of the ad (Views, Likes, Shares, Downloads, Shares...) ;
  • Other ads in the same store ;
  • Full store analysis;
  • Target audience ; 
  • The link to the store. 

Minea's features are not limited to product search tools. Minea also offers several other features that are just as useful. These include the store spy feature and the influencer marketing spy feature, which we'll look at later. 

Thestore analysis tool allows you to analyze your competitors and unearth the best strategies on the market. You can also use Minea to analyze influencer marketing .

You can identify the product placements your competitors are making, and the different positioning strategies they are using, to more easily identify their strengths and weaknesses. Minea makes it all possible.

Don't hesitate to test Minea free of charge to discover all its features. 


SocialPeta, a versatile social network ad spy tool, stands out for its ability to offer a comprehensive overview of online advertising campaigns. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next campaign or want to decipher your competitors' tactics, SocialPeta offers powerful features to guide you.

Benefits of SocialPeta :

SocialPeta covers a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many others, offering a global perspective on online advertising trends. With its advanced filters, SocialPeta lets you target specific criteria such as country, language, gender, age, interests and categories, enabling more relevant analysis. The tool highlights ads in a user-friendly visual format, allowing you to appreciate the creative elements and key messages of each ad. 

Disadvantages of SocialPeta :

Although the tool offers some interesting features, the interface is in English, which could be an obstacle for non-English-speaking users. In addition, pricing plans can be relatively high for start-ups or small businesses, limiting access to certain advanced features. What's more, the many features can make the tool complex for beginners, requiring a little time to fully master its use.

We've written a full review of SocialPeta, so don't hesitate to check it out to learn more about the tool's features. 


Among the range of tools dedicated to online ad analysis, PowerAdSpy stands out as offering a feature-rich platform for spying on social network ads. 

Benefits of PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy offers extensive monitoring across various major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, enabling comprehensive analysis of advertising trends. With advanced search filters, PowerAdSpy lets you specify criteria such as demographics, ad types, calls-to-action, to target specific ads. 

The tool is equipped to identify and analyze video ads, providing detailed insight into video visuals, messages and duration. What's more, PowerAdSpy highlights the ads that get the most engagement, offering insights into the creative elements and strategies that captivate audiences. You can also track the evolution of ads over time, revealing the times of year when competitors intensify their campaigns.

Disadvantages of PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy's pricing plans can be relatively high, which can be an obstacle for small businesses or freelancers. Because of its rich functionality, PowerAdSpy can have a steep learning curve for new users, requiring time to master all the features. In addition, although the interface is feature-rich, it may appear complex to some users, requiring careful exploration.

Learn more about PowerAdspy's features in this article


Unlike the tools we've seen so far, Dropispy is instead a tool that targets Facebook ads only. This can be very interesting for beginner dropshippers who want to make their first numbers on the Internet thanks to Facebook advertising. 

Advantages of Dropispy :

  1. Focus on Dropshipping: Dropispy is specially designed for dropshipping businesses, offering an acute perspective on product advertising and the conversion tactics associated with this approach.
  2. Analysis of top-performing products: Dropispy identifies the products that get the most attention and engagement, giving you insight into market trends and consumer preferences.
  3. Cheaper: Compared with other tools, Dropispy costs less than $30 a month .

Disadvantages of Dropispy :

  1. Limited specialization: Although Dropispy is a good tool for dropshipping, it may be less suitable for companies operating in other business models.
  2. Restricted Platform Range: Dropispy only spies on Facebook, which may limit the scope of your analysis.
  3. Limited additional functionality: Apart from its dropshipping specialization, additional functionality for broader ad analysis may be limited.

If you'd like to find out more, take a look at our article on Dropispy. 


We can't talk about product research tools without mentioning BigSpy, one of the most widely used tools for product research by e-tailers and dropshippers. It's a versatile tool that combines ad spying with online store spying.

BigSpy benefits

  • Multi-platform: BigSpy spies on a multitude of platforms or social networks, giving you a panoramic view of advertising trends across different platforms.
  • Filtering options: With its advanced filtering options, BigSpy enables targeted research based on criteria such as demographics, keywords and ad types, offering relevant analyses.
  • Performance evaluation: BigSpy provides key performance indicators such as click-through rates, engagement and trends over time to help you identify the best-performing ads.

BigSpy disadvantages

  • ‍Difficulty to get to grips with: BigSpy's interface can be a little tricky for beginners‍
  • Lack of ad data: BigSpy doesn't provide enough information on ads, which makes decision-making a little more difficult. 


Anstrex is a product search tool, but its focus is on affiliate products due to the different platforms covered by the tool.  

Anstrex benefits

Anstrex focuses on popular product research, offering insight into what's hot in the online marketing ecosystem. Covering a diverse range of advertising platforms, including social and content networks, Anstrex ensures comprehensive analysis of advertising trends. 

Anstrex disadvantages 

Anstrex is typically designed for affiliate marketers. If you're more into e-commerce or drophsipping, this tool won't be of much use to you, as it doesn't spy on the major networks (Facebook and Instagram) of these businesses.  

Drop Point

When you're just starting out in e-commerce or dropshipping, budget is one of the most limiting factors. Indeed, for those with a fairly limited budget, Drop Point is the alternative. 

It costs just $5 a month, compared with an average of $30 to $50 with other tools. In terms of functionality, Drop Point lets you spy on Facebook ads. Still, the tool is a little limited in terms of features. But considering the tool's price, it's understandable that you can't expect advanced features.
Find out more about Drop Point's features, benefits and drawbacks here. 


If, instead of e-commerce or dropshipping, you'd rather do affiliate marketing, which involves selling affiliate products and earning commissions, you can use the AdPlexity product finder. 

Unlike the other tools we've seen so far, which are typically geared to e-commerce or dropshipping, Adplexity is a tool that helps you unearth trending products so you can quickly start earning commissions on them. 

The tool spies on display ads, native ads and even mobile ads.
We've written a comprehensive guide to Adplexity's features, which you can read here. 


Another adspy tool worth exploring is Adserea. This is one of the latest product search tools available on the market. It offers a wide range of features for both e-commerce and affiliate product search. 

One interesting thing about Adserea is that it spies on ads in several countries. More than 75 countries are covered. For beginners, however, the tool's pricing may be a hindrance. The tool is only available from $199 per month.
Find out more about Adserea's product search tool here. 


If you want to take advantage of TikTok's reputation to sell products online, you'll need the PiPiADS adspy tool. PiPiADS is a product search tool designed primarily for searching for products on TikTok. 

As you know, TikTok has become the network of choice for dropshippers and e-tailers. They take advantage of the platform's highly engaged audience to find trendy products.

By opting for PiPiADS, you'll be entitled to integrated tools that will enable you to analyze in depth the best winning products that you'll be promoting to make your first sales on the Internet. PiPiADS is suitable for beginners with little experience of the dropshipping or e-commerce market.
Here's a complete guide to the pros and cons of PiPiADS


As you'll have understood from the beginning of this article, adspy tools or product search tools have different functions. Some tools are much more generalist, while others focus solely on certain platforms or social networks. Such is the case with Adheart.

Adheart is an online advertising spy tool that collects ads exclusively from Facebook and Instagram. It's ideal for e-tailers and dropshippers who want to run their business exclusively on these two social networks. Thanks to this tool, they'll be able to find the best ads that work on these networks and try to reproduce them for their business.
Discover all Adheart's features here. 


Another specialized spy tool we'll be talking about in this article is Flowspy. This tool specializes in spying on advertisements on the TikTok social network. You can use this tool to unearth new product trends on TikTok, as well as the best-performing campaigns, thanks to the data provided by the application for each ad spied. 

Find out more about the Flowspy adspy tool here.  


The final tool on our list of the best ad spy tools is Adflex. Adflex is a versatile tool that spies on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. 

The tool's robots spy on these social networks and collect all advertising information. This information is made available to the tool's users, who use it to find the products they are looking for. 


In this article, we've looked at the best spy tools you can use to find winning products in e-commerce, dropshipping or even affiliate marketing. 

For each tool, we've written a detailed article highlighting all its features. So you can read on and learn more about the tools' limitations and benefits before making a choice. 

Of all the tools available, Minea is the most comprehensive tool a dropshipper or e-merchant can use to find winning products on the Internet. So don't hesitate to test Minea free of charge to find out more about what this product finder has to offer.

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