Social Peta vs Minea: Comparative Analysis to Inform Your Choice


When it comes to dropshipping or e-commerce, choosing the right tools to optimize your online presence is fundamental. And you certainly know how difficult it is to find the right tools these days, given the sheer number of tools available on the market. Many dropshippers and e-tailers fail simply because they didn't make the right choice.

Speaking of tools, there are two you absolutely must have if you want to succeed in dropshipping or e-commerce. These are a competitive analysis tool and a tool for finding winning products. In this guide, we'll compare two of the best " Minea Vs Social Peta " platforms offering these tools. The aim is to help you choose the best solution for a successful dropshipping or e-commerce business. So read on carefully.

Introducing SocialPeta

Social Peta

SocialPeta is an advertising intelligence and ECOM intelligence platform designed to help dropshippers or e-tailers find products. But that's not all: it also uses intelligent algorithms to target competitors in order to gather the necessary information on their strategy.

Advertising data collected by the tool is stored to help users identify current advertising trends. Users can then use this data to make effective business decisions. Here are some key figures to know about SocialPeta: 


Presentation of Minea 

Minea Landing page

Minea is the all-in-one tool most widely used by dropshipping and e-commerce experts. What's more, it's the most comprehensive tool for spying on ads on social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. As such, it boasts a large advertising database with several thousand ads added every day. Are you looking to spy on your competitors' stores, find a winning product or an effective marketing strategy in your niche? Minea does much more than that. Here are some key figures about this tool: 


Minea Vs Social Peta: feature comparison 

In this section, we'll look in detail at all the features offered by these two tools. So don't miss out on any details about your next adspy tool.

Social Peta

Like most adspy tools, SocialPeta offers two basic functionalities: search for winning products and store analysis. In addition to these two options, it also offers direct integration with major marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon and Shopify. Now that you're familiar with the features offered by the tool, let's start by examining its core function: the search for winning products.

Ad Research

Ad Research social peta

This "Ad Research" tab is SocialPeta's main database. This is where all the ads collected by the tool on the various social networks are grouped together. Browsing this tab, you'll find a variety of ads, from training courses and webinars to e-commerce and dropshipping products.

It's up to you to filter or sort these ads according to the filters available on the tool. These give you total flexibility in your search for products and advertising strategies. Let's take a look at the different filtering options:

Search filters

The filters 
  • Platform type: this filter allows you to target ads specifically to platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify or Etsy, making it easier to find the right products for your needs.
  • Keyword filter: you can refine your search by using relevant keywords. In this way, you can refine the results to find ads that precisely match your search criteria.
  • Country filter: this filter lets you define ads according to country of origin. This allows you to explore specific markets or adapt your advertising strategy to particular regions.
  • Language filter: using this filter, you can select ads in specific languages, ideal for studying ads tailored to specific audiences or exploring diverse international markets.
  • Filter by social network : this filter lets you choose ads from specific social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Filter by CTA (Call To Action ): by filtering by specific actions such as"Buy Now" or"Buy Now", you can identify ads based on particular calls to action, tailored to your marketing objectives.
  • Filter by engagement: this filter lets you sort ads according to the engagement they've generated, whether likes, shares or comments.
  • Filter by period: here you can explore ads over a given period. This gives you a precise overview of advertising trends over time and seasonal changes.



Minea also offers the three features previously seen on Social Peta. But what's even more interesting is that it offers a new feature not found in any of its competitors. It's called influencer marketing. To sum up, Minea offers the following features: 

  • Search for winning products
  • Analysis of competitor stores
  • Marketplace integration
  • Influence marketing

In this section, we'll analyze all the options included in Minea's winning product finder . Don't miss a single detail:

Social networks spied on 

Social networks spied on minea

As mentioned above, Minea collects ads from over 4 social networks. This gives you a big advantage over your competitors, as you can access winning products they couldn't find with their tool. Let's take a look at each of the channels Minea spies on:


Facebook is the world's largest information-sharing social network, with millions of active subscribers every day. What's more, thousands of dropshipping and e-commerce ads are posted there every day. Minea collects these ads and stores them in its database. So if you're thinking of finding products that work in your niche on Facebook, Minea has you covered: 

  • A large library of ads,
  • + 1 million ads added every day.


TikTok, today's most popular short video-sharing social network, is also the target of many dropshippers and e-tailers. Minea also has a huge database of ads collected specifically on TikTok. Thanks to this data, you can find the ideal winning product to offer your audience on this social network.


It's the biggest social network for sharing visuals. Many people looking for inspiration go there to search for pins. If you're thinking of targeting this social network, Minea is the solution for you. It spies on the ads available on Pinterest and stores them in its database so you can find the perfect visual product to offer.

Search filters 

Minea search filters 

Compared to Social Peta, Minea offers all similar filter options, with three unique filters unavailable on Social Peta.

  • Number of downloads: for applications, you can search for apps that have been downloaded more than 10,000 times on mobile application platforms.
  • Domain name: This filter lets you specify a particular domain name. For example, if you're looking for products only on a specific site like "", you can use this filter.
  • Filter by social network: this filter, available on Minea, lets you choose ads from specific social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others.

For each ad targeted on Minea, you can access the following information:

  • Period covered by the ad
  • Other ads in the same store 
  • The social networks on which the ad is posted
  • Countries targeted by the advertiser
  • The language
  • The size of the media used in the ad video
  • The link to the publication on the social network where it was collected
  • Number of prints
  • Number of views
  • The number of Likes and shares
  • Estimated conversion rate
  • The trend of the ad over time (upward or downward)
  • The popularity index
  • The link to the store 
  • Detailed store analysis
  • Product price
  • Estimated net profit

It is also important to note that Social Peta also provides you with similar advertising data.

1-click product import to your Shopify store

Importing shopify products from Minea

Minea uses AI to help you find quality suppliers on AliExpress for the ideal product you've found. You can sort these suppliers based on their ratings and much more. What's more, Minea lets you automatically import products from marketplaces into your Shopify store. 

You can edit the description and select the best comments before importing them. This saves you time, allowing you to manage other important activities. 


Minea Vs Social Peta: Additional features

Here, we'll analyze the additional features of each of these tools that we've outlined above. Let's get started: 

Social Peta 

Social Peta offers two important functions: store spying and product collection on marketplaces.

Store spying

SocialPeta's "Store Research" tool lets you take an in-depth look at your competitors' Shopify stores. It gives you an insight into the strategies used by the best stores in the dropshipping business. Thanks to this feature, you'll find the inspiration you need to improve your product content, and optimize your marketing strategy to increase conversions.

Marketplace product collection tool

peta social product collection tool

SocialPeta's product collection tool offers instant access to a wealth of information from various marketplaces, including Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify and Etsy. It is particularly useful for entrepreneurs interested in e-commerce or dropshipping on these platforms.


Minea offers two advanced tools: store analysis and influencer marketing. Let's take a closer look at each:

The store analysis tool 

Boutique minea analysis

Minea's incredible store analysis tool opens the door to endless exploration in the world of business strategy. With its advanced features, it lets you survey your competitors and discover the tactics that are causing a stir in the marketplace. Equipped with powerful filters, this revolutionary tool lets you customize your searches according to criteria you define yourself.

Imagine being able to dissect your rivals' moves, understand their tricks and spot the flaws in their game. That's exactly what Minea offers. Not only can you detect your competitors' product placements, you can also analyze over 1 million stores.

Influence marketing 

You won't find this feature anywhere else in Minea. Indeed, influencer marketing is proving to be a powerful tactic in the marketing world, where companies leverage the expertise and notoriety of influencers. They do this to promote their products or services. 

By partnering with experts and celebrities in their respective fields, you can reach a wider audience and increase your sales very quickly. Minea allows you to find over a million influencers with whom you can collaborate in your niche.


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