12+Best Brand Shops in Dropshipping

12+Best Brand Shops in Dropshipping


There's no doubt that branded dropshipping is the future of classic dropshipping. Indeed, brand building is essential to the overall success of selling any product. So dropshippers should implement the same in their own e-commerce stores. In recent years, the best branded dropshipping stores have gained in popularity, and for good reason. In reality, classic dropshipping is acquiring an unfavorable reputation.

That's why it's important to create a branded dropshipping boutique to stand out from the crowd! This article presents 12 of the most successful branded dropshipping stores. Let's discover them!


Final Straw is an e-commerce store selling eco-friendly cutlery. Their main product is a reusable, bendable straw. A lot of hard work has gone into this online store, and it's certainly paying off. The owners of this sales platform do a great job of emphasizing the ecological aspect. However, instead of making things bleak and catastrophic, they've made them fun. What's more, they've given their products cute, original names that are actually labeled on the products.

They also made a great funny video of the final straw. The video shows a mermaid talking about the straw. She explains to viewers just how harmful ordinary plastic straws are to our oceans. Creating a video like this is exactly why they gained enough potential customers. So they've achieved success, and they're also different from the rest.

Lettuce Grow

This virtual store is an excellent example, with all the elements of success and the necessary marketing tools. It sells a profitable, unique product that solves a problem. Lettuce Grow has a large number of potential customers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. All their product images are beautiful and give the impression of a high-end product.

430,000 monthly searches in their online store are incredible, and 93% of these come from the USA. What's more, 73% of their traffic comes from Facebook and 11% comes from Pinterest. This is probably free organic traffic. This store will no doubt be around for many years to come.


It is one of the best branded dropshipping stores that uses a good marketing strategy to sell various works of art. It's a print-on-demand dropshipping method where you collaborate with platforms like Printful or Printify. These online stores print your chosen artwork and ship it to the consumer after the sale. In this way, you don't need to stock the products, and delivery is direct from supplier to customer.

This e-commerce platform offers hundreds of prints and the ability to simply add pieces by uploading more images. Their store and all their print images are so elegant and high-end that they give their products a high value. IKONICK's cheapest prints are $90. This means high profit margins. Add to this the fact that she receives around 200,000 visits a month, and it's safe to say that this store is working like a charm.


Articture is a dropshipping furniture sales platform that focuses on truly unique furniture. You won't see the products sold on this ecommerce site in most physical stores. This store's branding has been designed for a luxurious look. It includes personalized images, product descriptions and a carefully selected font. Indeed, every element contributes to this upscale look.

What's more, it receives over 300,000 monthly visits with an average price of over $200, making it a high-priced ecommerce boutique. The prices are very high, which is the advantage of such a high-end brand image. Articture's success lies in its beautiful images and basic product descriptions. That's all she needs, as her images do all the distance selling for her.‍

Crown and Paw

Crown and Paw home page

People love pets and are prepared to spend a lot of money on them. However, the pet niche is currently very competitive. Despite this, this virtual boutique has managed to find its own little unexplored niche within this niche. Crown and Paw is a print-on-demand store that sells fun personalized pet products on various household items. 

This market is huge, with over 1,700 image variations from different product catalogs. Their website is very well designed, with adorable pet images next to the products. It easily explains how to use the website and contains numerous reviews that add social proof. When it comes to creating an online store, Crown and Paw is an excellent example.

Halo Bottle

Halo Bottle is also one of the best branded dropshipping stores to build customer loyalty. This digital commerce platform sells lightweight vacuum-sealed water bottles in a variety of different colors. Indeed, their website looks consistent and matches the product. 

The products sold in this online store are private label. Each colored water bottle has unique names, and the company offers fast shipping for potential customers. This means that orders are placed in bulk and deliveries are made nationwide. If you're thinking of setting up a branded dropshipping store based on a simple product, this store is an excellent example of how to go about it.


Blendjet is one of the best branded dropshipping stores with a single product and several marketing tools. Portable mixers were already popular in dropshipping stores until someone decided to create a brand around this product. Blendjet has now completely conquered the market with a large number of potential customers! If you'd like to set up your own branded store, Blendjet is the ideal website to use as a template to launch your online store.

This boutique currently receives around 1.5 million visits to its website per month, a significant percentage of which is organic traffic. Most of their paid traffic comes from Facebook ads.

Cat Genie AI

Their merchandise is an ideal dropshipping product, because although it comes at a high price, it solves a huge cat crap problem. According to its marketing strategy, this store targets a passionate and specific audience of cat lovers to sell its products. Added to this is the fact that the brand is applied in such a way as to give consumers the impression that they are the original creators of the product.

They have a large following on major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. The owners of this e-commerce platform have created a real community around this product. The website isn't just a showcase; they also have a blog on cat care. This e-commerce site also features videos on how to use cat genie and how to introduce your cat to this product. They've made sure they don't lose any customers due to uncertainty about their products.

Indestructible Shoes

This online store sells hard-wearing footwear designed for all types of rugged outdoor activity. It receives over a million visits a month, most of them from Facebook ads. What's more, she focuses on a very important factor for a dropshipping store. As a result, she has created a dropshipping e-commerce site unlike any other.

This is not a company that has created a new type of indestructible shoe for sale. But, in reality, it's simply a dropshipping service. Indeed, it has a video talking about their range of shoes. It reinforces that impression of being the creator of the shoe that inspires confidence. She's added a bunch of quality images of the products used, proving that they do what they say they do. 


Speaking of the best dropshipping brand boutiques, Modelones is a reference that has made it into the good marketplaces. This virtual boutique sells a variety of nail products. According to their delivery times, they most likely ship from China. Their store branding is very consistent with the products they sell, with bright, colorful images. 

This company sells private label products. These products are added to their brand, reinforcing trust and authority. Also, they have built a large social network which is important with the target audience they have. In order to increase their business, they have a presence on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Warmly Deco

Similar to Articture, Warmly Decor is one of the best dropshipping brand boutiques selling unique furniture. Uniqueness is what sets them apart. A very interesting part of Warmly is that they don't use paid advertising, but instead receive most of their traffic from Pinterest. This is a great choice, as it provides free organic traffic for this e-commerce platform. This traffic then boosts the firm's profits.

The whole store has such a professional look that makes you feel like you're shopping in a high-end furniture store. What's more, the personalized images look as if they've been photographed by a professional, which makes all the difference.

Notebook Therapy

This digital commerce boutique has done an excellent job of building a brand around normal, everyday products. Notebook therapy sells notebooks, journals, bags and other stationery items that go against the typical criteria of dropshipping products. Most dropshippers recommend selling problem-solving products. In addition, it's recommended to offer wow-factor products that prove you can be successful outside of these products.

Notebook therapy fits perfectly into the theme with its color palette, logo and simple, uncluttered website. They have their logo printed on many products, giving the impression that they own the products. Most of their social traffic comes from Facebook and the rest from a combination of YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. They currently receive over 400,000 monthly visits, which is very impressive.


These stores are the best branded dropshipping stores because they have been able to create a brand to build customer loyalty. Can you imagine an unbranded dropshipping store trying to sell straws, portable mixers, notebooks and water bottles? It would certainly go out of business quickly, as customers would go to eBay or Amazon and find the same product at a cheaper price.

It's important to browse the e-commerce sites above for the inspiration and ideas you need to create your own online store. In fact, there's nothing wrong with borrowing aspects from other successful e-shops and putting them together to create your own. Don't try to reinvent the wheel: see what works and improve on it. You can now take advantage of our great offer to create your store on Shopify witha 3-month $1 free trial

Frequently asked questions

What is a dropshipping store?

A branded dropshipping store is an online business that sells branded products through a dropshipping model. It works in collaboration with dropshipping suppliers or manufacturers to sell products under a specific brand name.

What are the advantages of working with the best branded dropshipping stores?

Working with the best brand-name dropshipping stores offers many advantages. These include increased customer credibility and trust, market differentiation, and product quality control.

How can I find the best branded dropshipping stores?

You can find the best branded dropshipping stores by searching online. You can also explore specialized dropshipping platforms. You can also read reviews and testimonials from other dropshippers, and assess the reputation and reliability of suppliers.

List of the best dropshipping brand stores

  • Final Straw
  • Lettuce Grow
  • Articture
  • Crown and Paw
  • Halo Bottle
  • Blendjet
  • Cat Genie AI
  • Indestructible Shoes
  • Modelones
  • Warmly Decor
  • Notebook Therapy

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