Tips for approaching a dropshipping supplier

The choice of supplier is a very important step in dropshipping. You should even be careful to approach the supplier you have chosen. This way, you will get top quality products while enjoying the quality of services. You can then take some criteria online before approaching a supplier.

Check the legitimacy and reputation of your supplier

Of course, you need to approach your dropshipping supplier. In addition, there are a few points to bear in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • The legitimacy of the supplier

Please note that not all suppliers you find on the market will be reliable. For example, you can take into account the registration and SIREN numbers.

  • Its reputation in the market

It will be easier to approach a supplier if you have an idea of their reputation. It is important to choose a reliable specialist who can meet all your expectations.

  • The quality of its products

The quality of the products is also a point to consider when looking at catalogues. You can use this as a reason to get closer to your dropshipping supplier.

Communicate to achieve a strong relationship of trust

Are you wondering how to approach a dropshipping supplier? Note that this requires strong communication skills. You should also take into account the following points to facilitate your exchanges with your supplier.

  • Start by putting the supplier's product on your shop

It's a good idea to place the supplier's product in your store before contacting them. You can then ask to see the catalogs offered by your dropshipping supplier. It's also advisable to make 2 or 3 sales before contacting your supplier.

  • Be friendly in your dealings with the supplier

Communication is easier after accessing the catalogue of your dropshipping supplier. In fact, you should be friendly throughout your dealings with your supplier. This can be advantageous in creating a bond of trust with the supplier. This is true whether you are dealing with a dropshipping supplier in Europe or in France.

How do you deal with your dropshipping supplier at the time of scaling?

Scaling is very important when approaching your French dropshipping supplier. This is also the case with a European supplier. There are some points to consider in this kind of situation.

  • Use various tools to exchange with your supplier

There are several communication tools that can be used to approach your supplier. For example, you can use Skype or Whatsapp to facilitate communication.

  • Have a good command of the language of communication

Do not use only one language even if you are dealing with a dropshipping specialist and supplier in France. This way, you will find it easier to get the products you need for your shop.

  • Negotiate prices well with your European dropshipping supplier

It is important to negotiate prices carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises when placing orders. It should be noted that the cost of products can change from one supplier to another.

You can go further with your dropshipping supplier

Remember to check a few things before you commit to a supplier. You can then consider the following points when approaching your supplier.

  • Ask to source products

Do you feel you have a good relationship with your dropshipping supplier? Note that you can go further by asking to source products. In other words, you can ask your supplier to source specific products. This can be done if you really can't find them. In this case you have to be convincing.

  • Ask for the products that sell the most

Do not rush to sign a contract with the supplier you find. It is better to find out what products sell best on your supplier's store. You should get as close as possible to the supplier to avoid any problems.

Choosing your dropshipping supplier in France and Europe

It will be easier for you to approach a dropshipping supplier if you take the time to choose them well. It is therefore recommended that you check the following criteria when choosing your supplier:

  • Choose a trusted supplier: there is nothing better than working with a supplier you can trust. This will facilitate communication whether you are working with a known or unknown supplier.
  • You can also use the competition: note that competition in the dropshipping business is getting tougher every year. You can then take advantage of this situation to get closer to the best supplier.
  • Think about payment methods and delivery: some payment methods may be more difficult than others. This is why you should not neglect this point. It's also a good idea to choose a supplier that will offer fast and secure delivery. Also note the performance of the customer service.


By now you know how easy it is to approach a dropshipping supplier. However, you can always turn to a specialist to take care of your dropshipping shop. Simply turn to Minea to get the services you need. This will save you any worries in the future.

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