Getting catalogues from a dropshipping supplier: what you need to know


Having rich and diversified catalogues is a great thing when you are dropshipping. In fact, it is advisable to check this point before working with a supplier. You can ask to see the catalogues offered by the supplier at any time before starting your collaboration.

First of all, make sure that the catalogue you want to see is regular

It is important to check that you can get the catalogues for free before working with a dropshipping supplier, and you should make sure that the professional you choose is regular. Remember that all the suppliers you find on the market will be reliable. In fact, you should not be fooled by their accreditation to tell you that they can give you free catalogues.

You should check the following points with your dropshipping supplier in Europe: 

  • TINs/STATs
  • The property

Normally, you will find information about the shop manager in the following sections:

  • About us
  • Contact us

This will determine whether you are dealing with a dropshipping supplier in France or in Europe. Also note that the domain name can be misleading when choosing a supplier. This is why you should ask to see the catalogues before starting the collaboration.

Check the compliance of your dropshipping supplier

You often say to yourself "I want the complete catalogue of a dropshipping supplier". Note that you must take note of your supplier's compliance with the legal requirements of e-commerce. You will then have to take into account the right criteria.

  • Check that your European dropshipping supplier follows Article VI.45 CDE

You should then check the specifics of the consumables as well as the services offered by your dropshipping supplier. Take note of item prices and delivery charges before requesting catalogs. The payment method offered is also important. This applies to both French and European dropshipping suppliers. Don't forget customer rights before committing yourself.

  • Remember to check its passage through the website check

It is essential to choose a dropshipping specialist and supplier in France with a controlled site. The controlling body can perfectly well refer to the provisions of Book XV of the FPS Economy. You can then claim damages if necessary.

Think about the reputation of the dropshipping specialist as a supplier

Do you want to know how to get the catalogues of dropshipping suppliers? Note that you can also rely on the reputation of each supplier you find. For example, you can freely check the catalogue of a dropshipping supplier in Europe. However, it is more interesting to take into account their reputation.

You have the freedom to evaluate a supplier based on e-commerce blogs. You will get reliable and accurate feedback by doing so. In other words, you will know if the supplier you choose is reliable before you see their catalogues.

In addition, you have to be careful with forums. Indeed, some members of these platforms tend to say anything. In other words, you may end up with false information.

Avoid going through an intermediary when choosing catalogues

It makes more sense to place your orders yourself instead of going through an intermediary. This applies equally to obtaining catalogues. This will enable you to assess the reliability of your supplier properly. You can even find out about important data such as after-sales service or delivery times.

You will be able to work freely with the supplier you choose. This way, you will avoid having to pay more by not having to go through an intermediary. You will have no trouble finding the right supplier and the catalogues you need. Moreover, you will have enough time to check all the products on offer. It will also be easier to convince your customers if you know what you are selling. Note that you can work with different suppliers if that is what suits you.

The last points you need to take into account

There are also a few things that you may not want to miss when you see a supplier's catalogues.

  • The price

You should pay particular attention to the price offered in catalogues before making a decision. You can even compare the prices offered by several suppliers to avoid unpleasant surprises. Note that the cost of products can go down depending on your supplier's sales policy and services. You may even want to check the payment method available from the supplier.

  • Product quality

You should not limit yourself to the price of the products. You should also take into account the quality of the products before making your criticisms. You can check the price-quality ratio offered by your supplier through its catalogue.

  • The delivery

In addition to the quality of the products and the price, the quality of the delivery of the orders should not be neglected either. It is not enough to access the catalogues to work with a dropshipping supplier. You need to take note of the delivery service they offer.


Finally, you should know that you can choose many suppliers, but also catalogues. It depends on the niches you are exploiting on your dropshipping shop. Don't forget that Minea can help you if you need help to get the right catalogues. This will help you avoid any problems including product quality.

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