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There are a number of suppliers around the world. Some are known for their ease of approach online, as there is no need to trade with them in order to access a dropshipping supplier's catalogue. This is rather like buying products on Amazon. For others, manual steps are required.

The necessary steps to find a dropshipping supplier

Despite the popularity of dropshipping and the presence of scams on the Internet, it is essential to distinguish between real and fake suppliers. A real supplier does not charge a monthly fee in order to enjoy the privilege of its product catalogue. More precisely, real suppliers are only distributors. Their main objective is to sell their items wholesale. They have no intention of managing a membership site manually.

On the other hand, a genuine dropshipping supplier, as in France, has no intention of selling its own items to end consumers at wholesale prices. The main customers of a dropshipping supplier are always the online stores that sell in retail. It is not in their interests to compete with their own customers. In any case, knowing these important points helps you to start looking for the real suppliers. With Minea's help, you can make use of the following strategies.

  • Calling on manufacturers

The easiest way to find a good dropshipping supplier in Europe is to contact the manufacturer directly. However, it is essential to request a list of suppliers of a given product, such as a clothing dropshipping supplier. Once you have this list, you should contact the supplier directly. The main objective is to ask for their willingness to cooperate in dropshipping. The main advantage is that suppliers offer a large number of products from various manufacturers. Therefore, contacting a larger supplier gives instant access to a very large catalogue of products.

Sometimes, establishing a partnership with a French dropshipping supplier can be a considerable asset. To this end, one must be prepared to avoid rejection. This is because the majority of legal suppliers, such as a European dropshipping supplier, can only work with legal online shops. One must therefore make sure that one is in good standing before making contact. Sometimes it is even essential to have a dummy website in order to demonstrate your seriousness. You have to prove to your suppliers that you are the right person and that you have the ability to really move products.

  • Placing orders within a competitor

If you know of a competitor who has an online shop in the same sector, placing an order will help you find their suppliers. When receiving the package, the sender's address must be mentioned on the shipping label. Some shipping labels do not include the name of the supplier. However, the name of the distributor can be found through a Google search using the address.

  • Participate in trade fairs organised by suppliers

In addition to contact by telephone or e-mail, another option is to attend a trade show. In addition to the ease of establishing a personal relationship, this provides access to a catalogue of items, such as that of a clothing dropshipping supplier. Access to most trade shows is often free, as long as you have a business licence. This allows you to get the most out of them when you attend. Most major cities organise them on an annual basis.

  • Using dropshipping directories

Dropshipping directories usually contain a list of suppliers that are categorised by niche. This is an excellent and convenient opportunity for quick research of dropshipping products for an online shop. Some dropshipping companies offer their services to check the legality of a supplier before it is included in their directory. However, the use of a supplier directory has a drawback. Listing in the directory risks exposure to potential competitors. Despite this, the items offered in a directory are more competitive. This means that it is an excellent solution for brainstorming and searching for suppliers instantly.

The main criteria to look for in a given dropshipping supplier

In general, the success of an online shop depends on the quality of the suppliers. When choosing a supplier, it is essential to check the following criteria for a better evaluation. First of all, it is essential to remember that the success of dropshipping depends on the partnership with a supplier. Establishing trust is therefore a very important step. Therefore, before contacting a supplier, you can evaluate their efficiency by placing an order. This allows you to see the quality of its processing, focusing on the following elements:

  • Time to ship the order: the duration of shipping is extremely important for a dropshipping online shop. It is therefore essential that orders are dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.
  • Packaging of the order: in principle, the product should be packaged in an attractive box. In addition, the label on the box should include the supplier's trade name. At the destination, it should arrive safely, without any damage
  • Quality in customer service: it is imperative that the supplier responds in a timely manner. They should also provide tracking information and issue an invoice. Returns and defective products must be refunded

Before making a sale, it is important to ask the customer service representative some thorough questions. The customer service representative should have a good knowledge of his or her products.

The different questions to look for on a supplier

The first question to ask is whether customisation is possible. This helps to offer better prices on personalised products, which is a considerable advantage. In addition, one should ask about pricing conditions and quantity discounts. Negotiating quantity discounts should be done at the outset. This gives a better idea of what prices to expect when developing a dropshipping shop. With regard to delivery costs, the majority of shippers offer a flat fee for orders. Regarding the return policy, it is essential to clarify the issue of refunds. As for the frequency of price changes, a good supplier informs its customers in advance about this. The guarantee is an element that should not be taken lightly.


Searching for and choosing a dropshipping supplier, as in France, is an essential step when you want to create an online shop. There are a number of important points to consider before proceeding with the sale. To ensure your success in this field, call on Minea to take advantage of the best services and advice.

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