Dropshipping with Aliexpress and Shopify: how to proceed?

Do you want to start an e-commerce business, but don't want to be burdened with delivery and stock? Dropshipping will appeal to you. With this system, you only have to display your products on your online shop. If a customer buys your product, you just have to notify your supplier and he will ship it. Why and how to dropship with Aliexpress and Shopify?

Aliexpress dropshipping: why choose this marketplace?

Before you start dropshipping, it's vital to find a good supplier. By visiting a platform like Aliexpress, you can easily find a wholesaler suited to your target clientele.  

Aliexpress dropshipping center is a great marketplace. On this platform, you will benefit from a wide selection of products. The prices applied are very competitive as most of the manufacturers are located in China. Dropshipping on this platform is really simple. This platform does not apply any fees or initial costs. You have the possibility to test the products without being obliged to make a financial commitment.

On this marketplace, you have access to several product photos. These can be used in your online shop. You can also use the detailed product sheets as you wish. Add value to your brand. Offer good content to your customers and make sure you have good customer service. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

The Aliexpress dropshipping center is a way to facilitate dropshipping. It allows its user to perform different tasks such as analysing the sales curves of a product sold by a supplier. This functionality is present in the Seller Center.

On the market, you can turn to different suppliers apart from Aliexpress. You can also turn to Alibaba, Brands Distribution, Webdrop Market, etc.  

How to dropship with Aliexpress and Shopify?

Whether you're dropshipping in France or in a foreign country, you can use Shopify to launch your online store. 

  • Doing dropshipping with Shopify 

By using Shopify, you can easily start your dropshipping business with reduced costs. With the website created on Shopify, you will be able to process and ship products in just a few clicks. You will have different tools to optimize your marketing and to trade with your customers. You will be able to offer your products to customers from all over the world. 

  • Dropshipping Shopify tutorial: what you need to know about how to set up your shop 

With Shopify, dropshipping becomes more convenient. All you need to do is make a few configurations and your shop is up and running.  

  • Choosing a niche 

When setting up your online shop, you will need to determine your niche. If you don't have any ideas about what you want to sell, just select the products that interest you most. Once you have defined your niche, you will need to choose the items you will sell in your online shop. 

  • Choosing products 

When selecting dropshipping products on Aliexpress, you should : 

  • Avoid branded products, imitations and counterfeits. If you are not an authorised dealer, you may get into trouble.
  • Give preference to products with a rating above 4.5.  
  • Refer to customer reviews on the quality of the provider's services. 
  • Choose products with a low price: this will allow you to have high margins. 
  • Opt for a high quality product, without brand or logo. By searching, you can find the photos taken by the manufacturer. Avoid photos that belong to other e-commerce sites. 

Only work with a supplier who is communicative and helpful. Before placing an order, do not hesitate to ask the supplier questions. Be wary if they do not answer. 

How to add products to an online shop?

Once you have chosen a niche and found good suppliers, all that remains is to add the product. This step should be done carefully. It is not enough to simply copy and paste the images from Aliexpress into your online shop. 

  • Write your own product sheets 

In order to stand out from your competitors, personalise the description of your products. This will allow you to explain the benefits of the item you are selling. By doing so, you also avoid being penalised by Google by duplicating your content. 

  • Include shipping details 

By customising your product sheets, you can tell your customers how long they have to wait to buy the product. They will be better informed about the waiting time. With Aliexpress, the majority of suppliers are in China. The delivery time will be longer than average. 

  • Use order tracking applications 

As delivery takes much longer, your customers will want to be kept informed about how things are going. That's why you should use Shopify's order tracking app. This tool is present in its app shop. It allows you to inform the customer about the status of their purchases.

  • Sell the products at the appropriate price

If you manage to make a margin of at least 50%, you will have the budget for your marketing strategy. You will also be able to make a good profit.


Are you planning to do dropshipping with the Aliexpress platform? It's an interesting site. It is quite easy to find interesting products. If you haven't yet found the winning product to revolutionise your shop, use Minea. Create and manage your online shop with Shopify. It's an easy-to-use application. You can easily add products to your online shop.

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