7+Best apps for integrating Shopify and QuickBooks

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform for creating online stores. QuickBooks, on the other hand, is accounting software renowned for its ease of use and reliability. When these two tools are combined, it can enable businesses to manage their e-commerce and accounting efficiently. In this article, we'll look at the best applications for integrating Shopify and QuickBooks to improve your business productivity. 

We invite you to read on to discover these famous famous Shopify applications.

Stock Sync Inventory Update

Stock Sync Inventory Update is one of the best applications for integrating Shopify and QuickBooks. With it, e-tailers can control their store and keep their inventory up to date. What's more, the application makes it possible to track all inventory feeds from different sources (FTP, email, eBay, Etsy, Dropbox) in a much shorter time. 

You can save hours with Stock Sync, as it automatically updates your inventories between supplier feeds.



  • Stay in sync with your offline inventory system
  • Provide support for multiple formats and sources
  • Set the time of your inventory updates
  • Help manage the flow of suppliers/dropshippers

QuickBooks Online by OneSaas

There are millions of stores on the Shopify marketplace, making competition on this platform even more intense. This makes QuickBooks Online by OneSaas one of the most powerful solutions for online retailers to boost their business. 

In fact, it lets you work regularly with other Shopify applications to maximize your store's revenue. What's more, to facilitate transactions, this application efficiently supports orders, invoices and receipts.



  • Share data between popular accounting applications
  • Allow retrieval of orders from Shopify
  • Supports tax code matching between applications
  • Create a deposit when a payment is made

Autofy: QuickBooks Integration

This application developed by Propelware is known as one of the best QuickBooks integrations. The application is a great way to save time by automating your work and allowing you to concentrate on what's most important: your customers. What's more, it can generate complex workflows for many industries.

Integration with QuickBooks lets you send orders placed in your store to QuickBooks and generate daily invoices. In addition, the application can synchronize item details, shipping charges, sales tax, handling charges and order fees with the sales department.



  • Integration with QuickBooks and the accounting system
  • Automate user work so you can focus on customers
  • Eliminate data entry by automating the sales process

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Best applications for integrating Shopify and QuickBooks: Connex for QuickBooks

Connex for QuickBooks is recognized as a best-in-class e-commerce solution. It automates operations such as : 

  • Inventory, 
  • Accounting,
  • Order management for small and medium-sized businesses.

One of the most remarkable features of the application is that it streamlines workflows. What's more, any order placed in your Shopify store is managed, and users can synchronize orders such as invoices, purchase orders and more.



  • Synchronize customer information
  • Synchronize inventory updates in seconds
  • Allow users to configure everything in less than a minute, without software or plug-ins
  • Provide multi-channel support home page is one of the best apps to integrate Shopify and QuickBooks. This is because it allows you to connect multiple online accounting platforms and tools to make managing your business finances easier. By using to synchronize QuickBooks Online, you can automatically import sales, purchase and payment data from other billing systems.

With this integration, companies can easily track their finances and generate accurate reports in real time. It also enables them to make informed business decisions.



  • Can receive orders directly from Shopify
  • Can take Shopify payment processing fees
  • Assistance to automatically reconcile payments
  • Provide automatic daily synchronization

A2X for QuickBooks

A2X for QuickBooks is an application that allows businesses to automatically synchronize their sales data with platforms such as Amazon or Shopify. Basically, the app pulls sales data from these platforms, organizes it and automatically imports it into QuickBooks. This allows users to easily track sales, taxes and fees related to their e-commerce business.

A2X also provides the ability to separate payments, refunds and transaction fees, allowing users to understand their profit margin. What's more, it's fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each business. This is one of the best apps to integrate Shopify and QuickBooks that you will ever need.



  • Can be reconciled with payments received
  • Can store your books
  • Provide accurate financial statements
  • Providing automated accounting and reconciliation services

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Quickbooks® Sync by BOLD

Quickbooks® Sync from BOLD is one of the best applications for integrating Shopify and QuickBooks. This application simplifies the process of managing sales, taxes, discounts and refunds by automatically synchronizing sales data. What's more, users can customize their synchronization configuration, choosing transaction types and defining personalized accounting rules.



  • Automatically synchronize order data
  • Create a new account or use an existing one to import information
  • Easy export from Shopify to QuickBooks
  • Reduce the stress of handling fraudulent orders


In short, the integration of Shopify and QuickBooks can bring many benefits to businesses. It enables efficient management of accounting and online sales, while optimizing productivity. The best applications for this integration have been presented in this article. So, to optimize this integration, it's advisable to choose an application that meets the specific needs of the business, and to fully understand the functionalities of the chosen tool.

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Frequently asked questions 

How do I export sales from Shopify to QuickBooks?

All you have to do is open Shopify and select the option to export your data. Just make sure you save all the data in CSV format so that it can be read by QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop. These are all the essential data points you need to import into QuickBooks.

Is it possible to integrate QuickBooks with Shopify? 

If you use QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting software, you have the option of integrating your account with your Shopify POS. This integration enables automated synchronization of all your business and accounting data, including sales and purchases, with your accounting system.

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