Dropshipping in France: how to get started in this business?

Because of the many advantages that dropshipping offers, many e-tailers are interested in it. As it is not necessary to have stock, this business does not involve any risks. How to start dropshipping in France?

Dropshipping in France: the legal aspect to take into account 

Before you start dropshipping, you need to consider the legal aspects of your business. In France, whatever the field of activity, a dropshipping site must display legal notices, general conditions of sale and a privacy policy.

These elements will reassure users about the owner of the online shop they are visiting. The elements to be displayed on the site vary according to legal status. Individuals will have to show their contact details including surname, first name, email address and telephone number. A dropshipping company in France is required to display, in addition to the above, its company name, the address of its headquarters and its unique identification number. 

A dropshipping site should also display a message showing the different cookies used on its platform. The cookies should not drown out the homepage. It is also important to have a sales tunnel. Its role is to regulate the sale. It should provide a summary of the order. It must specify elements such as :

  • The total price with billing ; 
  • Delivery information;
  • Shipping costs ;
  • Product information ;
  • The quantity of products. 

It is crucial to display the different payment methods available in the shop. The delivery time should be mentioned and should not exceed 30 days. Information about the right of withdrawal should also be shown. 

Even if you plan to sell your products in foreign markets, you are still required to pay taxes in your place of residence. You can change your status at any time, especially if you have a larger turnover. 

What are the steps to take to do dropshipping in France?

  • Selecting the dropshipping niche and the winning products 

When you start dropshipping, you can choose a niche based on a passion you already have. If you love the fashion industry for example, go into dropshipping clothes in France. You can also choose a niche that has already proven to be successful in the field of sales. This could be products related to wellness, beauty, sports equipment, pets, etc. 

To get maximum profit from dropshipping, you need to find winning products that have great potential and are not competitive. 

  • Working with the right suppliers 

Whichever site you choose to dropship, Aliexpress or others, it is important to contact the suppliers. Find out about your dropshipping suppliers in France. Check that you are dealing with serious and reliable professionals. Do not hesitate to discuss with them details such as fees and delivery times. If you have a problem, your wholesaler will be a great help.

Consider testing the products you are going to market yourself. This will help you to get a better idea of the quality of the items and the delivery times. It is advisable to work with a dropshipping agent in France. This professional will act as a mediator between the customer and the dropshipping wholesaler in France. His role is to take the customer's orders and give them to the supplier to ensure the delivery of the products. The agent will not make the delivery directly. This is the responsibility of the wholesaler.

By choosing a French dropshipping supplier, the products on your site will be delivered more quickly. As the wholesaler is located close to you, the delivery time will be shorter, hence the reduction of the delivery time.

  • Create a dropshipping site 

In order to launch your dropshipping business, you will need an e-commerce website. A platform like Shopify can help you create and launch your online shop. When it comes to dropshipping, a French website should provide essential information for the customer. You need to be as transparent as possible. Display your product sheets, return policy, legal information, etc. 

Why is it necessary to work on your digital marketing strategy?

It is not enough to have a nice website. You also need to have good traffic on your online shop. In order to generate traffic to your platform, you can advertise on Facebook. You can also implement an SEO strategy. For this, you can create content on a blog attached to your site. You will need to choose the right SEO tool. 

To generate free traffic, create social media accounts. This will help you get more engagement and increase the number of orders.


The e-commerce environment has undergone a great evolution since the advent of dropshipping. Thanks to this system, entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about stocks and delivery. E-tailers can focus on selling products and developing their marketing strategy. To be successful in dropshipping, you need to offer a winning product on your website. By using a tool such as Minea, you will have the keys to find the winning products.

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