How do I dropship with PrestaShop?


Dropshipping is an online sales method where the retailer doesn't need to stock products to sell Aliexpress products. Instead, he sends the customer's order to his supplier or manufacturer, who then ships the product to the end customer. This is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs due to its simplicity and low initial investment. Among the many e-commerce platforms available, PrestaShop stands out as a popular choice for a dropshipping site due to its advanced functionality and flexibility. In this guide, we'll take a step-by-step look at how you can start your dropshipping site with PrestaShop and give some tips to help you succeed. Let's get started.

What are the steps involved in creating a dropshipping site with PrestaShop?

The steps involved in creating a dropshipping site with PrestaShop are as follows:

Step 1: Choosing a hosting provider

Choosing a prestashop hosting provider

When setting up your PrestaShop dropshipping store, choosing the right hosting provider is useful for ensuring smooth operations and an optimal customer experience. Here's a guide to help you select the ideal hosting provider for your needs.

Look for hosting providers with a reputation for reliable server performance. Check availability reviews and statistics to ensure minimum downtime for your store.

  • Storage: Adequate storage is essential, especially if you plan to import a large number of products from dropshipping suppliers. Make sure the hosting provider offers sufficient storage space to accommodate your inventory.
  • Customer support: Opt for a hosting provider with responsive, competent customer support. In the event of technical problems or concerns, prompt assistance can avoid prolonged disruption to your store's operations.
  • PrestaShop compatibility: Check that your hosting provider supports PrestaShop and meets its requirements. This ensures compatibility and smooth integration of your store with the hosting environment.
  • Cost consideration: Evaluate the pricing plans offered by different hosting providers and choose the one that fits your budget. Take into account any additional fees associated with key features such as SSL certificates or domain registration.
  • Scalability: As your dropshipping business grows, scalability becomes crucial. Choose a hosting provider that offers scalability options, allowing you to easily upgrade your resources as your store grows.
  • Security features: Give priority to hosting providers that offer robust security measures, such as firewalls, DDoS protection and regular backups. Secure hosting helps protect your store and customer data from potential threats.
  • Performance optimization: Choose a hosting provider that prioritizes performance optimization, including key features such as SSD storage, content delivery networks (CDNs) and caching mechanisms to ensure fast page load times.

Step 2: Install PrestaShop

To install PrestaShop for your dropshipping store, follow these steps:

  • Download PrestaShop: Start by downloading the latest version of PrestaShop. You can find it on the official PrestaShop website.
  • Installation instructions: Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions provided by PrestaShop or your hosting provider. These instructions will guide you through the process of setting up your store on the domain of your choice.
  • Module configuration: During the installation process, you will be prompted to configure default settings such as your store name, language, currency and payment methods. Be sure to configure everything according to your preferences.
Prestashop installation

  • Theme selection: Choose the right theme for your store. Consider themes optimized for dropshipping and offering features such as AliExpress delivery time display.
  • Install modules: Install modules relevant to dropshipping, such as those for importing products, managing inventory and automating orders. Look for modules that integrate seamlessly with the AliExpress website and offer features such as retrieving product details and updating shipping information. You can find these modules on the Prestashop marketplace.
  • Importing products: Once you've set up your store, start importing products from AliExpress or your chosen dropshipping suppliers. Make sure you import trendy, profitable products.
  • Testing: Before you put your store online, test it thoroughly to make sure everything is working properly. Test the order process, payment method and shipping information to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.
  • Launch: Once you're satisfied with the configuration and testing, launch your PrestaShop dropshipping store. Start promoting your store through various channels to attract customers and start selling your products.

Step 3: Customize your store

Prestashop store customization

To customize your PrestaShop dropshipping store, go to the administration panel to access the back office. Start by selecting a suitable theme from the available options, or explore the premium or default options for a distinctive look. Customize the aesthetics of your online store by adjusting the logo, color scheme, typography and other visual aspects to match your brand identity. Ensure smooth navigation and user experience by efficiently organizing default and related categories. 

Configure shipping information to display AliExpress delivery times, offering transparency to customers. Use the Prestashop dropshipping module to easily import products, efficiently manage inventory and stock. Implement payment methods that resonate with your target audience and enable secure transactions. 

Optimize the product category page with complete details, including packaging specifications and shipping costs, promoting customer satisfaction. Finally, activate numerous features such as order processing to streamline operations and improve efficiency. With these customizations, your Prestashop online store will be ready to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.


Step 4: Configure payment gateways

To set up payment gateways for your PrestaShop dropshipping store, prioritize smooth transactions to improve customer satisfaction and streamline your online business operations. Start by accessing your PrestaShop administration panel and navigating to the payment settings section. Select the payment methods that match the preferences of your target audience and your e-commerce business model. Common payment method options include PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net, known for their reliability and security.

Make sure the payment gateways you choose integrate easily with your dropshipping model and offer efficient order processing. Consider factors such as transaction fees, currency support and compatibility with your dropshipping model and chosen suppliers. Enable features such as automatic updates for product status and shipping information to keep customers informed throughout the purchasing process.

Regularly review and update your payment information configurations to adapt to changing customer needs and industry standards. By offering a variety of secure payment options, you can reinforce trust and convenience for your customers, which ultimately stimulates sales and fosters long-term relationships.

Step 5: Install and configure dropshipping modules

Install the necessary modules or extensions to enable dropshipping functionality in your store. Choose the modules that match your specific needs and configure them according to your suppliers' instructions. Here are two PrestaShop dropshipping modules you should consider:

AliExpress modules for dropshipping on PrestaShop

AliExpress modules for dropshipping on PrestaShop

The AliExpress PrestaShop dropshipping module simplifies your dropshipping business on your own PrestaShop store. With seamless integration, it simplifies the process of importing AliExpress products directly into your PrestaShop online store. This module guarantees convenience for both you and your customers by automating various tasks.

To initiate the process, you must first install the AliExpress PrestaShop dropshipping extension on your Google Chrome browser. Once installed, you can easily import products from the new AliExpress theme to your PrestaShop e-commerce site.

Installation is simple, and access to the module is straightforward:

  • Access the back-office of your PrestaShop store.
  • Proceed to the modules section.
  • Download the AliExpress module for dropshipping.
  • Import the zip file into your PrestaShop.

The module will be automatically integrated into your store.

This streamlined approach saves time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your dropshipping business. With the AliExpress PrestaShop module for dropshipping, you can efficiently manage inventory, track shipping information and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to the success of your online store.

PrestaShop Amazon dropshipping module

PrestaShop Amazon dropshipping module

The PrestaShop Amazon dropshipping module seamlessly integrates your PrestaShop store with one of the world's largest marketplaces, providing access to expanded sales opportunities. Using this module, you can efficiently manage your PrestaShop/Amazon inventory and quickly process orders, improving customer satisfaction.

With the PrestaShop dropshipping Amazon module and its custom Chrome extension, importing products from Amazon becomes child's play. You can easily retrieve product details and import them into your PrestaShop catalog, streamlining the operations of your dropshipping business.

Sales and costs are meticulously managed through customizable pricing rules, giving you control over your profitability. Developed on the basis of first-hand experience as a PrestaShop and Amazon e-tailer, this module prioritizes user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

What's more, free technical support ensures a smooth transition and ongoing assistance until your products are successfully listed online. By adopting this module, you can start your journey towards a "lucrative dropshipping business, tapping into the vast potential of Amazon's marketplace while leveraging the robust capabilities of your PrestaShop store.

Step 6: Import products and manage inventory

Importing products and managing inventory efficiently are crucial steps in running a successful PrestaShop dropshipping store. Start by selecting a dropshipping module that suits your business needs and integrates well with your PrestaShop store. Once you've chosen the configuration module, connect with your dropshipping suppliers to seamlessly import their product catalogs.

Ensure that newly imported product details such as descriptions, images, maximum price and stock levels are accurate and up-to-date. This is essential to provide customers with reliable information and maintain their satisfaction. Setting up automated processes to synchronize inventory information with your suppliers is essential. This ensures that your customers have access to the latest product availability, reducing the risk of overselling or out-of-stock situations.

Consider using features such as order automation and advanced inventory management offered by PrestaShop and compatible dropshipping modules. These features streamline the import process and help you manage your store's inventory efficiently.

Clearly display shipping information on your product pages to manage customer expectations about delivery times. Consider using a Chrome extension to retrieve product details from supplier websites, including AliExpress delivery time if applicable.

Regularly update your product catalog and inventory to reflect changes in your suppliers. This ensures that your store remains competitive and offers trendy products to your customers. With a well-managed inventory and accurate product information, you can start promoting your e-commerce website and selling products via your PrestaShop dropshipping store with confidence.


Step 7: Define shipping methods and costs

To configure shipping methods and costs in your PrestaShop dropshipping store, start by accessing the admin panel and navigating to the shipping settings section. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Shipping zones: Define the geographical regions to which you ship products. This could include local, national and international zones.
  • Carriers: Integrate compatible carriers with your dropshipping suppliers. PrestaShop supports a range of carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and more.
  • Shipping costs: Determine shipping costs based on factors such as destination, package weight and order value. Consider negotiating special rates with carriers to optimize costs.
  • Shipping rules: Establish pricing rules for shipping based on order attributes. You can offer free shipping for orders over a certain value, or discounted rates for specific products.
  • Shipping time: Display estimated shipping times on product pages. Use a PrestaShop module to retrieve shipping details from your suppliers, including AliExpress, to provide accurate estimates.
  • Packaging details: Make sure your suppliers' packaging requirements match your shipping methods. Communicate these details to customers for greater transparency.
  • Customer satisfaction: Prioritize fast delivery and transparent communication about shipping. Consider offering order tracking to enhance the customer experience.

By effectively configuring shipping methods and costs, you can streamline the order fulfillment process, improve customer satisfaction and optimize your dropshipping business for profitability.

Step 8: Test and launch your store

Testing and launching your PrestaShop dropshipping store is crucial to ensuring a smooth customer experience and the smooth running of your business. Start by placing test orders to check the entire purchasing process, including payment processing. This ensures that customers can complete transactions without any problems. Take a close look at your store's performance, checking for any bugs or problems that could affect the user experience. Make the necessary adjustments to resolve problems and optimize your store's functionality.

Make sure that your dropshipping suppliers' shipping costs, shipping information and delivery times are correctly displayed on your product pages. This transparency is essential for customer satisfaction and trust.

Test dropshipping module integration to automatically update product information and efficiently manage inventory. Check that the imported product is correctly categorized and displayed on your website, with accurate product details and prices. Once you're confident in your store's functionality and performance, officially launch your PrestaShop dropshipping store. Promote your store through different channels to attract customers and start selling your new imported products. Continuously monitor and update your store to ensure its success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Essential PrestaShop features for dropshipping

Essential PrestaShop features for dropshipping

Product and supplier management

PrestaShop's dropshipping integration streamlines the entire process, from product management to order fulfillment. Thanks to its fluid interface, users can easily import products from different suppliers, guaranteeing stock diversity for their online stores. By associating products with specific suppliers, merchants can effectively monitor stock levels and respond quickly to fluctuations in availability.

What's more, PrestaShop allows dropshippers to customize product details and prices, adapting them to the preferences of their target market. This flexibility enables them to maximize profitability while maintaining competitive prices. What's more, the platform facilitates automatic updates of product information, including shipping and packaging details from suppliers such as AliExpress, ensuring that customers are kept informed of delivery times.

With robust features such as order automation and inventory management, dropshippers can focus on promoting their stores and improving customer satisfaction. This comprehensive solution enables entrepreneurs to create successful dropshipping businesses by taking advantage of the platform's advanced capabilities and intuitive interface.

Integration with online sales platforms

PrestaShop offers seamless integration with major online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, amplifying dropshippers' reach across multiple channels. Leveraging this integration, dropshippers can list their products on their own PrestaShop store or marketplace, and easily synchronize them with other marketplaces through dedicated integration modules. This synchronization guarantees an enhanced default product visibility option and significantly increases sales potential.

By leveraging this functionality, dropshippers can efficiently manage their inventory across all platforms, streamline order processing and offer customers a unified shopping experience, whatever channel they choose. This integrated approach not only saves time, but also optimizes resources, enabling dropshippers to focus on the fundamental aspects of their business, such as marketing strategies and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to PrestaShop's integration capabilities, dropshippers can expand their online presence, reach diverse customer bases and capitalize on the growth opportunities offered by multiple sales channels. This versatility enables dropshippers to adapt to changing market dynamics and stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Order tracking and inventory management

Order and stock management are essential to the success of dropshipping, and PrestaShop offers advanced features in this area. Users can track customer orders and supplier stock levels in real time. This visibility enables dropshippers to effectively manage delivery times and quickly resolve product availability issues. In addition, PrestaShop offers automatic notification tools to inform customers of order updates, enhancing the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, starting a profitable dropshipping site with PrestaShop represents an exceptional opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Thanks to its many features, specialized modules and flexibility, PrestaShop makes it possible to create a high-performance, scalable online store.

By choosing the right suppliers, optimizing your marketing strategies and delivering an impeccable customer experience, you can build a successful and sustainable business in the baby products niche. Take advantage of dropshipping with PrestaShop to turn your ideas into business success.



What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail order processing method in which the store does not keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when the store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the retailer never sees or handles the product.

Why should I choose PrestaShop for my dropshipping business?

PrestaShop is a powerful open source e-commerce platform offering numerous customization options, a wide range of themes and robust modules designed specifically for dropshipping. Its flexibility and scalability make it an excellent choice for building and managing a dropshipping store.

What are the first steps to starting a dropshipping site with PrestaShop?

  • Choose a niche: Select a specific market segment to target. Consider factors such as demand, competition and profit margins.
  • Find suppliers: Look for reliable suppliers who offer quality products, fast delivery times and favorable terms.
  • Set up your PrestaShop store: Install PrestaShop on your hosting server, choose a theme and customize your site to reflect your brand.
  • Integrate dropshipping modules: Use dropshipping modules to connect your store with suppliers, automate order processing and manage inventory.
  • Add products: Import products from your suppliers into your store, ensuring that product descriptions, images and prices are accurate.

What are some essential modules for a dropshipping store on PrestaShop?

  • Dropshipping connectors: Modules like AliExpress Dropshipping, Syncee and BigBuy Dropshipping can help you connect with suppliers and automate order processing.
  • SEO modules: Improve your store's visibility with SEO Expert or SEO Audit modules.
  • Marketing tools: Use e-mail marketing, social network integrations and promotional tools to attract and retain customers.
  • Customer support: Set up live chat, FAQ modules and ticketing systems to improve customer service.

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