What are the marketing levers for a dropshipping strategy?

When you start a business like dropshipping, you will need to establish an effective strategy. This way, you will get more traffic, which will allow you to generate more sales. In order to promote your shop, you can use different marketing levers. 

What is a marketing lever?  

Even if you have found a winning product on Minea, you will need a digital marketing lever to stand out. 

Marketing by definition is an acquisition lever used by companies to communicate, attract, convert and retain prospects and customers. 

Previously, the conversion chain was relatively simple. Now it has become more complex. More than half of all conversions come from a multi-lever path. It is therefore necessary to know the impact and effectiveness of each lever in the conversion chain. This is a way to optimise a strategy to increase its impact and rationalise the investments related to the conversion path.

Digital marketing levers and classic marketing levers: what is the difference?

The main difference lies in the means used by the public to come into contact with the company's message. With classic marketing, the tool used is more traditional. These may include magazines and newspapers. With digital marketing, customers and prospects use digital media such as social networks and websites.

Whatever marketing lever is used, it will always have an impact on consumers. They will appreciate the tactile nature generated by a magazine. They will also like the immersive experience generated by a TV ad. Subconsciously, these ads always stick in their minds.

Digital marketing offers a certain advantage as it makes use of all digital contact points between an audience and a brand. In addition, the number of people using the Internet is increasing daily. 

For a successful marketing campaign, try to find a good balance between digital and traditional marketing. They are complementary techniques. These levers reinforce each other when combined.

Digital marketing tools and levers: what are they?

  • Use of natural referencing

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO or natural referencing is one of the essential marketing levers in a dropshipping strategy.

It will help you increase your ranking in search engine results such as Google. You will be able to get quality traffic spontaneously. By publishing optimised content, your pages will be displayed on specific queries (keywords) that are related to your dropshipping shop.

Search engine optimisation is one of the marketing levers that requires a long time to work, and to get a good position in the SERPs, you will have to wait a few months before enjoying the results. But the results are worth the effort. If you want to get good results quickly, you can combine it with a paid and social search strategy.

  • Having a blog 

On the web, content plays an essential role. That's why it's important to have a good content marketing strategy to keep your business running smoothly. If you have quality content, you'll be able to attract more visitors and quality traffic. 

Having a blog helps optimize natural referencing. According to statistics, stores with a blog have 97% more backlinks and 4 times more referenced pages. It turns out that e-commerce sites receive 15 times more traffic than those without. 

  • Taking advantage of online advertising 

Among the digital marketing levers, advertising is one of the most effective tools for promoting an online shop. It is also the strategy most used by many dropshippers. In dropshipping, you can choose between several paid levers such as :

  • Sponsored links or search with Google Ads;
  • Banner display or Display with Google Ads;
  • Facebook ads ;
  • Snapchat ads ;
  • Instagram ads, etc.
  • Using social networks 

Today, social networks are a major axis of digital communication for brands. It is an effective marketing lever to promote an online shop. It will attract more visitors. Thanks to social media, you will be able to talk about your products to your targets. It will also build trust.

It is important to establish an effective strategy. Choose the networks according to your theme and your products. Each network has its own community. If you are targeting professionals, go for LinkedIn.

  • Use of membership

You can also attract traffic from other websites in your field. To do this, use affiliation. This is a dropshipping strategy. This sales system is based on recommendations. In this case, you will offer a commission to other people who will expose your products. They will receive their due every time they make a sale. 

  • Leveraging partnerships 

Another web marketing strategy is partnership. This is a method that consists of exchanging services between you and the players in your sector. You can develop a partnership with influencers, bloggers, etc. With this practice, you will have a better visibility and benefit from the reputation of your partners.

If you choose this option, you will have to show a catalogue of your products. The blogger can tell his audience about you and your products. He can even add a link to your site in one of his blog posts. This will be beneficial for improving your SEO.

  • Be present on marketplaces 

If you're looking for an effective dropshipping strategy, stay present on marketplaces. This is a way to improve visibility, increase traffic and boost online sales. If you want to make yourself known to your customers, marketplaces are effective. You can choose platforms like Amazon, eBay, Rue du Commerce, etc. You can choose between small, large, generalist and specialist marketplaces.

  • Getting started with the emailing strategy

According to observations, 66% of consumers have already made an online purchase as a result of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques for developing a dropshipping shop. Even if some people think otherwise, email marketing is one of the best web marketing levers. It allows you to announce new products, share promotions, etc.


To be successful in dropshipping, you need to implement an effective marketing strategy. By working on your natural referencing, you will obtain quality traffic and develop your notoriety. By using other methods, you will increase your visibility and reputation. To make your dropshipping shop stand out from the competition, offer winning products on your platform. To find them, rely on Minea.

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