How to find the best products for your dropshipping store


The key to success in dropshipping lies not only in your marketing strategies, but also in the careful selection of the dropshipping products you offer. Depending on whether you opt for a generalist, specialist or single-item approach, you need to find a product or category of items that enjoys a certain popularity. The choice must be made with a clear understanding of your target audience. Once you've defined the profile of your ideal consumers, you can explore different platforms to identify items that are popular with the public. To facilitate the expansion of your dropshipping online store, here's the ultimate guide to choosing trendy and fashionable products for dropshipping.

What is a trendy dropshipping product?

Aliexpress products

A trendy product for dropshipping is one that sells naturally and easily during certain times of the year. For example, during the holiday season, ornaments, gifts and baby products are among the best sellers. On the other hand, it may be a new product that's causing a stir on the dropshipping market. It's a product that quickly becomes a viral sensation, thanks to its considerable potential or its ability to arouse surprise and admiration.

This type of product is also recognized as one of the most successful dropshipping businesses, often topping the sales charts on various online platforms. Note that the savvy dropshipper is one who constantly has innovative product ideas in his or her e-commerce store. To take full advantage of trendy dropshipping items, it's a good idea to keep an eye on current trends in the dropshipping market and stock up on product ideas in line with these trends.

The different types of trends

For an online business to thrive, the e-tailer needs to be aware of the different types of market trends. Here's what you need to know.

Fashions: short-term trends

Short-term trends include all items whose popularity does not last over time. The advantage of this type of trend is that the dropshipping products concerned quickly capture the public's attention. This can have a positive impact on sales. These products have high sharing potential on social networks and are likely to optimize your brand's visibility. These are items that generate significant revenue over a short period thanks to their ephemeral popularity.

However, products with short-term trends can fall in popularity very quickly. This results in a large amount of unsold stock. Betting on trendy items can be risky if demand drops significantly. What's more, popularity can attract the interest of many competitors, which could have huge profit margins.

Trends: medium- and long-term trends

Medium-term trends last for some time and offer a degree of sales predictability. Products in this specific category enable companies to better plan their business. They also enable them to adjust their marketing strategies and inventories. Over an extended period, these are the best items that can contribute to the company's constant growth.

However, these trends also have their weaknesses, as they require stores to be constantly on the lookout to adapt to new trends. Medium-term trends also require a major financial commitment and long-term resources. Similarly, when the market becomes saturated, product appeal is considerably limited.

Seasonal trends: highs and lows

Seasonal trends include products that are rarely launched on the market, or launched on an ad hoc basis. These trends are predictable and enable effective planning of marketing campaigns and inventories. Companies can anticipate a better marketing strategy to sell the products concerned. Each season offers the opportunity to introduce new products and refresh the offer.

However, seasonal trends can have an impact on cash flow, with significant fluctuations from one season to the next. Similarly, out-of-season unsold items require storage, which can generate additional costs. Unpredictable weather conditions can also have an impact on demand for seasonal products.

Why is it so important to find products for dropshipping? 

Finding products to sell through dropshipping must be the ultimate quest of every e-tailer. In today's digital age, users are looking for items with tangible utility rather than superfluous parts. For example, if you sell computers, you need to understand what the consumer is missing and what existing brands don't provide. If it's battery life, then it makes sense to find a supplier who can offer computers with long battery life. When your product meets a specific need, you've already taken an important step. It's a good idea to spend some time looking for that ideal product that could propel your store forward. An item that satisfies a need among your regular customers will make your advertising campaigns more effective.

Looking for dropshipping products to sell means building up stock for the long term. Indeed, the long-term viability of a product is an essential criterion for assessing its potential for success. Avoiding the trap of aligning yourself with ephemeral trends that only last a few months and then disappear is essential. Experienced online retailers know when to pull back from these trends. In dropshipping, it's advisable to choose items that you can maintain in your catalog for several years.

Another key factor in choosing the best product for dropshipping is the potential to amaze the customer at first sight. Aesthetics play a key role. The product must be captivating with surprising functionality. Such an item immediately attracts the public's attention and rapidly increases the product's chances of sale. This can make it a winning choice for your dropshipping business.


Ways to find hot products for dropshipping

Every dropshipper or online merchant has wondered how to find a hot product in their dropshipping sector. Before implementing any communication strategies, it's a good idea to explore the various effective techniques for identifying items that are phenomenally successful on the market.

How can I find trendy products using a product finder?

To find trendy products, retailers can rely on high-performance search tools. These product search tools are also invaluable for quickly discovering trendy items. Among the best-known are Minea and Dropispy. Dropispy stands out as the tool of choice for identifying top-performing items on Facebook. This is achieved thanks to its vast collection of generalist and business-specific ads, as well as its wide variety of filters and sorting methods. To optimize product search for its users, the platform integrates powerful filters to refine searches according to specific criteria. For example, ads can be filtered according to keywords, Facebook pages, level of engagement, time period and many other parameters.

Dropispy Logo

Dropispy also offers the possibility of analyzing rival stores. This gives you an overview of the performance of your items and rival stores. The store analysis tool provides essential information on a store's performance, its traffic and the origin of its visitors. This data can be used to assess the relevance of the products on offer. The engine is particularly suitable for beginners. It offers a free plan available to start generating portable items online. It is even considered a free tool for finding a better article.

Minea is an excellent alternative to Dropispy. It's a search tool that covers a wider spectrum. It offers better tracking of ads on different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. Minea is best suited to those with prior market experience who want to promote their items on multiple social platforms. It allows you to monitor trends on your social networks in real time, so you can position yourself more effectively.

Minea Landing page

The tool provides access to several databases. Each is dedicated to ads collected on social networks. Minea also offers filters to refine searches according to users' specific needs. These filters can be used to examine the strategies of competing stores. The platform also offers the possibility of studying competitors' marketing strategies, including product location and associated influencers. This is a comprehensive tool for those with proven dropshipping experience.

How can I find trendy dropshipping products with Google Trends?

google trends

The Google Trends tool is an effective way of identifying promising items for dropshipping. This tool analyzes the popularity of a specific product, keyword or sector of activity. In other words, Google Trends helps you gauge interest in a keyword or search queries in a search engine. In dropshipping, the e-tailer needs to know the popularity of a niche before launching related products. Offering the right item at the wrong time can be an obstacle to your market positioning. For example, Easter accessories in the middle of the vacation season can be counter-productive.

In such cases, it is advisable to confirm the positive trend of products or keywords in a niche before promoting corresponding items. Google Trends also offers vital information such as related queries, geolocation and consumer trends over a given period. This data can reveal whether trends are rising or falling. Let's take the example of an e-tailer who wants to sell make-up accessories. With a search on Google Trends, he can discover the periods of the year when this theme is most in demand. This gives him a rough idea of the best time to launch his products.

How do I find trendy products on Instagram?

How to find trendy products on Instagram

Instagram is known as a leading platform for influencer marketing. If you intend to make this strategy your main lever, Instagram is the ideal place to quickly find products that stand out. Influencer marketing on Instagram enables many e-commerce brands to expand their audience by surfing the visibility of influencers. Finding a dynamic product on this social network can be a very wise choice. By taking into account the characteristics of a successful dropshipping business, you can spot niche products with high potential on this platform.

How can I find the latest products on TikTok?

How to find the latest products on TikTok

Like Facebook, TikTok is a platform where thousands of articles are published every day. With a well-honed search strategy, it's easy to spot the most popular articles on this platform. There are two main approaches to finding promising articles on TikTok. The first is to use hashtags. The second, on the other hand, uses specialized competitive intelligence tools. These product search tools are often referred to as Adspy tools. Searching by hashtags is a classic method. It involves using hashtags to find relevant articles. This technique can be compared to keyword research on Facebook. For a more in-depth exploration, you can also browse the News Feed or use specific keywords.


How can I find trendy dropshipping products on YouTube?

How to find trendy dropshipping products on YouTube

YouTube is the video-sharing giant. This platform is a goldmine for brands wishing to promote products via influencers, youtubers or bloggers. To find ideas for dropshipping items on YouTube, searching for unboxing videos can be a fruitful option. It's a good idea to use filters such as number of views to refine your search queries. Once you've identified the items that captivate your audience, conduct a careful analysis of comments and publication dates to assess whether the product is still popular. The "unpacking" technique is an example of a useful query. However, other searches such as "top 5 sports accessories" or "birthday gift ideas" can also be beneficial.

How do I find trendy products on supplier marketplaces?

How to find trendy products on supplier marketplaces

To anticipate trends and boost sales, you can visit supplier marketplaces. The most popular are Amazon, Ebay, watch count, Etsy, Aliexpress dropshipping center, Alibaba. An exploration of best-selling products, top-rated products or an analysis of the catalogs of the most successful sellers can be useful. With accurate data, you can flesh out your catalog with promising items. While it's ideal to get your products to market before the competition, having them in other stores isn't outlawed. You can negotiate better prices with suppliers or improve existing concepts under your own brand.

How do you know which products are most in demand?

How to find out which products are most in demand using google trends

To find out which products are most in demand on the market, you need to carry out a careful trend analysis using the right tools. Google Trends is a useful tool for identifying the most popular product categories. There are also other product search tools that allow you to track the evolution of Internet searches and identify products that are exploding in popularity at any given moment. You should also consult online sales rankings, comments from potential buyers and discussions on social networks. This will give you a broader perspective of the items most sought-after and appreciated by online consumers.

Should I dropship trendy products?

As a dropshipper, it's important to know whether it's necessary to align yourself with trendy products. After all, these items can be advantageous in some respects, but can also present obstacles in others.

Advantages of dropshipping with trendy products

A mannequin in a room with boxes and a computer.

Dropshipping with fashionable products offers considerable opportunities for instant profits. This is due to high market demand. Indeed, these are items that attract consumers' attention and can lead to a considerable increase in sales. What's more, you can test different markets without major initial investment in stock or logistics. This enables you to react quickly to changing trends and adapt your offers accordingly. Trendy products can also spread rapidly on social networks.

Risks of dropshipping trendy products

While dropshipping trend products can be lucrative, it also involves significant risks. The ephemeral nature of trends means you can end up with unsold stock if demand suddenly drops. This can be particularly problematic in dropshipping, where you need to change direction quickly. Popular products often attract fierce competition. When several companies band together on the same trendy products, this can lead to a price war and limit profit margins. There's also the risk that trendy items don't generally comply with the regulatory standards in force on the market.

What are the qualities of the best dropshipping product?

In dropshipping, you need to make sure you know the essential features of the best product. This puts your store in the spotlight. Here are the necessary qualities of the best dropshipping product.

The right price

The price you set must be attractive to the consumer, without encroaching on your profit margin. The best dropshipping product is sold at a price that is reasonable in the eyes of the consumer. The price must reflect the perceived value of the product. You are therefore obliged to offer a more or less balanced price. Ideally, the price should be somewhere between too low, which could indicate poor quality, and too high, which could dissuade customers from buying the product.

The price card

Having a price map helps you understand your market positioning. Indeed, the map is a necessary tool for identifying the price point where high-demand products are strongest and competition is least intense. By using a price map, you can set a price that optimizes your sales while remaining competitive on the market.

Marketing potential

A product with strong marketing potential is one that can be easily aligned with stories or concepts that resonate with your target audience. This specific category includes absolutely attractive items, products with distinctive features. They can also be products that associate themselves with current trends or buzz effects on social networks.

Additional accessories for sale

A good product is one that comes with additional accessories. Additional equipment increases the average order value. They also optimize the experience of potential buyers by offering a complete solution. For those selling phone accessories, it's a good idea to include the sale of accessories such as unbreakables, cases, pouches, earphones, chargers, and so on. This motivates regular customers to make further purchases to enhance the user experience.

Low sales

Low sales are generally seen as a sign of increased customer satisfaction. This means that the item meets expectations or offers more than beneficial returns. It also shows that the product description has been carried out correctly and that the product is well presented in your store. This strategy limits misunderstandings and disappointments among customers.

Smaller companies are generally better

Smaller structures can offer their customers more authentic and personal experiences. They can focus on specific sectors or highlight distinctive items. Adopting such a strategy allows customers to turn to smaller companies, as products are non-existent in large distribution chains. This increases the unique value of the equipment marketed.

Hard to find nearby

The advantage of exclusivity for a good product is that it's hard to find on local store shelves. There are several reasons for this. These may include limited distribution partnerships or regional specialties. Or it may be a product that has just come onto the market. Offering a distinctive accessory can be a significant asset in standing out from the strong dropshipping competition.


6 best products to sell dropshipping in 2024

Choosing a specific market niche can be the key to success for a business, even in the absence of advanced technical skills. Perseverance and the right tools can set you on the road to success. To help you, here are some products to market in 2024.

Fashion accessories

A gold and black outfit on a white surface.

Surprisingly, the fashion industry dominates sales in almost every country. Although fashion is a complex field with varying sizes for different brands, it reigns supreme in online sales. The increase in interest in this sector of e-commerce is largely due to improved return policies. In the past, buying clothes online without trying them on first was risky business. Now, most stores offer free returns, allowing customers to try items on in the comfort of their own homes and return them if they don't fit.



The cosmetics sector encompasses a variety of beauty products and accessories for all genders. This category includes make-up instruments, watches, personal care products and jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. It's unthinkable to talk about e-commerce without mentioning these products. They are among the best-selling dropshipping items, making them wise choices for online sales. It's time to take full advantage of the popularity of these products.

Wellness and sports facilities

This niche is booming. More and more people are becoming physically active. Some do it for health reasons, others to stay in shape. The COVID-19 pandemic has also stimulated the development of this market. During this period, a host of home training equipment was developed. These factors encouraged the sector to flourish, making sporting goods one of the most successful dropshipping businesses in recent years. On platforms such as Amazon, they are among the best-selling items.

Pet supplies

Pet supplies

The pet supplies market offers a wide range of useful items, especially for animals such as dogs and cats. Grooming accessories, toys and pet clothing are all items that can be sold via dropshipping. It's often said that it's not easy to market products in this sector. However, unlike other popular dropshipping items, the pet supplies market doesn't follow ephemeral trends. On the contrary, they represent constant sales throughout the year. By selling these products, you can ensure steady business for your online store. These items are undeniably among the most profitable for dropshipping or e-commerce.

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment

Everyone aspires to owning utensils that simplify the execution of manual tasks, especially in the kitchen, where these tasks are frequently performed. As a result, new products are regularly designed and launched on the market to satisfy existing needs. To succeed in the culinary niche, you need to offer a product that meets a specific need. Products in this sector are also recognized as being among the most profitable. This means you can achieve high profit margins by marketing them.

Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets

Surprisingly, technological gadgets are not at the top of the sales list. Warranties are often an obstacle. Buying high-tech products in a physical store inspires more confidence, because in the event of a problem, the store is there to offer after-sales service. We like the idea of a real person looking after us in the event of a problem. Online stores have to work to earn this trust. Without a solid marketing strategy, this trust cannot be earned. In the Spanish market, for example, there are online retailers who have built up a solid reputation thanks to their efficient warranty service. Consumers know that, in the event of a defect, they can expect a rapid repair or replacement, often in less than two days.

How to analyze the performance of your dropshipping products

Top 10 products Minea

Analyzing the performance of your best-selling dropshipping products is an important aspect of your business success. To do this, you need to identify trendy products using tools such as Minea Google Trend... These tools enable us not only to choose a reliable supplier, but also to identify products in high demand on the dropshipping market. To thrive online, you need to take into account the opinions of your various customers and the feedback you receive after using your products, so you know how to give your best and stand out from the competition. When it comes to the pet supplies market, you need to analyze sales of food bowls and other products to better understand the trend in this niche. To serve the pet supplies market effectively, you need to work with reliable suppliers offering quality products. This dropshipping step is the springboard to success in digital commerce. It's worth noting that accessories such as portable chargers can boost sales and attract potential buyers on a regular basis.


Mistakes to avoid when choosing dropshipping products

When it comes to choosing your dropshipping products, there are a number of mistakes you need to avoid that can jeopardize your success. First of all, avoid niche products with limited demand or that are not fashionable. Of course, a well-defined dropshipping niche is very important, but if the market is too small, your sales will be limited.

On the other hand, you shouldn't overlook the importance of reliable suppliers in your business. Unreliable dropshipping suppliers will lead to late deliveries, poor quality and damage to your reputation. You should therefore choose third-party suppliers with a reputation for exceptional customer service and superior product quality.

What's more, you need to assess the marketing potential of the products in order to achieve a good profit margin and appeal to a wide audience. Phone accessories, portable mixers and pet products are often winning products. If you choose strong winning products, you'll increase your sales and attract many regular customers. It's important to note that a successful business relies on high-quality products, trusted suppliers and a good understanding of market trends.

How do you test products before adding them to your catalog?

To guarantee a product offering that meets customer expectations and achieves sales performance, every dropshipper needs to evaluate products carefully before adding them to their catalog. Here are some effective ways to examine products before offering them to your customers.

Determine your objectives and performance indicators

Before launching product tests, you need to clearly define your objectives and performance indicators. What are you trying to achieve with your product selection? What will be the indicators of success or failure? What approach will you take to measuring and comparing the performance of different items?

You can aim to improve conversion rates, increase average basket value, increase customer satisfaction or encourage loyalty. Use indicators such as sales volumes, turnover, profit margin, log-in rate, bounce rate, customer returns, reviews or customer loyalty. It's a good idea to set a target and benchmark for each indicator, as well as a time period for testing.

Choosing the right assessment method

Choosing the right method for evaluating products before adding them to your catalog is crucial, and must be in line with your objectives, resources and available data. Pre-sales can be used to gauge interest and demand for a new product.

A variable minimum product (VMP) can help you test your offer and identify key features and necessary improvements. A/B testing can be used to fine-tune design, price, description, images or other factors influencing purchasing behavior. Surveys, meanwhile, can reveal customers' needs, preferences, challenges or expectations regarding an item.

Determine sample size and target segment

The next step is to determine the sample size and target segment for your test. The sample size is the number of customers or visitors who will be involved in your evaluation. The target segment is the group of customers or visitors with specific characteristics or behaviors relevant to your test.

You can segment your customer base according to criteria such as location, age, gender, income, loyalty, purchase history or online behavior. Sample size and segment must be representative to produce reliable and meaningful data. Nor should they be too large to avoid diminishing the impact or relevance of the test.

Implement your strategy and monitor your test

When you're ready, run your test and monitor the results. Make sure you run the test over a sufficiently long period. This allows you to collect enough data to take into account seasonal variations or external factors that may influence the results. Monitor the data regularly and be alert to any anomalies, errors or feedback that may signal a problem or opportunity. Avoid rushing to modify or stop the test, unless there is a major problem or the results are conclusive.

Analyze and integrate results

Finally, analyze the data and apply the findings to your merchandise sales strategy. Compare the results with established targets and benchmarks, and assess whether the test met your expectations. Look for trends, patterns or lessons that could explain or improve performance. On this basis, decide whether to add, modify or remove a product from your catalog, in line with your results and overall business strategy. Document and share your results and decisions, and consider using them as guidelines for future evaluations.

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