How do I see the Top Selling Products on the Shopify Store?

It is not easy to run an online store that generates good profits. To achieve this, you need to track the performance of all your products and your competitors. You need to know which ones are selling better than the others, which ones are in the shopping cart more often than the others, etc.

For this reason, when planning your business, you need to consider a few parameters and Shopify notifications. In this article, we will show you how to see the top selling products on the shopify store quickly. If this is what you are looking for, then feel free to read this guide.

How do you track top selling products on Shopify?

Want to know how to see the best selling products on the shopify store? Well, there are several ways to do that.
The first is to go to your "Products" section and sort them by best sellers. You can do this both in custom collections you've created and in collections that Shopify has created automatically.

When you choose this option, the entire collection is sorted according to the sales frequency of each product in it. You can do this even if you're using the basic Shopify offering.
Alternatively, to access the top-selling product reports, you'll need to pay for the higher-level Shopify plan or the Advanced Shopify plan.

How to find the best selling products on the shopify store: access the report 

When you access the "Reports" section of Shopify, you will find a series of sales reports, including sales by : 

  • Product, 
  • UGS product variant, 
  • Product supplier, 
  • Discount,
  • Traffic referral, 
  • Billing location, 
  • Currency of payment, 
  • Channel, 
  • Customer name and average order value over time.

While all of these are extremely useful, sales by product, product variant, CUG and product supplier are the ones you should pay particular attention to.

It's also worth mentioning that Shopify determines the top sellers based on the total number of sales of each product variant. So it's as if each product variant is a product in its own right. Finally, every week, Shopify performs a calculation to help you determine the current top sellers.

Ways to define the best Shopify sales 

If you don't know how to see the top selling products on shopify store, Shopify Bestsellers service can help you. How to get accurate information about the top selling products on Shopify store? Here are some steps to follow:

Using the Shopify API to create Shopify reports

You can see the best-selling products the old-fashioned way by manually tracking recent sales and sorting collections usingShopify's API. However, this can take you a bit of time, which most e-tailers can't afford.

Using BI Tools for Shopify Sales Reports

If you want to know how to find the best selling products on the shopify store without wasting time, you can consider this option. Indeed, it is the cheapest way in terms of time, money, effort, which is to use business intelligence software.

Specifically, these are the free Google Data Studio, and Microsoft Power BI premium. This means that you will need to use another program to visualize your data. This is the only downside to using business intelligence tools, but the benefits far outweigh it. This is because these tools collect your raw data and help you get real information.

Business performance data is visualized with charts, graphs and other elements on easy-to-read dashboards. Finally, when all the e-business analytics data is collected, it becomes much easier to analyze.


As we've seen, all Shopify stores offer the ability to sort your collections by bestsellers. This makes it easy to see which products are the most popular in a collection. In addition to the steps listed above, if you want to find the perfect product to sell in one click, we recommend Minea. It's an all-in-one tool that allows you to get the winning product based on the criteria you set. You can discover Minea right now from $0/month.

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