Payment of dropshipping products on Aliexpress: how to automate them?


AliExpress is a platform whose main objective is to connect sellers and buyers. During all processes, this platform regularly evaluates the sellers to ensure that their dropshipping activities are running smoothly. One of the concepts, which helps to avoid mistakes and oversights, is automated payment.

How to automate the payment of aliexpress dropshipping products?

Among the payment methods available on Aliexpress, some allow you to automatically pay for your Dropshipping products. The most popular are as follows.

Escrow or Webmoney

Since 2013, Aliexpress has accepted this payment method, based on multi-currency electronic exchanges. To make the most of it, simply deposit your money in your Webmoney e-wallet. This allows you to use it freely and automatically on Aliexpress. This payment provider stands out for its high level of security. This is measured during payment and registration, with validation by e-mail, passport and telephone. The easiest way to credit your account is by credit card. After registering with Aliexpress, you can set it up automatically so you don't have to enter it every time. This helps speed up your orders, reducing the risk of interception.

AliPay or Aliexpress paypal

This payment method works in a similar way to Webmoney. It's an electronic wallet, allowing you to make payments on Aliexpress. However, you need to open an AliPay account and top it up with your bank card. With this payment method, you can pay for your Dropshipping products automatically. To give you a better idea, AliPay works exactly like PayPal. In any case, it's China's most popular online payment tool. For months now, it has been able to surpass PayPal internationally when it comes to transaction volume. Using AliPay allows you to benefit from the guarantees that Aliexpress offers its sellers. The money is kept in a safe place until the goods are delivered.

Payment cards

The Aliexpress platform also accepts payment cards such as Maestro, MasterCard and VISA. If you have any doubts about entering your card number, Aliexpress is a serious international site. You will never be cheated. To reduce your fear, the installation of a good firewall and a good antivirus is recommended. This is because the interception of contact details often occurs on the computer. In order to automate the payment of your products in dropshipping, you can register your card number. This saves you time during the whole process. With this method, you can also be paid by Aliexpress after your customers have received the goods.

aliexpress automatic payment: methods to avoid 

Despite its security, bank transfers are not highly recommended if you want to automate payments on Aliexpress Dropshipping. This is because bank transfers often take several days to complete, not to mention the additional charges applied to transactions. When making a bank transfer to your account, you can't take advantage of any protection. In any case, this is the payment system least suited to e-commerce activities. But that doesn't mean you can't use it at all. For example, you can use it to buy beautiful photos for your products.

In addition, Western Union is also the least suitable payment method for automating payments on Aliexpress. In recent years, there have been frequent reports of Western Union scams in France alone.

The most suitable payment methods on Aliexpress

For the sake of convenience, the credit card is the most recommended method. All you have to do is fill in your shopping cart, proceed to the verification and provide your card number. The registration process takes no more than two minutes. However, if you do not have a high level of security on your mobile or computer, it will be critical. Indeed, you may face the interception of your credit card codes. It should be noted that Aliexpress will never steal your number. The risks come from malicious programs installed on your device.

When it comes to security, nothing is better than Alipay. Thanks to this concept, Aliexpress helps you avoid providing your credit card number several times. In order to pay automatically for your dropshipping products, you just have to go to Aliexpress, while logging in. On the top right hand side, you have to click on the little man in order to go to "My alipay". After that, you just have to follow the four steps to fund your Alipay wallet. You can then start using it to automatically pay your bills on Aliexpress.


Automating your payments on Aliexpress offers you a multitude of advantages. Some of the above-mentioned payment methods offered by this platform are the most suitable. You can contact Minea if you want to benefit from expert assistance. They'll help you make the most of your Dropshipping store.

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