How to add Reviews on Shopify : Complete guide

Convincing your customers to buy your super cool product is the essence of ecommerce marketing. A relevant brand voice and a stunning brand aesthetic can help you achieve your goals. But buyers also need an unbiased authority to confirm your legitimacy. For this reason, customer reviews are important. And you need to know how to add reviews on Shopify so you can amplify your web marketing efforts on this ecommerce platform.

In fact, reviews and shining stars can help you increase your sales, conversion rates and get good results on Google. If you own an e-commerce store on Shopify, we'll show you some simple steps to add reviews to your store in this guide.

We will address the following points:

  • Why add reviews to your Shopify store?
  • How to install Shopify Product Reviews?
  • How do I add reviews on Shopify?
  • How to add reviews on Shopify: another easy way 
  • Conclusion 

Why add reviews to your Shopify store?

Of all your e-commerce marketing efforts, the most important may be the praise of your brand by your customers. Customer reviews are serious evaluations of your product and brand by someone with first-hand experience. 

In addition, it is the responsibility of marketers or e-merchants to talk about the quality of their products, and buyers know this. Here are some significant benefits of customer reviews:

  • They build buyer confidence by giving them the honest truth from other consumers.
  • They increase product sales by convincing product buyers.
  • They increase search engine visibility by adding valuable content that Google displays.

How to install Shopify Product Reviews?

This section is important if you want to learn how to get product reviews on Shopify. If you are not convinced by a paid option to collect reviews, you should install Product Reviews from Shopify. It's free and it works to start getting reviews on your web store. Here are some steps to install this app:

Go to the Shopify App Store

If you're already on your Shopify admin interface, simply navigate to "Apps". Then, click the green "Customize Your Store" button to be sent to the Shopify App Store. The e-commerce platform also recommends apps on your dashboard so that the Product Reviews app can be accessed directly.

Search for product reviews in the App Store

Once on the Shopify App Store, simply search for"Product Reviews". If you see it on the main page, simply click on the app. Your search will take you to a results page. Scroll down the page until you find the Product Reviews app.

How to put customer reviews on Shopify: add and install the app 

On the Product Reviews app page, click the green "Add App" button. This will take you back to the Shopify admin interface, where you'll see the permissions the app needs to work. Then click "Install app" to continue.

With this, you have a review app on your web store to start collecting feedback from your customers. All you need to do is add the review widget to your product page template and get the store running.

Also, in the application settings, they give a quick tutorial on adding reviews to your product page templates. So, you can add reviews to your website or Commerce Site easily without even having the technical knowledge.

How do I add reviews on Shopify?

We assume that you now have the Shopify Product Reviews app for your sales site. For users of a paid app, the process is much the same, but you have additional features specific to your app.

Adding product reviews to your Shopify product pages is as easy as adding any other block or section. Here are some of the steps to take to add them to your marketplace:

Access the Shopify theme editor

First, you need to enter the theme editor to start making your customizations. Then go to "ecommerce store" > Themes and click on the "Customize" button on the theme you want to modify.

How to add reviews on Shopify: search for the product page template

Once in the theme editor, go to the home page. Then, in the drop down menu at the top of the screen, click on "Products". You will need to choose the default product template to edit from your product catalog.

Click on "Add a section" and look for the notification section under "Applications".

In the product page template, scroll down to the bottom of the sections menu on the left side. Click on"Add Section" and scroll down again to the"Applications" sections location. For product reviews, you have the option to add reviews or star ratings (or both).

In addition, the Shopify theme editor provides application blocks for star ratings. For example, the " Reviews " block will display full customer reviews. The"Rating" block on the other hand will simply display the cumulative star rating of your reviews.

Like any other section or block, you can drag them up and down to place them wherever you want on your shopping websites.

Customize your product review blocks

With the best review application for shopifyyou can customize your blocks very easily. For star rating, you can adjust the color and size of the stars, the alignment, the badge text if there are no reviews and the product. However, all other modifications must be made in the application itself.

You can also add "Reviews or Ratings" blocks by stars in the Product Information section by clicking "Add" a block in that section. This will give you your review right below the product title, with a numerical link to the reviews themselves.

You can also drag this block anywhere within the section, for example just above the product description or the "Add to Cart" button. However, the ability to add these blocks to other pages depends on what your theme allows.

How to add reviews on Shopify: another easy way 

Thinking of creating a home shopping store on Shopify? The "Product Reviews" app and"Yotpo" can help you easily integrate reviews from potential customers. Here are a few steps you can take to get started:

In the Page Builder editor, drag a product box into place

In the Page Builder dashboard, click on the page to which you want to add notices. This will take you to the visual editor. Then scroll down the page to where you want to add your reviews and drag the Product Box element into place.

How to add a customer review section on Shopify: select product 

After placing the product box, you will be prompted to associate a particular product. This will prepare your product box to load that product's details for any Shopify items you wish to add. Simply search for a product and the corresponding list will appear.

Product reviews in the product area

Other items in the section will also be available on the Shopify commerce platform. Find the Product Reviews item and drag it into the Product Box. The reviews it eventually displays will be associated with each product you specified.

What are the best apps for adding reviews to Shopify?

Apps are a great way to collect customer reviews of your store. Here are some of the best Shopify apps we recommend:


Loox takes first place as the best Shopify review app. The reason is its intrinsic features. First of all, the app has one of the most aesthetically pleasing user interfaces of any Shopify third-party app. Perhaps that's why it gets a solid 4.9/5 rating on the App Store.

What's more, the tool is optimized for Shopify and offers a seamless user experience. It allows you to present high-quality visuals of your customers' reviews. The whole process is automatic, as the application prompts customers to provide feedback and presents this information on your product or review pages. At just $9.99 a month with a 14-day free trial, Loox is a worthwhile investment.

For Shopify merchants looking to collect reviews, is another great option available on the Shopify store. One of the main factors contributing to the platform's popularity is the fact that it is trusted by some of Shopify's largest companies, including: 

  • Colgate, 
  • Rhône,
  • SodaStream. 

The tool has various other features, including a buyable gallery on Instagram and a net promoter score to check reviews. is a great option for merchants looking for an affordable tool to market their Shopify store using product reviews. offers a free option with a ton of SEO features in addition to product review capability. What's more, it lets you collect photos, text and video as well as product reviews from your customers. This is an automatic feature, as it prompts customers to complete reviews by e-mail.

As far as the numbers are concerned, deserves a prominent place among Shopify's apps dedicated to product reviews. It has a 4.9-star rating in the Shopify app store and is used by over 10,000 businesses. It lets you collect videos, photos and text reviews from your customers. 

What's more, it lets you reward customers with loyalty points or cash back. The tool also offers a free option and a paid option starting at $9 per month with a 14-day trial period.


Yotpo is a popular application used on the Shopify platform for managing customer reviews and testimonials. Yotpo offers features that enable online store owners to collect, display and manage product reviews, ratings and other user-generated content.

Here are some common features of the Yotpo app for Shopify:

  • Opinion gathering: Yotpo enables companies to solicit opinions from their customers via automated e-mails after a purchase.
  • Display reviews: collected reviews can be displayed on the product page or other relevant pages in the online store.
  • Social integration: reviews can be shared on social networks, helping to build trust with potential customers.
  • Display widgets: Yotpo offers widgets and badges that can be integrated into your site to display reviews and testimonials in an attractive way.
  • Replying to reviews: store owners can reply to reviews directly from the Yotpo dashboard.
  • Analytics: Yotpo offers analysis tools to understand review trends, customer satisfaction, etc.

What are the best practices for optimizing reviews on Shopify?

Customer reviews play a crucial role in the success of a Shopify online store. Here are a few tips to maximize their impact:

Encouraging customers to leave reviews

  • Encourage customers to share their experiences by offering exclusive discounts or benefits in exchange for reviews.
  • Simplify the notification process with short, user-friendly forms. An easy process encourages more participation.

Managing negative reviews

  • Be quick to respond to negative reviews with an empathetic approach. Show that you care about the customer's concerns.
  • Propose constructive solutions to problems. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid emotional responses. Stay professional and focus on solving the problem.

Responding to customer feedback

  • Respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. Engagement demonstrates your commitment to the customer community.
  • Express your gratitude to customers who take the time to leave positive reviews. This strengthens customer relations.


When you're considering creating a sales site or launching a store on Shopify, knowing how to add a customer reviews section on Shopify is a crucial step. This is because adding customer reviews to your virtual store means increased persuasiveness to sell your products. You can even use the best ones for testimonial ads for more effective marketing.

You can then ask these new customers for feedback, which only increases your power of persuasion. This is truly an amazing feedback loop when used correctly. The process for how to add fake reviews on shopify is not at all different from the one described in this guide. However you choose to add reviews to your own store, make sure you do it correctly.

Finally, offering winning products can also help you get more reviews on your favorite search engine. Minea is an e-commerce solution used by thousands of dropshipping merchants. Thanks to the marketing tools and extensions it offers, you can find the perfect product in no time. You can also optimize your searches according to the keywords you want. Start a free trial now to explore all the tool's features. 

Frequently asked questions

Should I add reviews to my Shopify store?

Reviews are one of the most important criteria that define a product or service. Since you are building your Shopify store from scratch, you need to consider your customers' reviews as well. Having reviews is the best, but you need to know how to add a review section on Shopify to get them. 

How can people leave reviews on my Shopify store?

Shopify Product Reviews lets you collect and share customer reviews on the product pages of your online store. Customers can rate and review products to help others decide what to buy, and also provide you with valuable feedback.

How do I import free reviews into Shopify?

You can import your customer reviews into Shopify by following these steps: 

Step 1: Open the Shopify App Store

Step 2: Search for "Product Reviews 

Step 3: Add the Shopify Product Reviews application 

Step 4: Add the application to your Shopify product page

Step 5: Add star ratings to Shopify collection page

How do I import AliExpress reviews into Shopify?

Follow these 7 easy steps to import AliExpress reviews into your Shopify online store: 

  1. Start by logging into your Shopify administration panel.
  2. Go to the Applications section and search for a notification import application that meets your needs.
  3. Install the chosen application and follow the configuration instructions provided by the application developer.
  4. Once the application has been installed, connect it to your AliExpress account by providing the necessary credentials and authorizations.
  5. Select the notices you wish to import from AliExpress and customize their display settings to suit the design and layout of your online store.
  6. Review imported notices and make any necessary changes or adjustments to ensure they are accurately displayed on your product pages.
  7. Save the changes and publish your online store to make the imported notices visible to your customers.

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