Analysis of a Facebook ad with Minea

In this article, we will see how to analyse a winning product using Minea's ad spy tool. Specifically, we will see how to analyse an ad promoting a product. To do this analysis, we must first find our winner from the "Ads" section of Minea

You have probably already seen the framed advert in the image below? Every year, this faucet tip proves to be a winner for many Dropshippers. We'll look at how to use Minea to analyse an ad like this after selecting it.

Recording the advertisement in a list

By clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the ad (1), it is possible to save the ad in a list (2). All saved ads are available from the Minea Dashboard.

Facebook redirection

The Facebook button, located under the ad, redirects to the ad on Facebook. This redirection allows you to see the ad in its context, to study the comments, to see the posts on the Facebook page, etc.

Note: The study of comments allows us to know how the ad is perceived by its audience.

Ad details

The detail button takes you to the detail page of the ad. It is from the detail page of the ad that we can analyse the product. Indeed, we will have access to the description, the real time data, the evolution of the interactions through time and the audience (country, age, sex).

 After clicking on details, we get several pieces of information, including different dates:

  • 27.04.2019 is the date of creation of the ad on Facebook by the advertiser.
  • 02.05.2020 is the date the ad was first seen, i.e. the date Minea collected the ad on Facebook. In this example, 3 days after its creation date.
  • 05.05.2020 is the date the ad was last seen, i.e. the date Minea last saw this ad in the Facebook News Feed.
Facebook ads dropshipping product

We can see the exact number of interactions that this ad has garnered.

Further down the details page we get real time data on the evolution of the number of interactions the ad has collected over time:

We also obtain the socio-demographic data of the people targeted by this ad:

Ads from the same advertiser

From the ad details page, we can click on "Ad from the same advertiser" where all the ads that the shop has created will be listed.

In this way, by browsing the pagination we can find other high potential products in the same niche quickly:

Finally, by clicking on "Landing domain" we get more information about the shop that sells our target product, e.g. its Alexa Rank, engagement, visitors, product placements, etc.

Analysis of adspy facebook ad

In this next article, we will look in detail at how to take our analysis to the shop that is selling our target product.

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