How can you find brand-name products for your dropshipping store?

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October 17, 2023
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How can you find brand-name products for your dropshipping store?

Branded dropshipping is the way to prosper in the highly competitive dropshipping sector. It allows you to stand out from the competition in your niche. You already know how much people appreciate popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple and so on. In fact, the more value a brand offers its customers, the stronger it becomes, which increases consumer loyalty.

If you want to influence the market with your brand, it's therefore important to examine the lucrative brand perspective of your dropshipping store. Then look for products that match your brand. This article will teach you the unique benefits of a branded dropshipping store and how to find branded products.

What is brand dropshipping?

Brand Dropshipping

Now that you understand the power of branding, let's start by finding out what it is. As the name suggests, branded dropshipping involves running a dropshipping business with its own unique identity that sets it apart from other stores and products.

Alternatively, brand dropshipping can also mean selling products from trusted brands in your store. When dropshipping branded products, it's essential to obtain permission from the brand owners. However, many brands are reluctant to cooperate with dropshippers, as they don't want to lose control of their unique quality and processes.

For this, it's always best to create your own dropshipping brand and differentiate yourself by communicating with your target audience and meeting their unique needs.

What are the advantages of brand dropshipping?

So what are the advantages of branded dropshipping over traditional dropshipping? Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Loyal customers
  • Fewer returns
  • Competitive edge
  • Higher profit margins
  • Building a reputation

According to a 2020 study by smallbiztrends, 71% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that match their values. This shows that customers' values and beliefs play an important role in brand perception and purchasing decisions.

Branded dropshipping, unlike classic dropshipping, gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with a reason to come back. Not to mention the competitive advantage it offers over other online stores once you've managed to build brand awareness. What's more, you can sell your products at much higher margins than other dropshippers.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity if you're interested in branded dropshipping. But before you get started, remember not to ship copyrighted products, as you could run into legal problems.

Brand dropshipping: how to find products and manage your store?

Creating the right identification can be hard work. However, the good news is that you can do a lot of the work yourself without hiring an expensive designer or running a costly advertising campaign.

Step 1: Find brand-name dropshipping products 

Winning product search with Minea

To unearth the best opportunities for winning products to sell in branded dropshipping, several tools and strategies are at your disposal:

Spy tools

Solutions like Minea or Niche Scraper can help you analyze market trends and identify popular branded products in different categories (clothing, cosmetics, electronics, etc.). However, Minea is much more popular with brand dropshippers, as it allows you to spy on popular social networks like: Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. So you can find your winning branded product in just a few clicks. 

What's more, you know that the choice of your product is the key to the success of your store. That's why Minea offers you a wide range of filters to help you carefully choose the product you want to sell. As filters, you have : 

  • Keyword;
  • .NET domain name
  • Date posted, date seen;
  • Country;
  • Language ;
  • Number of Likes, Shares, Comments;
  • Type of e-commerce platform;
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of views.

Finally, for each ad, Minea provides a wealth of useful information.

Search engines

Use advanced search operators on Google to find suppliers specializing in the brand you're looking for. For example, type"dropshipping supplier + [brand name]" or"specialized dropshipper + [brand name]".

Social networks and e-commerce platforms

Observe posts and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to spot branded products that spark consumer interest. Then study product listings on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Cdiscount to identify popular brands.

Step 2: Create your message

Once you've identified your brand's winning product, you need to write your message to customers. Indeed, writing a message that speaks to your customers is essential to becoming a successful brand. For example, if most of your customers are millennials who take care of their bodies and fitness, you need to communicate motivational messages about fitness to this specific audience. This includes product title, description, advertising, etc.

What's more, you need to be in frequent contact with your customers throughout the purchasing process, not just during the checkout phase. For example, you can send them a message when the order has been placed or when tracking information has been sent. You should also send a thank-you message once delivery has been completed.

To send these messages, you can use two methods: manual and automatic. To clarify, the manual method requires you to enter customer details, type the messages and send them to the customers. But with the second option, you can save even more time by sending your messages automatically. In this guide " 13+Best Automation Tools for Dropshipping in 2023 ", we've put together several tools that can help you automate your dropshipping tasks and save more time.

Step 3: Choose a logo for your online store

Brand logo design 

To establish your brand, you need a logo to identify it. A logo symbolizes your online store and reminds your customers what the brand stands for. As the logo is used on products and packaging, it needs to look professional. This is where tools like Photoshop and Canva come in handy. These tools can help you create and design unique logos for free. Here's how to design a logo for your brand using one of these tools:

  • Register with your email
  • Choose your professional space
  • Choose your visual style
  • Add your company name and slogan
  • Choose where logos will be used
  • Choose from a range of logos
  • Modify and download the logo

Step 4: Choose a specialized dropshipping supplier

When selecting a supplier for your branded dropshipping business, consider the following criteria:

  • Product authenticity and legality: make sure that the supplier is officially authorized to distribute the brand in question.
  • Supplier reputation: consult reviews and testimonials from other dropshippers who have worked with this supplier to assess its reliability and professionalism.
  • Delivery terms: analyze the time and costs involved in shipping products, as well as the supplier's return and refund policy.

What's more, thanks to the detection functionality built into the Minea product search tool, you can find suppliers on AliExpress for your products with just one click. Once you've identified your winning product based on your specific criteria, simply click on the AliExpress icon displayed on the ad to see a list of suppliers offering that product. In this"How to Find the Best Dropshipping Supplier" guide, we've explained in more detail how to make the right choice and the various tips to follow. 

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Step 5: Choose a sales channel

Sales channel 

Once you've chosen a reliable supplier, it's time to select a sales channel. There are two main types of sales channel: marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

Marketplaces are buying and selling platforms with an existing audience. Customizable e-commerce platforms, on the other hand, can help you grow your business faster and increase sales with more personalized features. Since you're building a brand, customizable sales channels such as Wix and Shopify are among your best options. That's because they allow you to design a unique website and interface that complement your brand.

Likewise, Amazon and eBay can do similar work, because branding isn't just about designing a fantastic website. eBay and Amazon let you create a storefront with unique designs to sell your winning products.

Step 6: Create your branded dropshipping store

Shopify store creation

To create your first store, we recommend Shopify, as it's the most popular and widely used platform for dropshippers. What's more, you don't need any great skills to create your store. To make things easier for you, here are some of the steps you need to take to get started:

  • Use a custom Shopify theme that matches your brand's style. 
  • Create a unique logo for your brand, free of charge.
  • Use independent services such as Fiverr or Upwork to get customized graphics for your brand (cover image, banners, etc.).
  • Send messages to your buyers with your brand name and logo, as well as special promotions to help them remember your brand.
  • Send e-mail marketing campaigns highlighting your brand (and offer promotions along the way to boost sales).

Step 7: Import your products

This step involves importing products with optimized titles, descriptions, specifications and images into your dropshipping store. Generally speaking, this task can be performed in two ways: manually and automatically.

Importing products manually takes an average of 20 minutes per product. At this rate, importing hundreds or thousands of products will take an enormous amount of time. Using a time-saving automatic method solves this problem by importing products quickly and automatically.

Importing products using tools such as Dsers saves time and effort thanks to the following three features:

  • One-click importer
  • Single product importer (fast)
  • Multi-product importer/group download with CSV file

As you develop your brand image, it's also essential to modify product descriptions and images accordingly to reflect your brand image. For example, you can use image editors to make your product images unique and stand out from the competition.

Step 8: Process your orders

Order processing

Once you've launched your store, you can immediately start marketing your branded products to generate traffic. Among the various marketing methods, the most useful for Shopify are Facebook ads, influencer marketing and e-mail marketing campaigns.

However, marketing on eBay is slightly different from marketing on a Shopify or Wix store. So there are two different methods for marketing on eBay: Sponsored Ads and eBay PPC (sponsored ads - advanced).

Overall, whether you're selling on eBay or Shopify / Wix, there are different marketing strategies for promoting your brand to your customers. When marketing your products, you should try to develop a marketing strategy in line with your brand values.

Once your store has gone to market, orders will inevitably come in. This means you have to fulfill them by going to the supplier's website and placing orders for your customers. There are two ways to process orders: manual fulfillment and automatic fulfillment.

Manual fulfillment means accessing the supplier's website for each order, filling in customer details and placing the order. Conversely, automatic fulfillment saves you time and replaces this tedious process by processing bulk orders, automating orders, tracking updates and managing returns.

Step 9: Offer personalized customer service

Personalized customer service is not just about dealing with issues such as delivery and returns, but also about offering a customized, personalized service to each and every customer.

Likewise, any problems that arise need to be resolved quickly. To achieve this, communication with your customers lets them know they're being looked after. Not to mention that communication must reflect your brand's image and values.

Step 10: Monitor success

The final step is to monitor, improve and start developing your dropshipping business. To make things clearer, you need to remove products that are subject to many returns and are poorly rated. Also, constantly add new products to your niche to increase sales, as loyal customers are always on the lookout for new products. 

When a product sells, add other similar products to multiply your sales while continuing to test others. Most importantly, make sure you stay true to your brand in all aspects, while remaining committed to your audience at all times.

Best practices for a successful search for brand-name products

Product search by brand

To maximize your chances of success in dropshipping by brand, follow these best practices:

  • In-depth market and demand research: understand the needs and expectations of the consumers targeted by your chosen brand, so you can adapt your offer and communication accordingly.
  • Online store and branding optimization: create a visual identity consistent with that of the selected brand, and offer a fluid, pleasant user experience on your e-commerce site.
  • Effective marketing strategy: use ad targeting, sponsored content and SEO techniques to promote the brand's best products to a qualified audience.

Mistakes to avoid when searching for a product by brand

To avoid the classic pitfalls of dropshipping by brand, beware of the following mistakes:

  • Lack of prior research: don't jump blindly into selling a brand without having studied its market, competitors and specific features. What's more, if you do your research beforehand, you'll avoid a number of initial mistakes. 
  • Unreliable supplier or counterfeit: check the authenticity of the products offered by the supplier, and make sure they comply with the legal and commercial standards imposed by the brand.
  • Neglecting logistical aspects: take into account the constraints linked to the distribution of branded products (lead times, costs, return policy) to avoid unpleasant surprises and customer dissatisfaction.

By following these tips, you'll be better equipped to successfully carry out your branded dropshipping project and take advantage of this promising business strategy. Don't forget that the key to success lies in thorough research, careful supplier selection and ongoing optimization of your online store and marketing activities.


Start your own branded dropshipping store and offer your customers that little something extra. As long as you're authentic about who you are, have integrity in what you do and a fascinating way of promoting high-quality products, there's no chance of failure.

What's more, success is imminent with various approaches, such as being an expert storyteller of your brand or having the ability to market other brands' products more effectively. In any case, remember that success only comes with perseverance and patience, so leave no stone unturned when implementing the steps.

Frequently asked questions

What products should you sell dropshipping to succeed on the Internet?

No specific product automatically guarantees success in dropshipping. In fact, the choice depends on niche, demand, competition and profit margin. It's essential to do thorough research to find the best product for your target market and business model. Minea is the best tool on the market for accomplishing this task efficiently.

How do you assess the competition for a dropshipping product?

To assess the dropshipping competition, start by researching the product on Google, marketplaces, and using online analysis tools. Explore social media, forums, and examine the quality of competing websites. Analyze keywords, online sales, and monitor advertising. Collect data to determine competition and market strength.

Why target a dropshipping niche?

Targeting a dropshipping niche offers the advantage of reducing competition, reaching a specific audience, and building loyalty among customers interested in specific products. This reinforces the relevance of the offer and customer satisfaction.

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Discover Minea the platform to find winning products

E-commerce is changing. Find winning products from all traffic sources and launch them in unsaturated markets and channels.
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