Wix vs shopify: Which is the best e-commerce platform?


The battle between wix vs shopify, two popular website builders for e-commerce users, has always been fierce. Wix is ideal for small businesses, while Shopify can handle much larger sales. That's why many e-merchants choose to move their website from Wix to Shopify when they need extra space to grow.

In this guide, we'll compare the two platforms to help you choose the best alternative. To do this, we'll cover the main differences to consider when making a choice. Without further ado, let's get into the details.

WIX price plan vs. Shopify price plan

Without looking at the price, the wix vs shopify comparison would be so incomplete. So let's see which one offers you the best price.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Pricing

Compared to some other platforms, Shopify 's pricing plans seem rather expensive.

Shopify Starter - $5/month

With this plan, you can sell your products by sharing links on different channels like social media, SMS and email. Plus, you don't have to spend time creating a full store and can manage your business performance via the Shopify dashboard. The Starter plan makes it easy for you to earn more sales using a wide range of marketing channels.

Basic Shopify - $32/month

With Basic Shopify, you get all the fundamental functions of e-commerce. This plan is suitable for merchants who want to build a simple store or who have just started a business.

Shopify - $92/month

This plan contains everything you need to grow your business. You can get all the features of the basic plan, plus professional sales reporting features, worldwide sales support and more.

Advanced Shopify - $399/month

Choosing this plan means you'll get all the advanced features. In fact, with this plan, a large business can grow quickly, and this advanced version of Shopify makes the process even more possible.

In addition to the 3-day free trial, you can now take advantage of an exclusive limited-time offer: "$1 for 3 months" to launch your business.

Wix prices

Wix Pricing

Let's take a look at the difference between Wix and Shopify in terms of price.

Business Basic - $17/month

This plan offers start-up merchants a range of features to help them sell online. For example, unlimited bandwidth with one year's free domain, sales analysis, reports, etc.

Business Unlimited - $25/month

This plan has all the features of the basic plan, but with more storage, Pro e-commerce features and a professional logo. You'll also get more offers such as tax calculators, dropshipping, multiple currencies and much more.

Business VIP - $35/month

Store owners will benefit from all the features of the unlimited package, as well as priority support. All your questions on the Wix answer page will appear first, and all your phone calls will be answered as quickly as possible. Another outstanding feature of this plan is the reports that will help you gain valuable insights.

Wix vs shopify: ease of use

Since you need to sell on Wix or Shopify, user-friendliness is a key factor that should never be overlooked. In fact, an e-commerce platform that's easy to use will certainly come out on top. So take a look at the comparison between wix vs shopify :

Shopify ease of use

Shopify keeps the dashboard and editing system separate. As a result, you'll be going back and forth between the preview and back-end to check the output and the front-end interface. In fact, the split may take you longer to organize the site as perfectly as you'd like. 

However, Shopify offers several predefined templates so you can easily create and optimize your sales site. Later, you can easily add products and start selling. In the long term, and for medium-sized to large businesses, these templates really make the difference.

Wix ease of use

wix interface

The ease of use of the Wix business model is important. Once you've set up your store, it's time to create a successful Wix store with ease. Thanks to Wix's drag-and-drop functionality, merchants can manage every piece of content in the front-end interface by clicking on functions such as :

  • An image, 
  • One title, 
  • A logo, etc. 

Apparently, this is extremely practical and painless for users with little or no technical knowledge. What's more, Wix also offers you artificial intelligence technologies, called Wix ADI and Wix Editor. These technologies help you in the very early stages of creating your online store.

Models and customization

Clearly, a dazzling shop window will attract attention and implicitly lead to sales. So, which is better between Shopify and Wix? So let's compare these two platforms in depth when it comes to themes and customization.

Shopify Themes

Shopify theme

While Wix offers all templates free of charge, Shopify designs over 110 specialized themes for online stores. Prices range from $140 to $350. Expensive as it may sound, every paid theme is artistically and functionally cost-effective. You can take a look at our article on the 7+ Best Shopify Themes for Single-Product Store in 2023.

If you want to add elements, or if you have an idea for a new feature, Shopify Liquid is an efficient way of modifying the underlying code. As a result, you can have different templates that can be flexibly modified to meet your requirements.

Wix templates

Wix template

In comparison, over 900 attractive free templates are available on Wix. These eye-catching templates cover many different aspects and can be easily modified for sales purposes. With so many templates to choose from, you may find it difficult to select a dazzling one for your website. 

Short on design time? No worries, Wix offers three integrated design tools to help store owners quickly design their storefronts: Wix Editor X, Wix ADI and Editor.

Wix vs shopify: application store

App integration will strengthen your store by providing more resources and functionality to improve your store's performance. Wix vs shopify both feature an app store offering numerous free and paid apps to support e-commerce. Below, let's compare these two e-commerce platforms.

Shopify applications

Shopify application

Shopify's App Store, with its diversity of functions, allows you to develop your ecommerce store to a wider reach. With a total of over 8,000 apps, merchants can find almost anything to sell online. For example, you can sell applications for downloading files without code and those for sending personalized push notifications. 

With a wide variety of choices, Shopify divides these apps into 12 categories and 9 collections. This makes it easier for users to find the apps that are right for them. We've written a detailed article on everything you need to know about Shopify. So don't hesitate to read this guide entitled"Shopify Reviews: Advantages, Disadvantages & Features" to find out more.

Wix applications

Wix applications

In comparison with Shopify, Wix is slightly behind with over 200 applications and add-ons, comprising 6 main categories. These include 

  • Marketing,
  • Services and events,
  • Online sales,
  • Media and content,
  • Communication,
  • Design elements.

Among Wix apps, you can choose from several free ones. What's more, the paid ones are quite affordable, ranging from $5 to $30.

Loading speed

It has been proven that the ideal loading speed for a site should be less than 3 seconds to avoid site abandonment. So, in terms of loading speed, is Wix comparable to Shopify? Let's take a closer look at how these two platforms compare to find out which performs best.

Shopify page speed

Shopify sales page

In terms of performance, is Wix like Shopify? In fact, Shopify is one of the best alternatives to Wix. This is because the loading speeds are fast on mobile, which keeps customers' attention where you want it on your website.

According to Darren's performance test, the result shows that Shopify loads on average in 1.3 seconds! In this battle, Shopify is clearly ahead of Wix when it comes to loading time, which is crucial to the success of any website, especially for e-commerce.

Wix page speed

To improve the structure and performance of your site, Wix also has specific guidelines for optimizing the homepage. If you follow Wix's suggestions for site load time, your website can maintain 85% to 90% speed. 

Wix ecommerce vs shopify: e-commerce features

One thing that can never be missed in this direct comparison between wix vs shopify is the e-commerce features. After all, they're the ones that can help you grow your business. Here are the features we'll be analyzing:

  • Inventory management
  • Reports and analyses
  • Methods of payment
  • Shipping options
  • Support for direct delivery
  • POS
  • Mobile application
  • Inventory management

Shopify Inventory Management

e-commerce Shopify

When you use Shopify, you will be able to track stock and access benefits such as : 

  • Stock alerts,
  • Automated purchase orders,
  • Year-end inventory reports
  • User authorizations and accounts.

Similar to Wix, Shopify's inventory tracking system gives you complete control and insight into your business. Plus, you can discover how inventory moves from supplier to customer and everywhere in between. If you use Shopify POS, you can install Stocky. This application offers you advanced inventory management features and synchronizes with your Shopify store in real time.

Best of all, you can take your business to the next level with a set of technologies capable of managing your inventory now and in the future. What's more, Shopify offers a variety of inventory applications and configuration tips that make it easy for merchants to get started.

Wix inventory management

E-commerce Wix

With Wix, you can connect your preferred inventory methods with open APIs to your Wix store. Everything is then seamlessly and continuously synchronized. As a result, you can both automatically track the number of certain products in stock and manually define the inventory status for each. Wix Stores currently offers two inventory management methods:

  • Inventory tracking: keep track of how many of a specific product or product variant you have in stock. When you make a sale, the inventory amount is automatically updated.
  • In stock / Out of stock: Manually assign an "In stock" or "Out of stock" status to products or variants.

If you create product options (e.g. color, size), you can track inventory separately by adding a different SKU number to each of its variants. In short, Wix is able to optimize your inventory management by offering numerous applications or configuration tutorials. All to help you control your inventory simply and accurately.


As an all-in-one marketing solution, Wix is available as a separate subscription. This allows you to easily manage marketing campaigns from a single location.

Shopify, on the other hand, relies heavily on third-party marketing software. While this offers you great versatility, it's difficult to compare the two platforms fairly due to the large number of floating applications.

Shopify e-mail marketing

e-mail Shopify

Shopify has an integrated e-mail tool that lets you promote your products and send updates using a selection of e-mail templates. What's more, you can customize each e-mail to add a personal touch. 

Thanks to your administrative dashboard, you can also manage every stage of your campaign. In fact, you're in complete control of your communication plan and can measure its impact thanks to our advanced features.

Wix e-mail marketing

Wix email marketing

In this comparison, Wix offers you high-quality e-mail marketing. You can choose from a host of e-mail templates. What's more, you can even create your own template from scratch to send to your customers.

Would you like to sell your products in most countries around the world? If so, we've written an article on"9+Best Translation Apps for Shopify in 2023" that can help.

Wix vs shopify: SEO features

In terms of SEO, what to choose between Shopify or Wix for small business? We'll give you more details on this question below.

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO tools

In terms of SEO comparison, it's important to note that Shopify offers significant efficiency and relevance. This can contribute to good rankings if used correctly. Indeed, part of the SEO work is automated.

Automatically generated canonical tags are integrated into landing pages to prevent any problems with duplicate content in search results. What's more, the theme you use for your online website will have social media linking and sharing options to help market your site. 

That said, there's still room for improvement. Some URLs carry a mandatory string, which is not SEO-friendly. For example, product pages have '/products/', and posts will be blocked with '/posts/ ' just after your domain name. What's more, the Robots.txt file and sitemap cannot be modified, which makes Shopify SEO a little frustrating. Don't forget that Shopify also offers a number of Shopify SEO apps to help you gain more traffic.


Wix SEO Tools

Wix stands out for its SEO functions, which are integrated into every site. Thanks to regular fine-tuning of the SEO functions, this platform now enables you to efficiently optimize your SEO workflow. 

All Wix sites benefit from a solid infrastructure that meets search engine requirements, providing a solid SEO foundation to stay competitive. What's more, merchants will have more freedom and flexibility in customizing their meta-tags, URL slugs, canonical tags, structured data, and more.

Customer service

The Shopify and Wix help centers are always kept up to date so you can search for information. You can get help from users and experts all over the world by joining their huge forums.

Shopify Support

Shopify Customer Service

The Shopify support team is always there for you 24/7 via email and phone. One thing that's superior is that Shopify offers live chat. Once your wait time is minimized and the issue is resolved quickly, it's certain that your website will soon become a cash cow. What's more, users can either get expert help or exchange experiences with other merchants from around the world via the Shopify forum.

Wix support

Wix customer service

Wix is famous for its many animated instruction videos. Simply hover your mouse over the question marks in the editor and wait for the little bubbles to appear. They can quickly provide answers to your common questions.

Speaking of live support, you can submit tickets and request a callback on Wix. The English support line is always available, but with other languages the line is only available during business hours.

wix vs shopify comparison chart



Comparing Wix vs Shopify, it's obviously hard to come up with a winner in every aspect. Indeed, Wix is better suited to those wishing to create a "general-purpose" website because of : 

  • The price,
  • Ease of use,
  • Referencing features,
  • Wide range of models.

However, in terms of e-commerce applications, Shopify is much stronger. In fact, Shopify offers : 

  • Fully responsive designs, 
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), 
  • Multi-currency sales functions
  • Tons of integrations with other key applications. 

For any merchant who wants to create an online store, Shopify can make it more appropriate and professional. If you choose Shopify, you can get started right away with 90 days free for just €1 to get your business up and running.

Frequently asked questions 

Is Shopify better than Wix?

The main differences between Shopify and Wix are that Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform, while Wix is a website builder. Although Shopify is more expensive than Wix, it offers more advanced functionality and greater scalability.

What's the downside of Wix?

One notable disadvantage of Wix is that, to access analytics tools such as Google Analytics or similar, you need to upgrade your package. This can be a disadvantage for website owners who wish to monitor their site's performance on a regular basis.

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