Brand Dropshipping: how to get started in 2023?

Brand Dropshipping: how to get started in 2023?


Brand dropshipping is a way to thrive and stand out in the highly competitive dropshipping industry. We all know how much people value popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple and Samsung. Indeed, the more value a brand offers its customers, the stronger it becomes, increasing consumer loyalty.

If you want to influence the market with your brand, it's time to think about dropshipping. In fact, creating a brand is quite simple if you have the right knowledge and tools. This article outlines the unique benefits of a branded dropshipping store and explains how to create your brand from scratch. Let's get started.

What is brand dropshipping?

Branded dropshipping means running a dropshipping business that has its own identity and differentiates itself from other stores and products. On the other hand, branded dropshipping can also mean selling products from trusted brands in our dropshipping stores.

When dropshipping branded products, it is essential to obtain the authorization of the brand owners. However, many brand owners are reluctant to cooperate with dropshippers, as they don't want to lose control of their unique quality and processes. Therefore, it's always better to create your brand through dropshipping and differentiate yourself by communicating with your target audience. Let's take a look at the advantages of this business model.

What are the advantages of brand dropshipping?

Here are some of the main advantages of brand dropshipping:

  • Loyal customers
  • Fewer returns
  • Competitive edge
  • Higher profit margins
  • Building your reputation

According to a study by smallbiztrends, 71% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that respect their values. Customer values and beliefs therefore play an important role in brand perceptions and purchasing decisions.

In fact, brand dropshipping, unlike traditional dropshipping, allows you to give your customers a chance, a reason to come back. Not to mention the competitive edge it provides over other stores once you've successfully established your brand.

What's more, you can sell your product at much higher margins than other dropshippers. You can also take advantage of this opportunity if you're interested in branded dropshipping. But, before you jump on board the bandwagon, remember not to deliver copyrighted products, as this could get you into legal trouble.

How can I start dropshipping my own brand?

With so many advantages, brand dropshipping is a lucrative model. But how do you get started? The answer is to brand your product or store. Indeed, branding is all about creating a unique identity that will set you apart from other stores while giving potential customers a good reason to do business with you. So here are a few steps to follow when building your brand:

  • Selling a specific niche
  • Private label products/packaging
  • Unique store visuals
  • Personalized customer service

Although there are many tools available to help you create your dropshipping brand, not all of them are useful. Only using the right tools will increase your chances of standing out and creating that unique brand.

How do I create a dropshipping brand and manage my store?

Creating a good brand can be hard work. But the good news is that there's a lot of work you can do yourself without hiring a designer or launching an expensive advertising campaign. Here are 13 steps to creating and managing a dropshipping store that reflects your brand:

Step 1: Identify a niche

Identify a niche 

The first step in creating a brand is to find a niche. This will enable you to target a specific audience whose interests are aligned with your offerings. By doing so, you'll identify a need that hasn't yet been met, which will help you grow your business.

With this in mind, to find your niche, you need to conduct a product search. To facilitate this process, Minea has various resources such as a blog page, a support page and a comprehensive product search tool. With these resources, you can learn strategies for finding the hottest dropshipping niches among millions of products.

Step 2: Choose your products

Once you've identified a niche, it's time to choose the products you want to sell in your store. It's essential to choose an organized selection of products in the same niche. This ensures that your customers aren't overwhelmed by choice.
What's more, when you add products from a particular niche, you can easily test the products. To elaborate, you can see if the products work well for your target audience. If the products are successful, you can continue to add them. 

However, if the products don't sell well, you can replace them with products from a different niche that will ensure higher profits. In addition, when selecting products, you should look for products with positive reviews, as they have strong sales potential. In short, product research and testing are the key to success.

Fortunately, Minea can help you manage the whole process with a single click. In fact, it's an all-in-one tool that helps you identify the winning product thanks to its multiple functionalities. You can see in detail in this guide"Finding a winning product with Minea's Ad Spy Tool" how you can use this tool.

Step 3: Write your brand slogan

Writing a good brand slogan can be a creative and strategic process. Here are a few steps to help you write your brand slogan:

  • Understand your brand: start with a thorough analysis of your brand, its identity, values and market positioning. Also understand your target audience and what motivates them.
  • Identify the objective of the slogan: determine what message or emotion you want to convey through your slogan. It could be to reinforce brand awareness or to create an emotional bond with your customers.
  • Be concise and memorable: a good slogan is short, easy to remember and pronounce. So try to use powerful, evocative words that capture the essence of your brand.
  • Be clear and distinctive: your slogan needs to be clear in its message and distinctive from your competitors. It should reflect what makes you unique and different.
  • Use rhetorical techniques: experiment with rhetorical techniques such as rhyme, alliteration, wordplay or the use of figures of speech. This will make your slogan more catchy and memorable.
  • Test and refine: Test your slogan with your target audience and gather their feedback. Then make adjustments if necessary to optimize the impact and resonance of your slogan.
  • Make sure it's relevant in the long term: A good slogan should have a long life and be adaptable to the evolution of your brand. Make sure it remains relevant and consistent with your brand over time.

By following these steps and putting your creativity to good use, you can write a powerful brand slogan. 

Step 4: Choose a store logo

As you already know, the best branded dropshipping stores have a logo that sets them apart from the rest. In fact, a logo symbolizes your store and reminds your customers what the brand stands for. Since the logo is used on products and packaging, it needs to look professional. With Canva, for example, you can create a quality logo very quickly.

To create a logo on Canva, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Canva account or create one for free.
  2. Click on"Create a design" and choose"Logo" from the available options.
  3. Use the search bar to find elements such as icons, shapes and fonts that match your logo vision.
  4. Drag and drop elements onto your logo canvas.
  5. Customize the colors, size and layout of elements using Canva's tools.
  6. Add text by selecting the"Text" tool and typing in your slogan or company name.
  7. Once you're happy with your logo, click on"Download" and choose the desired file format.

Don't forget to play around with different layouts and element combinations to find the one that matches your text sizes and element placement for an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching result.

Step 5: Choose a supplier 

Choose a supplier

Once you've created a beautiful logo, it's crucial to find an excellent supplier to source your products. After all, your dropshipping business depends on quality products to maintain your brand image. With this in mind, here are some of the qualities of a great dropshipping supplier:

  • Private label/customized packaging
  • Provides product branding
  • Fast shipping times
  • Quality products

The more of these features a supplier has, the better for our business. To find out more, let's take a look at private label features. Essentially, a private label supplier manufactures or sources products to your specifications and brand. What's more, they also ship these products with customized packaging based on your instructions and personalized messages.

To make things easier for you, we've done some preliminary research into the best suppliers. So don't hesitate to read our guide to "branded dropshipping suppliers".

Step 6: Choose a sales channel

Choose a sales channel

Once you've chosen a reliable supplier, it's time to select a sales channel. There are two main types of sales channel: marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.
Marketplaces are platforms for buying and selling with an existing audience. Customizable e-commerce platforms, on the other hand, can help you grow your business faster and increase sales with more personalized features.

Since you're building a brand, customizable sales channels like Wix and Shopify are among our best options. They allow you to design a unique website and interface that complements your brand. Similarly, Amazon and eBay can do similar work, because branding isn't just about designing a fantastic website.

eBay and Amazon let you create a storefront with unique designs to sell your products. To find out more about the dropshipping platforms you can use for your store, check out the Best E-commerce Platforms in 2023.

Step 7: Select automation software

You all know that manually searching for products, importing products and fulfilling orders is time-consuming and laborious. So the next step is to automate your branded store using dropshipping automation software and get rid of this tedious manual work.

In addition to saving you time, automation software helps you to meet your customers' expectations by providing them with quality services. With this in mind, one of the best automation software solutions on the market is AutoDS. This unique solution offers many features such as product import, order fulfillment, inventory and price tracking, and much more.
You can also discover other tools in this guide"13 best automation tools for Dropshipping in 2023".

Step 8: Import your products

The eighth step is to import products with optimized titles, descriptions, specifications and images into your dropshipping stores. You can do this in two ways: manually and automatically.
Importing products manually takes an average of 20 minutes per product. At this rate, importing hundreds or thousands of products will take an enormous amount of time. Using a time-saving automatic method solves this problem by importing products quickly and automatically.

Since you're creating a brand image, it's also essential to modify product descriptions and images to reflect your brand image.

Step 9: Customize your store

Now that your dropshipping business is integrated with automated software, you can forget about tedious, repetitive tasks. Instead, focus on making your sales site more appealing to your customers.
With this in mind, you need to implement your brand's visuals throughout your store. Complementary themes, eye-catching product pages and ideal logo placement are all examples of perfect brand visuals.

Platforms like Wix and Shopify offer comprehensive customization options to create a stunning theme and design. Here are the steps to customize your Shopify store:

  1. Choose a company name
  2. Create a unique store logo
  3. Select a Shopify store theme
  4. Create an attractive Shopify product page

If it's a dropshipping boutique for branded clothing, when you're customizing your visuals, you need to start by choosing an appropriate company name. This step is crucial, as your business name is one of the first things customers notice. What's more, business names can also be part of store logos.

Step 10: Market your products and your store

Once you've launched your store, you can immediately start marketing your branded products to generate traffic. Among the various marketing methods, some of the most useful for Shopify are : 

  • Facebook ads, 
  • Influence marketing,
  • E-mail marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, marketing on eBay is slightly different from marketing on a Shopify or Wix store. In fact, there are two different methods for eBay marketing: Sponsored Ads-Standard and eBay PPC (Sponsored Ads-Advanced).
Overall, whether you sell on eBay or Shopify/Wix, there are different marketing strategies for promoting your brand to your customers. When marketing your products, you should try to develop a marketing strategy in line with your brand values.

For example, you can include your brand's story and slogan in your Facebook advertising campaign. This allows your brand to gain credibility over time, and to grow your business.

Step 11: Process your orders

Once your store has been launched on the market, orders will inevitably come in, which means you have to fulfill them by going to the supplier's website and placing orders for your customers. Again, there are two ways to process orders: manual fulfillment and automatic fulfillment. 

Manual execution involves going to the supplier's website for each order, completing the customer data and placing the order. However, with an automation tool like DSers, you can save time by replacing this tedious process. What's more, you can process bulk orders, automate ordering, track updates and manage returns.

As well as automating orders, this service also sends personalized automatic messages. After all, you need to stay in touch with your customers throughout the purchasing process.
By constantly communicating with them, you show them that you care. You can manually type messages to your customers after each stage, such as order delivery, but you can also use the automatic message function.

Step 12: Offer personalized customer service

Personalized customer service isn't just about dealing with issues such as delivery and returns. It's also about personalized, tailor-made follow-up for each customer.
Similarly, any problems that arise need to be resolved quickly. To reiterate, communicating with your customers lets them know they're being taken care of. Not to mention that communication must be designed to reflect your brand image and values.

eBay dropshippers, for example, can use the eBay customer support management function on AutoDS, which manages all your customers' requests from a single page.

Step 13: Monitor success

The final step is to monitor, improve and begin to evolve your dropshipping business. To make things clear, you need to remove products that are subject to numerous returns, are poorly rated and are too slow.

In addition, constantly add new products to your niche to increase sales, as loyal customers are always on the lookout for new products. When a product sells, add other similar products to multiply your sales while continuing to test other products.
Most importantly, make sure you stay true to your brand in every aspect, while remaining committed to your audience at all times.

Is it possible to brand an existing dropshipping store?

Branding an existing dropshipping store is possible and is the same as creating a new one. Don't forget to customize the design and add themes and logos to your existing dropshipping store. Most importantly, you need to make your customers understand why your brand is different.

What's more, you have the privilege of knowing your current customers' tastes. Their reactions will tell you their preferences, which will prove invaluable. As you develop your brand, you need to take these clues into account and respond to their needs to satisfy them.

Is brand dropshipping legal?

Brand dropshipping is perfectly legal if you follow the rules and regulations. Here are a few rules you should always follow:

  • Avoid copyrighted products.
  • Refrain from selling prohibited products, such as tobacco, alcohol and weapons. 
  • Follow the rules and regulations in force in your country.

Finally, to find out which brands are protected by copyright, check out eBay's VeRO guide. Avoid copyright issues when dropshipping on eBay, Shopify and other sales channels.


Start your own branded dropshipping store and offer customers something extra. As long as you're authentic about who you are, have integrity in what you do and have a fascinating way of promoting high-quality products, there's no chance of failure.

What's more, success is imminent thanks to various approaches to marketing products more effectively. In any case, remember that success is only possible with perseverance and patience, so leave no stone unturned when implementing the steps.

Frequently asked questions 

What is brand dropshipping?

Brand dropshipping enables an online store to associate its unique brand identity with products sold by a third-party company.

Is brand dropshipping worth it?

The annual growth rate of branded dropshipping is estimated at 32% from 2021 to 2026. Another report by Grand View Research offers similar figures, indicating that dropshipping will grow steadily at a rate of 28.8% until 2025.

Is it possible to dropship brands on marketplaces? 

Yes, you can. However, when it comes to brand names, trademarks and intellectual property (IP), it's not always as simple as you might think, given that selling using dropshipping is technically legal.

How does brand dropshipping work?

Branded dropshipping works by enabling an online store to use its own brand identity to sell products supplied by third-party companies. When a customer places an order with the store, it forwards the details to its supplier, who then dispatches the goods directly to the customer. In this way, the boutique avoids managing inventory and shipping, concentrating instead on promoting and managing its brand.

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