PowerAdspy Avis 2024: Features, pricing and benefits

Finding the winning product is one of the most important steps in any online sales business. And to achieve this, e-tailers and dropshippers use tools to find their winning products .

Speaking of product search tools, there are many, and new ones are being created every day. In fact, it can be difficult to find one's way through this population of tools and choose the ideal one for your business. 

In this article, we'll be talking about PowerAdspy , one of the most powerful product search tools on the market. Together, we'll look at its features, its benefits, and also the different price plans it offers. 

What is PowerAdspy?

To put it simply, PowerAdspy is a program that spies on social networks and collects all the advertisements they contain. These collected ads are stored in the tool's ad library , which is now made available to its users for their searches for products to sell online.

The aim of the tool is to facilitate access to advertising data for users who need it to research their winning dropshipping products. By accessing this information, users can easily perform additional analyses to choose the ideal product to sell in e-commerce or dropshipping. 

Here are some useful figures on the PowerAdspy adspy tool.


What features does the PowerAdspy adspy tool offer?

For all tools, it's the features that most interest users. Here, we'll look in detail at what adspy PowerAdspy has to offer in terms of features. 

You'll be able to identify the tool's strengths and weaknesses, so you'll know whether it really suits your needs. 

Search and filter parameters

As mentioned above, PowerAdspy collects information on ads placed on social networks. All this information is stored in the tool's database, which is made available to its users. 

However, given the very high number of ads added every day (over 100k ads), it would be almost impossible to find a winning product by manually sifting through this enormous database .

That's why search and filter parameters are such an important feature of all winning product search tools, enabling users to optimize their searches so they can find what they're looking for straight away, without having to spend hours on it.

Here's a summary of PowerAdspy's search filters. 


This summary table confirms that PowerAdspy is equipped with several filters that enable you to filter the ads in its database. In fact, you can use one of the available filters, such as the search filter by engagement, or by the platform used by the advertiser, to optimize your search. 

However, we should also point out that search filters by number of engagements and number of daily Likes are not available. While these filters can still improve the user experience and enable them to find their winning product more quickly, they are not indispensable in the product search. 


Ad volume on Poweradspy

Ad volume is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the performance of a product search tool. But why is ad volume important?

As you know, Internet advertisers post thousands of ads every day to promote their products and services. In fact, if you have a product search tool that only collects a small fraction of these ads, you're literally reducing your chances of finding winning products. 

The more ads the tool collects, the better it is for the user, especially since in digital, you can never be sure of a product's performance without testing it and getting reliable results on the market.

So, the more channels a tool spies on, the more ads it can collect and, consequently, the more varied its database. Let's take a look at the channels PowerAdspy spies on to collect ads.


PowerAdspy spies on 8 channels (social networks and search engines) for the collection of its ads. This justifies the fact that over 100k ads are collected and added daily to the tool's database. 

We can therefore conclude that PowerAdspy's ad library is very rich and varied. 


We'll now turn to the ad data. 

Ad data

It's one thing to have thousands of advertisements at your disposal, but what's more important is to have the data you need to exploit these advertisements effectively. When we talk about ad data, we're talking about all the information that relates to the product's performance in the marketplace.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most important information to be found for each ad in a winning product search tool. 

  • Engagement (like, comment, react, share)
  • Audience analysis (age, gender, country) ;
  • Displaying the destination page ;
  • Displaying the best comments ;
  • Download media ;
  • Date display (last view, creation, first view) ;
  • Evolution of commitment over time ;
  • Other ads on the same site ;
  • Advertiser's website analytics data.

Here's a table summarizing the data that PowerAdspy provides for each ad in its database.


In terms of data, PowerAdpsy provides all the information you need for a product to determine its performance on the market. 


We've just covered the main features of PowerAdspy. Now let's see if the tool offers other interesting features like its competitors .

Other PowerAdspy features 

After our experiments, we found that PowerAdspy doesn't offer much in the way of additional functionality. However, the tool does feature a Chrome extension , with which ads are collected from social networks. 

In fact, all users of the tool are required to install the extension before they can use it. The role of the extension is to collect ads every time users browse the networks' news feeds. 

The tool has even set up a compensation program to reward those who make the most use of the extension. The more you help the extension collect ads by scrolling news feeds, the more you're rewarded. You can earn virtual currencies that entitle you to a few days' free use of the tool. 

The extension also lets you spy on your competitors' ads on several other social networks, such as YouTube, Reddit and Quora . It's also important to point out that Poweradspy allows you to save ads in favorites, a feature that's very useful during product research, as it lets you review certain products and reanalyze them .

You can also save your filter settings on the tool, so you don't have to apply filters every time. However, compared with its competitors, PowerAdspy doesn't have the functionality to analyze online stores

It's a feature that enables dropshippers to spy on their competitors' stores and gain highly relevant information on their best-selling products. Shop spy also enables you to detect the different marketing strategies used by your competitors. This feature is available on Minea. 

Another very important feature offered by Minea, but not available on PowerAdspy, is influencer marketing analysis. Influencer marketing is now one of the most widely used marketing strategies for selling on the Internet and rapidly building a community around your product. 

This Minea feature lets you analyze all aspects of your competitors' influencer marketing. You can analyze product placements, influencers, brands and many other parameters, which we invite you to discover on our product research tool. Minea.


Let's find out what PowerAdspy has to offer in terms of pricing. 

PowerAdspy Pricing 

In terms of pricing, PowerAdspy offers several plans. 

  • The Free Plan , which gives you access to all the tool's functions for 10 days;
  • The Basic Plan costs $24.50 per month and gives you access to ads collected on Facebook and Pinterest ;
  • The Standard Plan which is $49.50 per month and allows you to see ads collected on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram ;
  • The Premium Plan (the most popular), which costs $74.50 per month and gives you access to ads collected on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram ;
  • The Platinum Plan which costs $124.50 per month and allows you to see ads collected on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram ;
  • The Titanium Plan, which costs $149. 50 a month, gives you access to all the ads on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Native, 
  • The Palladium Plan which is the most expensive plan that costs $174. 50 per month and gives you access to all the ads collected on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Native, Quorat, Reddit and on GDN.

As you can see, the difference between the plans offered by PowerAdspy is in the number of platforms you can access. The more you pay, the more platforms you can access. 

In fact, the choice of plan will depend on your business and the locations where you want to promote your products. For example, if you want to use Google Ads, you'll need to choose a plan that gives you access to the ads collected on Google, so that you can draw inspiration from them. 

However, compared with Minea, which costs just $49 a month and with which you can access a host of additional features, we can conclude that PowerAdspy is relatively expensive. 

Our opinion of PowerAdspy

We've covered all the features of the PowerAdspy product search tool. Like all other tools, PowerAdspy has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. 

Here's a summary of what you can learn from PowerAdspy


Is Minea better than PowerAdspy?

The capacity of a product search tool is generally assessed in relation to the volume of ads collected, the filter and search parameters available, and its price. 

Here's a table comparing the various functions offered by the two tools. 



In this article, we've talked about PowerAdspy, a winning product search tool. We discussed its features, advantages and weaknesses. Compared with its competitors, PowerAdspy lacks a number of features, such as a store spy tool and an influencer marketing analysis tool.

So if you're looking for a winning all-in-one product search tool with a wide-ranging database, we recommend Minea. You can test it for free here. You'll be amazed by its many features.

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