Dropship.io Vs Minea : The ultimate comparison guide


Are you looking for a reliable adspy tool? Have you ever heard of Minea or Dropship.io? These two tools offer much more than simple social network spying. Nevertheless, when it comes to making a choice, doubt can quickly creep in due to the different functionalities offered by each of them. The aim of this article is therefore to compare these tools " Dropship.io Vs Minea ", highlighting their useful features for dropshipping and e-commerce. By reading this article to the end, you'll have a clear idea of which tool you need to develop your business. So let's dive in!

Introducing the two tools



Dropship.io is a product search tool specialized in the dropshipping industry. Thanks to its database and algorithms, Dropship.io helps online store owners find products to add to their store. It also offers relevant filters and an intelligent algorithm enabling you to search and find a winning product for your store based on specific criteria. Here are a few figures we've gathered about Dropship.io after an in-depth study of the tool:




Minea is the all-in-one tool most widely used by dropshipping and e-commerce experts. What's more, it's the most comprehensive tool for spying on ads on social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. As such, it boasts a large advertising database with several thousand ads added every day. Are you looking to spy on your competitors' stores, find a winning product or an effective marketing strategy in your niche? Minea does much more than that. Here are some key figures about this tool: 


Dropship.io Vs Minea: Analysis of key features

Social networks spied on by Minea

Social networks spied on by Minea

As we mentioned in the summary table of figures on Minea, it generally spies on 4 main channels. Let's take a look at a few of them:


Facebook is the world's largest information-sharing social network, with millions of active subscribers every day. What's more, thousands of dropshipping and e-commerce ads are posted there every day. Minea collects these ads and stores them in its database. So if you're thinking of finding products that work in your niche on Facebook, Minea has you covered: 

  • A large library of ads,
  • + 1 million ads added every day.


TikTok, today's most popular short video-sharing social network, is also the target of many dropshippers and e-tailers. Minea also has a huge database of ads collected specifically on TikTok. Thanks to this data, you can find the ideal winning product to offer your audience on this social network.


It's the biggest social network for sharing visuals. Many people looking for inspiration go there to search for pins. If you're thinking of targeting this social network, Minea is the solution for you. It spies on the ads available on Pinterest and stores them in its database so you can find the perfect visual product to offer. 


Dropship.io spies on social networks

Unlike Minea, Dropship.io only spies on one social network, namely Facebook. In this case, there's plenty to worry about, as your competitors or other dropshippers may get their hands on the same product as you. If you dig a little deeper into the site, you'll find that in addition to Facebook, you can also find products on marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Comparative table of spied social networks

In this comparison table, we're only going to focus on the social networks that are important and useful in the e-commerce or dropshipping business. 


Looking at this table, we can clearly see that Minea spies on far more social networks relevant to e-commerce and dropshipping than Dropship.io. Let's continue our comparison by discussing the search options offered by each of these tools.

Search options

A search feature is a tool integrated into the product search tool that enables the user to optimize his search by targeting a specific parameter. This may be a keyword, page name, comment, domain name, ad text or other parameters. 

In the following table, we compare the different search options available on the two product search tools. 


Analysis of this table summarizing the search options of the two tools shows that Minea offers more search options relevant to dropshippers than Dropship.io. The advantage is that Minea users are more likely to find winning products quickly, as they have search options that enable both advanced and quick searches. 

Another important feature of product search tools is the filtering and sorting function. In the following sections, we will examine the presence of this functionality on both tools.

Filter and sort functions

The sorting and filtering functions allow you to filter the ads collected according to several criteria simultaneously. Search options, on the other hand, allow you to filter using just one option. In other words, filtering and sorting functions represent much more advanced search optimization options. The more filters you have on a tool, the more you can optimize your results.

Minea search filters 

Here's a comparison table highlighting the filters and sorting options available on each tool.


This table takes into account 19 of the most commonly used filtering and sorting criteria in dropshipping and e-commerce. A careful analysis of this table reveals that, of the 19 filters, Dropship.io has only 8 filtering and sorting options, compared to Minea's 16 filters and sorts. This doesn't detract from the fact that Dropship.io also has some very interesting filters that can make product searches easier for its users, but the more of them you have, the easier your search will be.

Even if the tool collects a large volume of ads, without the necessary filtering and sorting options, this data will go almost unnoticed. What's more, for every ad available in the database, you need access to relevant information in order to make a better decision.
This is why product search tools provide their users with interesting ad data to enable better ad analysis. The idea is to enable drosphippers or e-tailers to choose high-potential products that are already working on the market.

In the following section, we'll discuss the information provided by each tool: Dropship.io Vs Minea.

Advertising information

As mentioned above, the data collected by the tools for each ad is extremely relevant for evaluating the ad's performance, especially its engagement on social networks. This information enables you to assess the real potential of the ad before deciding whether or not to test the product.  

Here's a comparison of the two product search tools Dropship.io Vs Minea, taking into account the most important information that e-tailers would need for each product to be tested. 


This table, which compares the two tools on the basis of the most important data for e-tailers, allows us to conclude that Minea offers more data on the ads collected than Dropship.io. This can be a great advantage, as the more information you have on an ad, the better you'll be able to assess its potential and judge whether or not it's worth testing the product. 

With the right information, you can save a lot of money by avoiding testing products with unproven commercial potential. Let's talk about the volume of ads offered by each tool.

Advertising volume

In our context, ad volume refers to the quantity of ads or advertisements collected by the product search tool. It can also refer to the number of ads or offers that are currently available on the product search platform or website for a specific product.

In reality, the performance of a product search tool is typically linked to the volume or quantity of ads it collects on platforms or social networks. If a product search tool collects very few ads on social networks, its ad library will be poor in ads. As a result, users of this tool will have difficulty finding winning products. 

In this specific case, here are the filters we'll use to evaluate the volume of ads collected by Minea and Dropship.io:

  • Ad date: last 30 days
  • Social engagement: +15000 likes
  • E-commerce platform: Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Language: English
  • Ad format: video
  • CTA : e-commerce

 These are the most important filter options in dropshipping and e-commerce.

Applying these filters on Minea, we notice that our search gives us 61 results. This means that over the last 30 days, Minea has been able to collect 61 ads that meet the criteria we listed above. It should be pointed out that this search was only carried out on Minea's Facebook ad spy tool.

We could therefore extend the search by taking into account the other social networks spied on by Minea, such as TikTok and Pinterest. This would give us even better results. But for the purposes of this test, let's stick to Facebook. 

However, with Dropship.io, not all these filtering options are available. In this case, even if it succeeds in collecting a large number of ads, you'll have to do a lot of additional research to confirm the ad's usefulness.


Finally, on the basis of this table and our first test, it's clear that the Minea product search tool's database is very rich and relevant for dropshippers and e-tailers.

Dropship.io Vs Minea: other useful features

Product search tools are generally equipped with other small features that can be very useful for e-merchants when searching for a product.
The first interesting feature we've noticed on Minea and Dropship.io is the ability toimport a product directly from the tool into your Shopify store. This can be a very interesting feature, as it will save you a considerable amount of time.
The difference is that Minea doesn't just import the product into your Shopify online store. It lets you customize the product by asking the intelligence to write your product sheet (description, features...).

Minea also stands out for its integrated AliExpress search functionality. Once you've searched for a product, you can search for suppliers. To do this, you need to go to AliExpress and search for suppliers who sell the product you've found, using the product search tool.
This step is quite tedious, because if you don't know the exact name of the product, it's often difficult to find a supplier. More often than not, e-tailers use a reverse image search, which isn't very efficient either. With Minea, on the other hand, you have an integrated search tool that lets you look directly for suppliers who sell the product you want to sell. Simply click on the"find AliExpress suppliers" button and an automatic search will be performed.

An additional way to save time in setting up your dropshipping store using Minea. Dropship.io also offers a product collection function for major marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress and Alibaba. This function may be of interest to e-tailers wishing to sell products on marketplaces. This function is not available on Minea. Here's a table summarizing everything we've said in this section:


Apart from ad spy tools, adspy tools can also allow you to spy on your competitors' stores. 

Store spying

Minea's store analysis tool opens the door to endless exploration in the world of business strategy. With its advanced features, it lets you survey your competitors and discover the tactics that are making a splash on the market. Featuring powerful filters, this tool lets you customize your searches according to criteria you define yourself.

Imagine being able to dissect your rivals' moves, understand their tricks and spot the flaws in their game. That's exactly what Minea offers. Not only can you detect your competitors' product placements, you can also analyze over 1 million stores.
Dropship.io also offers a competitor search tool and a tracking tool called "Sales Tracker". The competitor search tool lets you search for stores by category, keyword, growth or engagement rate, or by store currency.

It's worth noting that Minea also offers all these filters and more. And as we pointed out above, the more search filters you have, the faster you'll find what you're looking for. Dropship.io's "Sales tracker" enables you to follow your competitors' sales and stores. Minea also offers this functionality under a different name, which we'll discuss below.

Minea's additional features

In addition to all the features listed above, Minea has other features not available on any other tool. These include its influence marketing spy tool and its Business Plan.

Influence marketing 

You won't find this feature anywhere else in Minea. Indeed, influencer marketing is proving to be one of the most interesting advertising strategies in the marketing world, where companies leverage the expertise and notoriety of influencers. They do this to promote their products or services. 

By partnering with experts and celebrities in their respective fields, you can reach a wider audience and increase your sales very quickly. Minea allows you to find over a million influencers with whom you can collaborate in your niche.

The advantage of using this tool is that you'll have real statistics on the influencer's previous promotions. This gives you an idea of their conversion rate, and therefore of your return on investment. This will give you a clearer picture and enable you to make a better choice. You'll avoid losing money by collaborating with influencers who won't be profitable for you. 

Products tab (Ex Business Plan)

For the Minea update, we've seen a re-optimization of its ultimate functionality, which used to be called the business plan.
It's a feature that saves you a lot of time in your product research and, above all, saves you money by saving you the trouble of testing products that don't already have confirmed market potential. 

In reality, for product search, dropshippers or e-tailers use the product search tool to find products that are already selling on the market.
However, there's always the risk that these products found using the tools won't work on the market. At other times, these products may work, but you won't be able to make big sales with them, as they will mostly already be saturated on the market. It's important to understand that, in e-commerce, those who make the most sales are those who jump on trends from the start. 

Minea has set out to solve this problem by introducing its business plan, which can now be found under the heading "Products".
In this " Products" tab, you'll find directly the high-potential products that are currently working on the market. These are products that you can sell directly from your store without further research. 

Products tab (Ex Business Plan) Minea

What's even more interesting with the new update is that Minea now offers you highly advanced filters that allow you to click-filter the ads collected according to the criteria of your choice.
For example, click on the "Is dropshipping" filter to see only dropshipping products. If you're more interested in high-potential products, you can access them directly by clicking on the corresponding filter. 

Additional filters are available in the left-hand panel, allowing you to tailor your search to your specific requirements.
With Minea's business plan, you'll never be left behind when it comes to new product trends. You'll be the first to know about a new trend, and you'll be able to position yourself on the trend as early as possible for the best results.
It's definitely the ultimate research tool you need. 


Magic Search

Minea continues to surprise us with its new features. Magic search is a new feature available on the beta version of Minea. The Magic search tool is designed to help you take the temperature of the market in relation to a specific product.
After searching for a product, it's often tempting to find out which direct competitors are already selling the same product. With Minea's Magic Search tool, this task is now just a click away. 

Simply search for the name of the product you want to spy on, and the tool automatically provides you with all the ads currently running on the various social networks for that product. 

Magic Search Minea

You can also search by image. Simply import the image of the product you wish to spy on, and the algorithm will automatically analyze the image to provide you with all similar ads.
This can tell you whether your product is already saturated, or whether there's still room on the market. This can be a very interesting tool for dropshipping product research. 

What's more, as with Minea's other tools, you'll also have relevant data for each ad. This data will enable you to confirm or refute your doubts about a product. 

Success Radar

Success Radar Minea

Success Radar is also one of Minea's additional features. It is a complementary feature to the "Product" tab. Success Radar gives you a list of the top 100 best-performing products on the market.
These are the products that are experiencing a meteoric rise on social networks. As an e-tailer, you know that this is where the opportunities lie. 

If you're looking for a quick way to capture trends and generate maximum sales, this is the tool for you. Success Radar will help you identify products that you can start selling immediately in your store. What's more, for each product, the tool gives you a view of all the stores selling that product on the market. 

You'll be able to draw inspiration from the best stores when setting up your own online store.
This tool, coupled with magic search, gives you an even deeper view of product performance on the various social networks. Basically, it's a simpler, more practical version of the "Product" tab. 

Don't hesitate to take advantage of all these Minea tools to explode your e-commerce figures. 

Dropship.io Vs Minea : Pricing

Minea pricing

Minea pricing 

As far as price is concerned, Minea offers 4 packages, which we will evaluate in detail:

The free package: With this package, you can test Minea's functionality. But if you want more features, you'll need to upgrade.

Starter: this package costs €49/month and gives you access to features such as..: 

  • 10,000 credits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer placements
  • Details of ads and placements
  • Advanced Filters
  • Chrome Extension

Premium: this is the most popular package, costing €99/month and giving you access to features such as:

  • 100,000 credits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer placements
  • Details of ads and placements
  • Advanced Filters
  • Chrome Extension
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Shop analysis

Business: this package is very popular with businesses. It costs €399/month and includes all the functions available in the other packages. It also offers two new additional functions:

  • Winning product finder tool
  • AI Success Tracker

Dropship.io pricing

Dropship.io pricing

Dropship.io offers three price plans to suit different user needs and budgets.

  • The Basic plan, priced at $29 per month, is perfect for those just starting out on their dropshipping journey. This plan includes limited searches and access to products from the extensive database.
  • For users looking for a more complete experience, theStandard planis available at $49 per month. With this plan, users have access to a wider range of products and fewer limitations, giving them more options to explore and develop their online business.
  • For maximum benefits and advanced features, the Premium plan is priced at $79 per month. This plan offers unlimited searches and access to all products in the database. Users also receive additional tools and resources to enhance their dropshipping experience.

What's more, Dropship.io offers a7-day free trial option. This allows you to explore the platform, track sales and evaluate its performance over time.

Price comparison: Dropship.io Vs Minea

Comparing the prices of these two tools, we can see that, on average, Dropship.io is less expensive than Minea. However, according to our analysis in this guide, Minea offers more features, search options, sorting and much more than Dropship.io. As a dropshipper or e-merchant, it's best to opt for a tool that offers you more of the features you need to grow your business. What's more, Minea is quite flexible, so even beginners can find a plan that suits their budget. At the end of this analysis, Minea is without doubt the most advantageous tool.


Our opinion of Dropship.io 


Why choose Minea?

After a careful comparison of the features of each tool, we can confirm that Minea outperforms Dropship.io on several counts. Firstly, in terms of filters and sorting, search options, ad volume and even many of the additional features we've discussed throughout this article. As you can see in the table below. What's more, Minea's rates are more flexible and suitable for all levels, whether you're a beginner or not.

Summary table Dropship.io Vs Minea



Throughout this article, we have carried out an objective comparison of the product search tools Minea and Dropship.io. Our comparison is based on the different functionalities offered by each tool. If you're looking for a comprehensive ad spy tool that gives you access to ads collected on the main social networks, a complete view of the market and a global understanding of your competitors' marketing strategies, we recommend you try Minea free of charge here.


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