Dropispy 2023 Reviews: Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

Starting an online dropshipping business can be a daunting task if you don't know: what product to sell, how to choose the best product and how to promote it. For this reason, you need to consider a better spy tool that will help you save time and overcome all these barriers with just one click. Dropispy is an excellent solution to these problems. This app can make your dropshipping business so much easier. So, in this "Dropispy Reviews" guide, we're going to talk about its best features, as well as its pros and cons. Let's get started.

What is Dropispy?

Dropispy is a competitive intelligence tool that lets you spy on your competitors. With it, you can see what products they're promoting and how they're marketing them on Facebook. You can then draw inspiration from their strategies, or imitate their advertising if you have an identical product.

Dropispy's main objective is to help you find the best-performing ads based on specific advanced filters. In addition, it provides you with actionable marketing data to help you find winning products. We'll look at these two main functions and other features below.

Ad search functionality

Searching for ads is Dropispy's most important feature, focusing on spying on Facebook ads. For anyone wishing to enter the world of dropshipping, the ability to search for lucrative Facebook ads can be a real game-changer.

With Dropispy, you can do it with very little effort. You'll be well on your way to finding the perfect dropshipping products for your business. By default, the dashboard shows you all the available ads they've retrieved. These ads number in the tens of millions, so you can use the filters to find the one you need. 

This spy tool has four categories for filtering ads: Creation, Target Audience, Redirect Link and Feedback. When these advanced filters are used correctly, you can easily find successful ads and winning products. Let's take a look at each of them.


If you already know the product or subject of the ads you're looking for, you should filter the results according to creation. There are seven ways to filter successful ads in this category:

  • Keyword search: You can search for a product using a specific keyword.
  • Publication creation date: this is a good filter if you know when the product was launched, or if you want to limit results to a specific date.
  • Media type: this is the type of ad used by the advertiser. You can choose between Image, Video, Album and Carousel.
  • Page name: if you know your competitor's Facebook page and want to limit the results to ads published by a specific page, use this filter.
  • Viewing date: you can add the dates on which you think the ad appeared. 
  • First view date: this refers to the first activation of the ad.
  • Last viewed date: this is the date on which the ad was last active.

Target audience

You can also filter ads by target audience. There are four filters in this category:

  • Some countries
  • Language: You can target ads in any of the 53 languages listed. Remember that the language referred to in the ad is the user-defined language, not the language of the ad.
  • Gender: you can target ads to male or female users.
  • Age: this is the age filter. It starts at 18 and ends at 80. You can move the slider to filter the age range you want.

Redirect link

The redirect link is the URL to which the ad links. You can filter your ads by :

  • Domain: use this if you want to filter results according to the competitor's website (and, of course, if you know the domain name).
  • E-commerce platform: this refers to the online sales platform. With Dropispy, you can access some of the most popular platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and Bigcommerce.
  • CTA: this is the call to action used in the ad. For example: buy now, find out more, get an offer and other CTAs available in Facebook ads.


The Reactions filter shows you how many people have reacted to an ad. It includes all the most recent reactions available. You can filter by the number of :

  • Love,
  • Actions,
  • Comments,
  • Sharing, etc. 

Once the results appear according to your filters, you can then sort them in descending or ascending order according to one of the following criteria:

  • After the creation date
  • Date of first view
  • Date of last visit
  • Runtime (this is the length of time the ad has been active)
  • Actions
  • Comments
  • Loving

Store analysis functionality

One of the best ways to get started in dropshipping is to study how your competitors' stores work. This is where Dropispy comes in, offering an excellent way to research and analyze dropshipping stores.

You can use the search function to find the most popular dropshipping stores. You can also find out what your competitors are offering. This function is a great way to get ideas for your own store and find out which products are selling well. You can also see what kind of advertising these stores use and get ideas for your own advertising campaigns.

When you arrive at the Dropispy dashboard, you'll see a list of stores. You can sort these results according to the following filters:

  • Domain: This must be the exact domain name. If you type "", for example, the result will be limited to
  • Platform: choose from the list of platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Prestashop, Hybris and Oracle Commerce).
  • Store type: the only option available is dropshipping, which restricts the list to e-commerce sites.
  • Alexa Global
  • Alexa United States

Once the store is listed, access the search function and filter the list by domain. Click on the "Store details" page to obtain more information about the competitor.

Basic information section

On the store details page, you'll immediately see basic information about the domain, such as :

  • Online store,
  • Dropshipping store,
  • The platform used (Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.),
  • The motto,
  • The theme used by the website,
  • Installed applications,
  • Engagement statistics (daily visits, time spent on page and bounce rate),
  • Alexa rankings (U.S. and worldwide).
  • Alexa ranking history chart.

Visitors and Web pages

Below the graphic, you'll find the visitors section, which provides information on where the store's audiences come from. Next, you'll find a list of all active pages on the website and a preview of the home page. 

Facebook ads and store products

Below are the most interesting sections of the store details page. The"Facebook Ads" section lists all the ads retrieved for this domain. It displays the ads as you would see them in the ad search dashboard.

The"Products" section displays all dropshipped products on the website. You'll be able to see how the advertiser has named the products and their prices (retail and discount). You can add the product to your folder or click on the Shopify icon to display the product page.

Product details

By clicking on the details link, you will be redirected to the "Product details" page, where you will find the following items:

  • Additional product support (photos or videos).
  • Product title and full description.
  • Additional information such as the date the product was first added to the store and the date it was last updated.
  • Shopify product details in dropispy.

Overall, the store search function is a great way to search for both stores and specific products. It's easy to use and offers a wealth of information to make it easier for you to choose which products to promote. In the rest of our Dropispy review, we'll be looking at the folders section of this tool.

My files section

The "My Folders" section is where you can save the ads and products you wish to monitor. To add an ad to your folder, simply click on the "Add to folder" button on the "Search ads" page or on the "Ad details" page.

You can also add products to your folder by clicking on the "Add to folder" button on the "Shop" and "Product details" pages. Once you've added an ad or product to your folder, you can find it under the My Folders tab.

My folders tab in dropispy

In this folder, you'll find all the ads and products you've registered. To avoid confusion, it's important to create separate folders for ads and products. It's also advisable to create separate folders for different stores or categories. In the next section of our Dropispy review, we'll take a look at the Chrome extension. Read on to find out how this feature can help you.

Dropispy Chrome extension

Dropispy's Chrome extension is a handy spy tool that lets you spy on your competitors' ads while you're browsing their websites. To install the extension, simply click on the"Download extension" button that appears when you log in to the Dropispy dashboard.

Once the extension is installed, you'll see the Dropispy icon next to the address bar. Clicking on the icon while on your competitor's website will open a pop-up window displaying the following:

  • General: this includes website information such as daily engagement, visitor countries, Alexa ranking, etc.
  • Ads: this shows all the ads the website displays on Facebook.
  • Products: this shows all e-commerce products available on the website.

Click on the"Details" link for more information on the product or ads, or click on the Shopify icon to view the product page and on the Facebook icon to view the ad. In the next section of our Dropispy review, we'll look at the packages and rates offered by the tool.

Dropispy packages and rates

Droispy offers three price plans depending on your usage and needs: 

Free map 

This is the best solution for anyone who wants to see how the spy tool works. It helps you assess whether this spy tool can help your business or not. Although it offers an unlimited number of searches, most features (such as ad filtering, recent ads or the store spy tool) are limited.

Premium Plan

Priced at €29.90 per month, this plan lets you use all Dropispy's features. This includes the store's advanced filters and spy tool, but is limited to 150,000 credits per month.

Business plan

At €249.90 per month, this plan also lets you use all Dropispy features with a credit limit of 1.8 million per month.

If you have unused credits this month, they will be carried over to the next month. On the other hand, if you've used up all your credits for the month, you can purchase additional credits in increments of 50,000 and 100,000. Credits are billed according to the following actions:

  • Listings = 30 credits
  • Ad details and Shopify view = 10 credits
  • Domain list = 15 credits

The credit system has been set up to prevent misuse.

Dropispy reviews: advantages and disadvantages

The main purpose of this Dropispy Reviews guide is to provide information on whether or not to use the ad spying tool. Indeed, Dropispy is an excellent online tool for spying on your competitors and seeing the ads and products they're promoting. But while it offers many features that will help you succeed in your online dropshipping business, it does have some drawbacks.



Dropispy is a great spy tool for anyone wanting to get into dropshipping. As you may have learned from our Dropispy reviews, it's easy to use and offers many features that will help you succeed in your dropshipping business. It does have a few drawbacks, but overall, Dropispy is an excellent tool that can give you an edge over your competitors. 

Unlike the latter, Minea is another powerful spy tool with a host of interesting features. If you want to spy on other social networks beyond Facebook, Minea is exactly what you need. It lets you spy and search for the best products to offer in your store, thanks to its advanced filters.

Frequently asked questions 

What is Dropispy?

Dropispy is a software application (SaaS) that makes millions of ads from social networks available on its platform. It's a business intelligence solution for monitoring ads worldwide.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the world's largest searchable database for Facebook and Instagram ads. With an unrivalled range of data and an innovative search function, it makes it easy to discover relevant ads.

Which country has the best advertising?

According to the Bestads 2021 ranking, the USA, UK, Australia, France and Canada are the top five countries. The USA is in first place with 256 points, followed by the UK with 202 points and Australia with 178 points.

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