Top 20 best WooCommerce suppliers


Dropshipping with Woocommerce is becoming more and more a popular online business option. Its advantages and benefits show that this model has a bright future in the market! However, many people don't know that the basis of an online store's success lies in the choice of dropshipping supplier. In fact, it is one of the fundamental elements for the functioning of your online store and its growth. 

If a delivery is delayed, it will be a negative comment for your store. On the other hand, if the delivery of the product arrives on time and with quality, it will only be praise that will attract many more customers to you. For this, it is necessary to find the WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers with a very good reputation. In this guide, we're going to expose you the tips you need to adopt to find the best suppliers to make your business explode. Let's get started. 

What is WooCommerce dropshipping?

WooCommerce dropshipping is simply selling your products using a WooCommerce powered virtual store. If you don't know, WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to create a fully functional online store on WordPress. 

With this one, you can open your store and start selling your products through your WooCommerce dropshipping vendors. Moreover, this business does not require a physical store, but rather the selection of the best payment solution.

How to find the best dropshipping suppliers for WooCommerce?

Selecting suppliers is a critical step that every dropshipping business must take. However, when looking for WooCommerce dropshipping vendors, there are many factors to consider.

Do you already know the products you want to sell? Are you sure that they will be a success for your business? If the answer is yes, then you need to find a better vendor manager for WooCommerce. 

They provide the quality service your business deserves. Here are 4 great tips to make sure you find the right one:

Do appropriate research

First, you need to select the products you want to sell. Then, you can use a WooCommerce vendor plugin to find the vendors that are available and best fit your needs. 

Depending on how many of them are in your desired product niche, you may have to choose to contact a domestic or foreign supplier. 

Contact suppliers

Drop shipping business owner confirming the order on phone Drop shipping business owner talking on cell phone and taking order. Female entrepreneur working at home office confirming the order on phone. Drop shipping stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Contact the vendors that meet your needs and engage with them through WooCommerce vendor extensions. If you talk to them, you can ask questions about the services they offer. 

They can also provide you with contact information for some of their current customers. This way, you can get hands-on experience with the provider before contacting them.

Ask the supplier for samples 

Once you have chosen your most important suppliers (two or three), request samples yourself. Then check the reliability of their services, delivery times, packaging and other aspects related to the manufacturer to make sure you are satisfied with your decision.

WooCommerce vendor management: read their reviews 

If you have to choose suppliers, many of them sound good when you read their reviews and products. However, they may not be a good fit for your audience once you do business with them. 

This may be due to their raw materials, their business or their returns management. So be sure to talk to suppliers and find out how they operate before committing to working with them.

Discover the best WooCommerce providers in Europe and the United States

There are many product suppliers available for dropshipping in Europe. In fact, keep in mind that suppliers will always be the foundation of your business, no matter what modality you choose.

To make it easier to choose a good provider, we have compiled a list of the best WooCommerce dropshipping providers in Europe. Check it out below and decide which one you're most interested in based on the market niche you're operating in:

  • BigBuy
  • VidaXL
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • DropshippingXL
  • Sync2Fashion
  • Spocket
  • Printful
  • Appscenic
  • SaleHoo
  • Modalyst
  • 01Supply
  • EDC
  • Puckator Dropship
  • CWI Gifts
  • Wholesale2b
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Go Dropship


The BigBuy platform is known as one of the best dropshipping providers offering a better user experience. It specializes in the wholesale of various original items, for example: 

  • Household items, 
  • Household appliances,
  • Gadgets,
  • Wellness and beauty products,
  • Sports accessories and much more.

In addition, it has considerable stocks and numerous references, as well as a wide range of products. BigBuy's mission is to offer e-merchants a quality delivery service with a short delivery time. In addition, it has a dashboard and a fairly simple inventory management function.


VidaXL is an e-commerce platform specialized in online sales and retail. It is present in twenty-seven countries in Europe, as well as in the United States and Australia. Moreover, they also have dedicated merchant websites and customer services for each country. 

In fact, VidaXL is not new, it has been around since 2006 and is constantly evolving. This proves that they are serious and their customer base is only growing. With this e commerce software, you can sell very comfortable furniture on the internet via your e-commerce store.


The eBay platform is very easy to use and has been around for almost 25 years! Thanks to its association with Paypal, you benefit from 180 days of protection. While eBay also provides its own 30-day protection. Why do many choose eBay? Actually, it's because of the diversity! 

You can access suppliers from all over the world, and the prices are competitive. The competition is so strong that you can sometimes find lower prices than on Aliexpress, with faster deliveries. To get started in online shopping, eBay is one of the best suppliers to consider.



Amazon is a shopping platform that is hard to ignore. Indeed, its particularity lies in its"Prime" service. This one assures you a quality customer service! The delivery is done for free in 24-48 hours, and even on Sunday. Moreover, the prices are affordable compared to eBay products, but the customer service is excellent.

Amazon does not allow the use of "Prime" for commercial reasons, including dropshipping. However, many do and it works very well. If you are good and have the right strategy, you can succeed.


With more than 100 million products on sale, AliExpress is a great internet shopping platform. It was founded in 2010 and is owned by the Chinese company Alibaba, one of the world's leading e-commerce companies. 

Most of the sellers on AliExpress are reputable manufacturers, so you can find trendy products at lower prices. You can find products such as:

  • Women's clothing,
  • Jewelry,
  • Electronic accessories, 
  • Interior decoration objects, etc. 

To sell products online, AliExpress is a great place to find several product categories for your e-commerce sites.



DropshippingXL offers over 90,000 products to add to your online store or marketplace account. Indeed, vidaXL is known for its very large home and garden furniture categories, but also provides products from many other categories. It offers fast delivery in Europe and integrations with Lightspeed, Magento and WooCommerce.



With Sync2Fashion's woocommerce vendor plugin, you can easily add all B2B GRIFFATI products to your store. And that's without having a stock warehouse or management software. With Sync2Fashion, you can import all your products into your own online store with one click. And then sell thousands of original clothing items from leading brands.



Spocket is a platform for European and American dropshipping suppliers. There are thousands of products listed on the platform, from clothing to beauty products and more. 

Indeed, it has a higher price range and shipping costs than AliExpress dropshipping. However, the platform offers integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix and WooCommerce.



If you want to sell white label products with your own design prints, Printful is a suitable dropshipping provider. This is because the company works on a print-on-demand basis. Thus, it can print your designs on clothing, as well as on bags, mugs and phone covers. 

In Europe, the company is located in Latvia and Spain, which allows for two to four day shipping. Additionally, integrations are available with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce and Prestashop.


AppScenic is a UK-based dropshipping platform for retailers, manufacturers and brands. It is one of the dropshipping providers for woocommerce offering over 500,000 products. Moreover, it has the plugins that automate the dropshipping process between retailers and suppliers. 

From importing products to automatic ordering, everything is done in one click. You will also benefit from a unique system of escrow between retailers and suppliers as well as support for returns and refunds.


This platform has an online database of over 8,000 vendors worldwide. It claims to verify every vendor and offers a full guarantee on your purchase in case of damage or fraud. In addition, there are over 1.6 million products in 75 categories available. You will need to create an account and pay $67 to access the database.



This marketplace connects dropshippers with suppliers from the United States, Australia and Europe. Some of the wholesalers in this marketplace are also listed on AliExpress. 

Modalyst claims to have verified all dropshipping suppliers. Among other categories, clothing, shoes, and accessories are sold by both premium and non-premium vendors. The platform can be easily integrated with Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.



01Supply offers a network of over a thousand suppliers worldwide, which you can contact simultaneously. Membership is free and with Shopify, all orders and tracking are automated. In addition, it also has excellent woocommerce supplier management tool. 



EDC is a Dutch wholesaler with over 14,000 erotic products. They have a dropshipping program, for which you will need to be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. There is no minimum order size and EDC offers worldwide delivery. Due to the nature of the products sold by EDC, you may need to check import restrictions if you are shipping outside of Europe.

Puckator Dropship (UK)

Puckator Dropship

Puckator Dropship is one of the best dropshipping providers for woocommerce. It offers thousands of unique products including : 

  • Ornaments,
  • Figurines,
  • Wall hangings,
  • Textiles and more.

In fact, Puckator Dropship was one of the first UK-based gift dropshippers. Because of this, it offers fast shipping across the UK using reliable couriers and unbranded packaging. You can also use the images and descriptions on your own website.

CWI Gifts (USA)

CWI Gifts

CWI Gifts is a family owned and operated wholesale and dropshipping company with over 40 years of experience and thousands of high quality products. Examples include giftware and household items.

Joining the dropshipping program is free. And you can immediately start selling products on any platform of your choice, including WooCommerce and online marketplaces. However, the $100 minimum order does not apply to dropshipping accounts.

Wholesale2b (United States)


Wholesale2b is the go-to platform for building a fully automated dropshipping or e-commerce business. The company provides an all-in-one solution to search and list dropshipping products on your WooCommerce store.

You can quickly import products from over 90 US-based dropshipping suppliers. In particular, those that offer high wholesale prices. Plus, Wholesale2b automatically monitors your inventory and stock levels to prevent overselling. 

This allows you to spend your time on growing your business without limits. You can also fulfill the order of the customers in one click with woocommerce vendor management features. 

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping

With over 200,000 products in hundreds of major categories, CJ Dropshipping is one of the popular platforms from China. Whether you're looking to purchase electronics, or clothing, CJ Dropshipping offers an unparalleled range. 

It also has a dedicated drop shipping service and no minimum order requirements. In addition, CJ Dropshipping has several warehouses around the world, including the UK, US, EU and China. As a result, you can offer your customers fast local shipping, without having to pay import duties or taxes upon arrival.

Worldwide Brands 

Worldwide Brands

For over 20 years, Worldwide Brands has been a respected and trusted online directory of certified business-to-business companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, Worldwide Brands offers over 16 million wholesale products from thousands of leading suppliers. 

You can browse the directory and use filters to find responsible suppliers for woocommerce or appropriate companies. One of the best features of Worldwide Brands is that you will have direct access to supplies. This means that you won't have any middlemen eating into your profits.

Go Dropship (United Kingdom)

Go Dropship

Go Dropship is one of the leading UK based dropshipping providers with a wide range of products. Including household goods, garden accessories, electronics, toys, games and sports accessories.

All products are shipped from a UK warehouse with super-fast shipping and full tracking information. Therefore, you can start shipping on any e-commerce platform, including WooCommerce and Shopify.

How to pay your WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers via sales?

Portrait of warehouse colleagues preparing packages for shipping during daytime Male and female warehouse colleagues preparing packages for delivery at workplace Drop shipping stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The principle of dropshipping is that your supplier will be paid at the same time as you. Indeed, WooCommerce sends the order to the supplier, once it is validated, you can receive payment from both sides. If the commerce site is present on platforms like Aliexpress or Amazon, it is even possible to make a direct relay. 

It's even more convenient this way, as you can take your commission at the same time it's paid. Sell products on the right marketplace with Woocommerce, as it offers you many benefits.

Secondly, the payment method to be used by the dropshipping provider may vary depending on the agreement. The more payment methods there are, the higher the fees will be. One situation that can be considered is where payments are made to you first. Then, on a periodic basis, you make the payment to your supplier.

By doing so, you will avoid excessive expenses. When it comes to the details, you should agree with each other. You can make your choice between the various payment options for WooCommerce to proceed as you please. You have to evaluate the existing options of the selling site well to decide how the dropshipping provider is paid.

Explore other alternatives with your supplier

Two clothing store owners preparing some orders for shipping Clothing store owners having a discussion while preparing online orders for shipping. Two young women using a laptop together in a thrift store. Female entrepreneurs running an e-commerce small business. E-commerce stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

It also happens that your supplier does not place his products on sites like Aliexpress and Amazon. In this case, it may be a little more complicated to act, both to inform him of sales and to pay him directly. Fortunately for this case, it is possible to send him the information of dropshipping purchases from WooCommerce. Thus, he will be informed of the orders to be processed, and will be able to take care of the deliveries.

You can also use the same systems to share payments directly with him if you prefer that. On the other hand, in case the products have a high value, it can still be profitable for both of you. The best thing is to discuss with your supplier to find a good agreement. 

The moment you have decided on what to do, you can set up a proper payment system. For those who are worried about how to pay their dropshipping supplier with WooCommerce, you just need to install the right plugins. These can also help you manage the store.

Don't forget to keep your accounts

In dropshipping, knowing how to pay the supplier comes with another concern which is accounting. Indeed, it is an obligation to keep your accounts in order to pay your taxes properly. On the other hand, with the different possible payment systems, you risk to get lost. Therefore, you must make sure that you keep track of your accounting on a daily basis. 

If it is within your budget, you should even consider using an accountant. This is an investment that will save you time and money. The accountant will be able to prevent you from making tax mistakes that could cost you dearly. Secondly, doing the reconciliation is a tedious and time-consuming task if you are not used to it.

There are providers who can do this for you for very reasonable rates, often charged by the hour. If you don't want to go through this measure, you can always learn the basics of this practice. The main thing is that you don't make mistakes in the profitability of your website. 


Dropshipping is a very safe way to make money on the internet. However, there are several essential criteria that you need to take into account when implementing your strategy. These include choosing the right WooCommerce providers and the best eCommerce tools in order to find the winning products in the market. In this sense, Minea is one of the formidable tools available that helps you find your winning products with a simple click. With this e-commerce solution, you can explode your income on the internet very quickly.

Frequently asked questions 

Is WooCommerce good for wholesale?

WooCommerce is a great platform for wholesale sales. Not only that, but it is easy to use and has many features that make it optimal for any type of business.

Shopify or WooCommerce, what should I choose?

When it comes to content, the biggest difference between WooCommerce and Shopify comes from the side pages. This is because Shopify is primarily a storefront with product pages. If you want to create pages about your brand, company news and a blog, WooCommerce is a better choice.

Can WooCommerce manage 1000 products?

WooCommerce is an extremely scalable platform that can handle large catalogs. Before anything else, you will need to make sure that your hosting plan can handle the extra load. In general, yes, WooCommerce can handle 1,000 products if you buy them on your site.

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