13+ of the Best Shopify Stores in 2023


Your Shopify store's journey of inspiration starts here. From minimalist backpacks to protein-rich brownies, the best Shopify stores sell everything you could possibly need. Plus, checking out the best store examples can give you some great ideas on how to get your e-commerce store off the ground.

Since there are over 100,000 Shopify stores, we have compiled this list of the best performing ones to save you time. We analyzed their e-commerce sites, their practices and, only the best ones are on the list.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Shopify e-commerce sites:

  1. Allbirds
  2. Stitch Fix
  3. Asphalt eshop
  4. Chubbies
  5. HELM Boots
  6. Dixxon
  7. Taylor Stitch
  8. Dryrobe
  9. Kith
  10. Uppercase Magazine
  11. Leif
  12. Lulu & Georgia
  13. Jungalow


Allbirds is a $1.4 billion apparel company with an unparalleled commitment to sustainability. Despite its relatively small product catalog, this brand has disrupted market practices by pioneering environmental practices. This makes it one of the top Shopify e-commerce sites in 2023.

Strong points

Allbirds has been able to differentiate their brand through sustainable production, which 80% of customers love. Their Shopify web store is consistent with their mission, mentioning sustainable practices almost everywhere.


  • Allbirds Clothing Store on Shopify
  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Sales: > $1.0 billion

Best Shopify stores : Stitch Fix

When Stitch Fix was launched in 2011, it was an immediate success. Why? Well, they were the first to master personal styling, which is usually a personal experience. Today, this Shopify virtual store is a top destination for inspiring, personalized styles.

Strong points 

One thing that sets this online store apart is how easy it is to order a clothing box. The secret: a super simple quiz. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Shopify sites for personal style service.


  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Sales: > $1.0 billion

Asphalt eshop

Founded in 2016, this great Shopify ecommerce store reflects the brand's unique pre-order business model. Their goal is to make quality menswear with no waste. How do they know what clothes to make? Their customers tell them, and they also collect reviews from potential customers.

Strong points

This Shopify store's product survey encourages visitors to define fashion trends. It also allows them to customize their clothes. Visit it once and you may never want to buy clothes from other Shopify e-commerce sites.


  • Head office : France
  • Revenues: $1.0M - $5.0M

Best Shopify sites : Chubbies

The founders of this commerce platform are on a mission to bring short shorts to every man's wardrobe. Their Shopify store is a fusion of: 

  • High quality marketing strategy,
  • Unique brand creation
  • User-friendly and intuitive navigation,
  • Perfect combination for solid results.

Strong points of this sales site

This Shopify e-commerce store connects with visitors through creative product images and fun descriptions. The large photos on the homepage set the positive style for the rest of the store.


  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenues: $100.0M - $200.0M

HELM Boots

HELM Boots is one of the best Shopify stores. It uses a clean design to convey the brand's mission: to create unbeatable classic shoes. Want to see how cool it is to have these boots? You can see the embedded Instagram feed featuring the boots from this internet store.

HELM Boots ecommerce website : Highlights

Right on the homepage, you'll encounter many trust factors that destroy hesitation. This Shopify store promises (and delivers) perfect shoes for every occasion, with risk-free shipping and returns.


  • Helm boot store
  • Headquarters: United States, Texas, Austin
  • Revenues: $1.0M - $5.0M

Best Shopify dropshipping stores: dixxon

Boasting a rugged vibe, Dixxon prides itself on being a streetwear brand for everyone. The e-commerce platform sells some of the coolest flannel shirts you've ever seen. Although it's loaded with photos, it's more captivating than cluttered.

Strong points 

Dixxon designs their premium products from scratch and only sells them once. The Shopify store also does an incredible job of promoting them. Just look at the product images and their integrated Instagram feed.


  • Shopify dixxon
  • Headquarters: United States, Arizona
  • Chiffre d'affaires : < 5 millions de dollars

Taylor Stitch

This successful Shopify marketplace is another pioneer in sustainable fashion. With a relentless focus on improving the customer experience and reducing environmental impact, Taylor Stitch generates $5 million in annual revenue. This makes it one of the top Shopify companies.

Highlights of Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch provides attractive product images, fonts, graphics and product sheets. This best Shopify website looks chic as any other. It has a nice layout with beautiful typography and looks like a page from a fancy magazine.


  • Taylor Stitch Clothing Store
  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenues: $1.0M - $5.0M

Best Shopify Stores: Dryrobe

As a surfer in his youth, Gideon Bright was given a spare robe by his mother. About 30 years later, he took that idea and created a store to sell dry dress, a garment with unparalleled performance. This colorful Shopify store is the perfect place to get it.

Strong points 

No matter which page you visit, you'll see photos of customers warming up with dry robes while traveling. Plus, the overall design of this Shopify store will entice you to book a mountain retreat or go surfing.

Are you also planning to create your surf dresses home shopping website? Dryrobe is one of the best single-product Shopify stores to take as a reference.


  • Dryrobe Online Shop
  • Headquarters: United States, Illinois, Harwood Heights
  • Revenues: $5.0M - $10.0M


This Shopify store welcomes you with a full-screen homepage animation. Browse around and you'll see a minimalist design filled with large photos of professional products. Also stop by the store blog to watch some cool videos. For example, this one of the New York Chamber Orchestra performing a Star Wars theme in Kith clothing.

Do you want to do dropshipping and you target the clothing niche? If yes, opening your store inspired by Kith, can be an asset for you. Because of this, you can use the essential templates and plugins to bring your own store closer to this one in terms of design.

Strong points

Kith is a brilliant example of a Shopify store reinforcing brand image via the website. Combining minimalist design and branded content, Kith makes visitors feel like insiders within ten seconds.


  • Kith Clothing Store
  • Headquarters: United States, New York, New York
  • Revenues: $75.0M - $100.0M

Best Shopify stores : Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine is a publisher whose beautiful Shopify site engages from the first moment. The homepage video introduces you to the latest issue, drawing you into the product immediately. So if you're looking to create an eCommerce site that offers a truly unique experience, this is one you can take inspiration from.

Best Shopify Uppercase Magazine stores: highlights 

Uppercase Magazine features colorful images, interesting videos and messages from the founder. This successful marketplace invites you to connect with the brand in many ways. It's the right decision since Uppercase Magazine has only a few products to sell.

Finally, Shopify is a solid choice, if you want to create an online store. You can create your site easily without having much technical knowledge.


  • Uppercase Magazine
  • Head Office: Canada, Alberta
  • Chiffre d'affaires : < 5 millions de dollars


Here is an example of a Shopify store with a very soft artistic look. White, gold and light pink colors dominate the design, accompanied by delicate patterns and elements. This is one of the simple, yet unique and welcoming merchant websites.

On Shopify, you can also create an identical merchant site with the help of extensions and many features. The ecommerce platform, also provides several e commerce and marketing tools to develop your business.

Best Shopify Stores: Leif Highlights

She offers stunning e-commerce photography. "We prefer lifestyle photography. The more you see a product in context, the better you can translate that experience to the store," says Stacy Longenecker, founder of Leif.


  • Leif Shopify store for interior design
  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Brooklyn
  • Sales: $12 million

Best Shopify stores : Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia is among the best Shopify stores. This stylish Shopify store example lets the products speak for themselves with the large and beautiful images on the homepage. The smart layout ensures that the content is logically organized. So, you can visit the site and get inspired by the amazing designs to create a sales site. 

Highlights of Lulu & Georgia

The layout has a magazine-like structure, which gives this Shopify site a sophisticated look. The blog is also worth mentioning, as it's inspiring, colorful, and filled with stories about design and inspiration.


  • Lulu & Georgia online store
  • Headquarters: United States, California, Los Angeles
  • Revenues: $1.0M - $5.0M

Best Shopify companies: Jungalow

This Shopify store conveys the artistic vision of its founder, Justina Blakeney. She believes in self-expression and creativity, which has resulted in a uniquely designed Shopify website. Even the email pop-up looks like a dome. Plus, the store is responsive and well-referenced on search engines.

Strong points 

Besides the unique design, this popular Shopify store shows how to optimize conversions. Easy navigation, a compelling brand story, quick checkout, and photos of happy customers on every product page. So it's no surprise that this is one of the best Shopify stores.


  • Jungalow e-commerce site
  • Headquarters: United States, Florida, Miami
  • Chiffre d'affaires : < 1,0 M $


If you are an e-merchant, visiting the best Shopify stores can give you an idea of which merchant sites to choose as a reference. Each example here has something unique and interesting that allows you to create its website to sell products. So, we hope that our reviews have been useful to discover.

As you can see, you don't have to limit yourself to popular product categories like clothing to have a successful Shopify store. You can find examples of popular stores in almost every category. So you have a lot of freedom to choose, as long as your market analysis supports you. 

Moreover, with Shopify, you can create a solid business with the marketing and inventory management tools that the platform offers. Minea is also a very powerful tool that can help you increase your Shopify sales quickly. With its built-in multi-functionality, you can identify the best product to offer in no time. You can explore the performance of this tool right now with a free trial.

Frequently asked questions 

Can I open a Shopify store with no money?

You don't need tons of money to get started. Start selling online with Shopify's Starter plan. For just $1 a month, you'll get all the tools and commerce solutions you need to sell via social media.

Is owning a Shopify store profitable?

The quick answer is: yes. If you simply want to sell your available products online or if you are starting an online business, the ultimate goal of creating an eCommerce site on Shopify would be to make a profit.

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