Dropshipping with Cdiscount : functioning, advantages, opinion


You want to target the French market? Have you heard of the marketplace Cdiscount? Well, it is the second largest marketplace in France in terms of turnover with a growth rate higher than the market average. It offers a wide range of products from cultural goods to high technologies, computers, household appliances and many more. 

Moreover, this French-speaking e-commerce platform helps you to easily find the best dropshipping suppliers, whatever your chosen niche. In this guide, we will expose you, how you can start dropshipping with Cdiscount, how it works and the benefits you can get from it. Let's get started. 

What is Cdiscount?

Cdiscount is a French generalist shopping platform that hosts more than 63 million products divided into 40 categories. You will find for example product categories such as : 

  • The high-tech, 
  • Household appliances, 
  • Financial services, 
  • Clothing, 
  • Travel, 
  • Telephone subscriptions, etc. 

The French group has also opened two stores (in Bordeaux and Paris) in which it sells only best-sellers.

How does cdiscount dropshipping work?

Cdiscount has an all-inclusive solution for e-commerce professionals. Thus, it offers customers the possibility of incorporating and integrating its entire product catalog into their own store.

Then, when a customer buys on your site, it prepares your order in its warehouses in France and delivers it directly to his home. This operation is sometimes followed by a private label (delivery note only, without the Cdiscount logo). The shopping site also works to adapt to all the needs of its customers.

Advantages of dropshipping with Cdiscount

Dropshipping with Cdiscount offers many advantages to the reseller. You have for example : 

A multitude of product choices

Cdiscount is a platform that references several products of any brand. Indeed, it is the ideal place to find a niche. It categorizes products by price to make it easier to find. Moreover, it is a trusted dropshipping provider that joins forces with several partners to offer branded products at their fair price. 

A favourite marketplace for the French

Among all the sites of sale on Internet in France, Cdiscount is the leader. Indeed, it has a very important number of customers despite the competition. Moreover, it offers products of several brands, which increases the number of potential prospects. In addition to being a large distribution brand, Cdiscount offers dropshipping products to resellers who want to invest in it with interesting rates.  

Fast delivery at the expense of the platform

Fast delivery at the expense of the platform

Most French customers give excellent feedback on the quality of Cdiscount's delivery service. The speed comes from the fact that the French giant is mainly located in France with a very large storage space throughout France. Not only that, but because most of the products are local products. The platform can then ship in record time to customers compared to its competitors like Amazon.

No need for storage

With this type of marketing, resellers have a good number of products at their disposal without having to store them. Indeed, this logistical aspect allows the seller to focus on selling, on improving his turnover and his site. Some even use cdiscount dropshipping services with shopify to facilitate the partnership between the two marketplaces.

Growth of the cdiscount market 

Growth of the cdiscount market

Over the past two years, Cdiscount has established itself as one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the world. Among these product listings, appliances, furniture and technology items are the top sellers.

 However, Cdiscount's growth potential is reflected in its annual turnover of more than 1.6 billion euros. For an e-commerce company facing competition from giants like eBay, AliExpress and Amazon, this is quite an achievement.

Dropshipping with cdiscount pro, how does it work ?

Thanks to the appreciations and requests, Cdiscount was able to create a digital platform entirely reserved for dropshipping professionals: Cdiscount Pro. This platform, unlike the usual marketplace, offers a wide choice of products to sell to customers.

Cdiscount Pro works like all dropshipping providers. Therefore, dropshipping with Cdiscount is always similar to the methods used in dropshipping at Amazon. The distributor or reseller only has to choose the products he wants to resell to the customers. 

Then, customers will only have to order the products. All this is done on the retailer's platform using Cdiscount Pro. When the retailer is out of stock, he places the order on a secure server of his supplier. The product being already at the disposal of the supplier, this one, in its turn, will only have to pack and prepare the parcel for a direct delivery to the customer. 

It is important to remember that the whole process between the Cdiscount platform and the retailer will be white label. However, the retailer pays a certain amount to have access to the Cdiscount Pro catalog. Several offers are proposed to the retailer to allow the sale of different categories of products.

How to sell on cdiscount ?

How to sell on cdiscount

If you have targeted the French market, cdiscount is the best place to sell dropshipping items . Follow the steps below to get there easily: 


What can be sold on cdiscount ?

Cdiscount is an ecommerce platform like many others. The customer has the possibility to buy products and services of all kinds, new or second hand. These include Disneyland Paris travel packages, cell phone subscriptions and insurance.

The top selling products in the market are electronics, including appliances, DVDs and video games. In addition to high-tech, the clothing, wine and spirits categories stand out, especially if they are made in Italy.

What are the prohibited items on cdiscount?

Sellers are not allowed to sell the following items on Cdiscount:

  • Sales or marketing of items that infringe intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and any other applicable law.
  • Objects that discriminate or incite violence (weapons, toys, replica weapons, etc.)
  • Live animals.
  • Stolen items.
  • Advertising in the form of links.
  • Pharmaceuticals, drugs of any kind or products that stimulate drug use.
  • The items are likely to present a health, safety or environmental hazard.
  • Anything that violates public order or the rights of third parties.
  • Items that cannot be legally offered or marketed.
  • Products whose sale or offer may compromise the moral values or image of Cdiscount.

Advice on dropshipping cdiscount

Advice on dropshipping cdiscount

If you are still doubting your choice to dropship with Cdiscount, check out some of the most relevant reviews below: 

Why choose the dropshipping solution with Cdiscount?

The objective of Cdiscount is to offer to all e-merchants a simple and efficient solution. Thus, they will be able to expand their assortment with most of the products of major brands. And this, without having to negotiate with global suppliers, nor to buy or store their products.

This way, they can focus on their marketing campaigns, energizing their customers by offering them the best products. As well as new products or complementary categories to satisfy everyone's needs! 

How much does it cost to sell on cdiscount ?

Selling on cdiscount has a fixed monthly cost of 39,99 € HT. Commissions on sales start at 5% and depend on the product category. In addition, brands or sellers can also purchase one of the Premium Packs. These are for example packages of additional services and features for product sponsorship or the possibility to customize your online store. 

Those who use the Premium packages are not required to pay the monthly subscription. However, they have the "Excellent" badge, which gives more visibility and authority to the products put on sale. Note that the "Excellent" badge is only issued if the seller has at least 5 reviews and the rating is 4 or higher.

cdiscount review: sales fees and commission rates on Cdiscount

cdiscount review: sales fees and commission rates on Cdiscount

As mentioned above, the monthly subscription starts at €39.99 and the variable commission is 5%. This is then applied to the total cost, including shipping. Cdiscount's commission rates are as follows:


Shipping and returns on Cdiscount

The Cdiscount Fulfillment program, like the Amazon FBA model, offers the seller the possibility to outsource all or part of the logistics. This program offers several advantages, including the following: 

  • The products have the badge "Expédié par Cdiscount". This generates more trust among users, increases the visibility of products and the probability of conversion.
  • Inclusion in the loyalty program, which guarantees free and unlimited express deliveries.
  • Cdiscount takes care of storage, shipping (to your home or to one of the 18,500 collection points) and returns.
  • Transactions are tracked 24 hours a day and monitored in real time.
  • The return is free within 28 days, with a refund granted, whatever the case (item not received, defective, return). Shipping costs are at the customer's expense, except for non-conforming items. 
  • If the immediate pickup option is available, the customer can pick up the product directly from the store. However, international orders are an exception.

In how many countries does Cdiscount deliver?  

Cdiscount ships its products to 30 countries in the European Union thanks to its international logistics partner Chronopost. Indeed, it delivers orders in the standards of European marketplaces.

Dropshipping cdiscount : how to promote your products ?

Brands and retailers have marketing tools such as: 

  • Sponsored Products and Headlines (keyword-based campaigns to increase the visibility of products in search results)
  • Flash Sales (short-term promotional events, particularly suitable for seasonal or low turnover events).

These two e-business tools, help individuals propel their product to achieve the maximum sales possible.


It all boils down to the fact that Cdiscount is an ideal platform for dropshippers who wish to sell their products on the French-speaking market. Moreover, it aims to help merchants transform their vision from traditional business to a competitive online e-commerce. To do so, it provides them with a huge platform and exposure to international customers. 

So, to maximize your sales, you also need a great product search tool to offer the perfect product to your customers. To that end, we recommend Minea, an all-in-one tool that can help you find winning products with just one click. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I find a supplier in the United States?

If you're looking for us suppliers, follow the tips below: 

  • Check online directories for wholesale suppliers.
  • Attend local and international trade shows.
  • Subscribe to your industry's trade publications.
  • Go to Google.
  • Use the U.S. Customs database.
  • Research company directories in your local library.

What is a private supplier in dropshipping?

Direct private labeling is a business model that involves selling third-party products directly to customers. This model involves putting your own brand on these products. The main advantage of private label dropshipping is that you can start an e-commerce business with a limited budget.

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