Dropshipping supplier: what to do to find a wholesaler ?

More and more people are attracted to the concept of dropshipping. To be successful in this field, there are many issues to deal with (finding products, suppliers, etc.). It is essential to use a good wholesaler. Indeed, if you turn to a good supplier, you will benefit from an optimal quality service. This is one of the elements that guarantee the success of your e-commerce site. How to find a good dropshipping supplier?

Dropshipping supplier: what should you consider before choosing a wholesaler?

The choice of a supplier should not be made lightly. Indeed, this wholesaler will strongly impact your success as well as your turnover. In dropshipping, the choice of suppliers is crucial. You need to ensure that they are able to meet your needs and the expectations of your customers.

  • Take into account the field of activity 

Above all, the choice of supplier depends on the sector you wish to enter. Each professional has its own specificities. Some position themselves in a niche, while others position themselves as generalists.

  • Define the place of production 

You have the option of choosing a supplier depending on where they are located. There are wholesalers in China, the USA and Europe. Their location will have a direct impact on delivery times.

  • Choosing by price

You must take the time to analyse the selling prices offered. As an e-tailer, you must calculate and anticipate your margins. Take into account the costs incurred by each supplier (e.g. delivery costs). Compare the prices offered by the dropshipping suppliers at your disposal. Not every wholesaler charges the same prices.

How to find a good dropshipping wholesaler?

  • Dropshipping supplier in France

In dropshipping, finding a supplier in France, who ships directly from the country, is difficult. Even if the task is hard, it is still possible to get in touch with a supplier. You can, for example, refer to Cdiscount Pro. This platform makes its catalog available to e-traders. This dropshipping supplier indicates its price and the details related to each good. It should be noted that the catalog is not available to everyone. To access it, you will have to subscribe. 

In dropshipping, some suppliers in France buy from small brands. You can also approach small brands in your sector and offer to become your dropshipping supplier. It's a win-win situation. You make margins on the sale of their product. In return, the brand gains visibility. 

Are you planning to start dropshipping natural and organic cosmetics? To find a French dropshipping supplier, turn to small producers. Choose those who do not yet have a high profile or visibility. You will be able to conclude an agreement with them. They will become your dropshipping suppliers of organic and natural products for body, face and hair. 

It is not necessary to approach big brands such as L'Oréal or other big brands. You will be forced to develop a partnership and you will have to go through various complex formalities. Go for the smaller brands. 

  • Dropshipping supplier in Europe or Asia

If you are looking for European and Asian suppliers, the easiest option is to develop a partnership with existing wholesalers. For example, you can approach Aliexpress, Bigbuy and Alibaba.

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Which are the best suppliers on the market?

In dropshipping, a supplier plays an important role. That is why you have to choose carefully. If you find it difficult to choose, you can turn to wholesalers who already have a great reputation in the field. 

  • Contact AliExpres 

When it comes to dropshipping, we often refer to the Chinese giant AliExpress. It is a general wholesaler. It entered the market in 2010. It belongs to the Alibaba group. It is one of the most visited sites in the world. It connects dropshipping wholesalers with their customers, without intermediaries. If you are looking for a dropshipping supplier in clothing, just type the keyword in the search bar. 

On this platform, it is possible to check the reputation of suppliers. Suppliers are ranked according to customer feedback. 

  • Going to Alibaba 

To find a European dropshipping supplier, you can go to Alibaba. There you will find the manufacturers of the products. Thus, you will have a relatively low purchase price. On this platform, it is not enough to type in the product to buy and contact the manufacturer. You will have to check if the wholesaler offers dropshipping. 

  • Go to BigBuy 

If you want to turn to a dropshipping supplier in Europe, you should refer to BigBuy. This is a Spanish company specialising in wholesale activities. This platform offers B2B wholesale. It supplies a multitude of products to customers in Europe. The site has more than 55,000 product references. Its catalogue consists mainly of gadgets and original gifts.

It is a platform that has a great reputation throughout the world. This site is known for its reliability and the respect of its commitments. As this wholesaler is located in Europe, its delivery times are in line with customer demands. It has a large delivery coverage. Unfortunately, the price on this platform is relatively high compared to the competition.

  • Refer to Salehoo

This platform brings together various dropshipping suppliers, most of which are American. But you will also find European wholesalers. On this site, you will find products on different themes. To get an idea of the efficiency of a wholesaler, refer to the customer reviews. You will get an opinion on its speed and efficiency.

  • VidaXL 

It is an international online distributor. It offers Internet users more than 30,000 products on different themes such as : 

  • The house ; 
  • The garage ; 
  • The garden ;
  • Animals ; 
  • Do-it-yourself ;
  • Games and toys, etc. 

VidaXL has warehouses in many countries in Europe. It can operate quickly. Its delivery time varies from 4 to 5 days after shipment. This time may vary depending on the size of the product.

  • BrandsDistribution

It is an Italian supplier. It is the leader in the distribution of products in the fashion sector. It is a dropshipping supplier of clothing and fashion accessories. Its catalogue is really rich. As it is located in a country close to France, its delivery times are very fast. 

  • Webdrop Market

This site brings together dropshipping suppliers. This marketplace allows access to quality products. It offers short delivery times.


For your online shop to thrive, you will need to find a good supplier. This professional will take care of ordering, sourcing and delivery. This is why you will need to do a thorough study before choosing a dropshipping wholesaler. The choice of this professional should also depend on your sector of activity and the product you are going to sell. If you can't decide which product to sell, rely on Minea. This tool will help you find the winning products.

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