Dropshipping with Brand Distribution: How it works, Reviews and Tips

Are you planning to set up a clothing retail business? If so, choosing the right dropshipping supplier is a necessity. Indeed, this is one of the most important steps you need to take if you want to succeed in this niche. That being the case, brand distribution is one of the best clothing suppliers, distinguished by the quality of its products.

In this guide, we're going to expose you to how it works, and the best tips to start dropshipping with this provider. So read on, if this is what you're looking for on the internet.

Brand distribution: what is it?

You've probably already heard of this online retailer: brand distribution. However, you didn't know exactly what it does. In fact, it's an online sales site specializing in the high-end fashion sector. It's the world leader in B2B dropshipping. So, if you're the type of person looking for products to sell, you can take advantage of this merchant's offers and benefit from many advantages.

Moreover, it is a dropshipping clothing supplier that offers branded products that are highly appreciated by customers. As a result, you will find trendy clothes, unique accessories in its kind. Being a world-renowned supplier, the variety of products offered in the fashion sector may surprise some enthusiasts.

How does Brand Distribution work?

Clothing retailers choose brand distribution for dropshipping for a number of reasons. Primarily, they choose this supplier because it is the world leader in the fashion industry. This allows them to have several brands and several choices of items in their catalog. What's more, a retailer who has already chosen his niche can easily find it in his catalog.

So, whether you want to sell your products on the site or to start dropshipping entirely, brand distribution will be able to satisfy you fully. Moreover, the quality of the products offered is assured by its expertise and its partner brands. You have in general more than 120 fashion brands that everyone knows, including Adidas, Gucci, Prada, Armani with trendy items of the moment.

You can then trust all the products offered to enrich your ecommerce site. Their professionalism being verified after several years in the dropshipping sector, more and more resellers are interested.

How to do dropshipping with brand distribution?

If you are interested in dropshipping with brand distribution, follow the steps below to get started:

Dropshipping with Brand Distribution

Of course, the reseller must register with the provider's server to benefit from their product catalog. The cost of the service varies depending on your choice, but the site usually offers a monthly subscription with :

  • One hundred products: 69 euros per month.
  • A complete catalog: 99 euros per month.
  • One hundred products: 490 euros per year.
  • A complete catalog: 690 euros per year.

Catalogue selection in the niche

In relation to your subscription, you can choose to distribute products in the niche appropriate to your business sector. You can bypass generalist product platforms like Cdiscount or Webdrop Market to find specialized clothing products.

After the subscription, you don't owe anything to the supplier, unless an order has been placed by a customer who has visited your site. Similarly, you don't have to worry about the logistics part since the supplier stores all the products available in its catalog. This will allow you to save money to focus on another marketing strategy.

International brands distribution: ordering from the supplier

Once you have put many fashion products for sale on your website, customers just have to order through your sales platform. Each order will be transmitted via a private network between you and the distribution of the brand so that the package is prepared for you. The latter will then proceed with the shipping and delivery to the customer in white label.

Clothing supplier: delivery service

This is indeed one of the great advantages of this modern sales method. You offer a delivery service to your customers. Indeed, it is brand distribution that takes care of the delivery for you according to the principle of dropshipping and the contract that you signed when you registered. On all the products of your niche, you have a delivery entirely at the expense of the supplier.

It's this aspect that also encourages customers to order via dropshipping platforms. Suppliers are particularly responsive when it comes to delivery times. Consumer feedback on dropshipping with Brand Distribution is generally positive.

How to find a supplier of branded clothing?

Today, the Internet is a powerful tool for finding suppliers in any niche. You can find the answers to any questions you may have. Nevertheless, here are a few points to bear in mind when looking for a white-label supplier:

It has quality products at good prices

Finding a balance between quality and price can be difficult, but we have good news for you. In fact, it's possible to combine the two factors, provided you pay attention to the following:

  • Seams.
  • The quality of the weave or fabric.
  • Finishing touches.
  • Sizes.

However, when you find a supplier that offers quality but at a high price, it's time to negotiate. See if they give you a discount for purchases over a certain amount or if they charge wholesale prices.

In most cases, price negotiation will be key to determining the value equation you want to offer to all your customers.

Clear and well-defined sales processes

It is important to know how clear your supplier's sales processes are. You should also be prepared to know what to do if your goods arrive with defects. Knowing what to do in those moments will save you a lot of headaches.

That's why we recommend asking as many questions as possible before you make your purchase. Many sellers have this information on their website or blog. This will help you anticipate before your experience is negative.

Respect the delivery time and any prior agreement

For everyone, time is money. There is nothing better than a clothing supplier that respects previous negotiation agreements and delivery times. Both of these factors are very important to the smooth operation of your business. Pay special attention to domestic suppliers in this regard.

Furthermore, when looking for international suppliers, fixed delivery times may vary due to certain factors such as the following:

  • The time of the expedition.
  • Passage through customs.
  • Shipment by courier service.

However, it is important to keep to the agreed upon times in any scenario.

Conveying confidence and security

If this is your first time contacting a clothing supplier, there are a few questions you should ask. Particularly the one about satisfaction guarantees. Also, you can take advantage of communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram or social networks in general.

That way, you'll know what others are saying about them. By making sure that the supplier you are working with is reliable, you will avoid bad times. These are the main characteristics that every clothing supplier should have.

Other suppliers outside the brand distribution

Here are the best options you can turn to when sourcing wholesale clothing:


It is one of the fastest growing suppliers, becoming one of the largest wholesalers in the world. However, the success achieved is due to the fact that more than 100 product categories can be found on its platform. Therefore, you can get other items such as toys, makeup and shoes in addition to clothes.

In addition, this provider offers several options for wholesale and dropshipping. It also has its own English version from where you can choose the warehouse for your products. Likewise, you can select the shipping method and inquire according to your doubts. On the other hand, all its prices are in euros or US dollars.


This provider has some similarities with ChinaBrands. With it, you can make retail, wholesale and dropshipping purchases. In addition, one of its most interesting features is that it has a portal dedicated to the latter modality. There you can find different categories and take advantage of the flash offers to find items with special discounts.


You've probably already heard of this clothing supplier. After all, it's an Asian giant that has consolidated itself as a highly recognized marketplace. Its consolidation is also due to AliExpress, as it is also part ofAlibaba. The difference is that the latter allows retail purchases, while Alibaba focuses on wholesale.

Also, you can enjoy many features through this provider. And one of its biggest advantages is that it allows you to make your estimate so that your budget management is accurate.


This platform is known for selling accessories. However, you can also find other items such as adult clothes, baby clothes, shoes, bags, etc. On the other hand, it is not the best option if you are looking for a supplier of men's clothing. As for the quality of the products, you can visit various Nihaojewelry shopping videos on YouTube to check this feature.

Groups on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the best social media platforms. If you want to find clothing suppliers, it will be very useful for you. There are specialized groups of clothing suppliers on Facebook, where you can find everything.

Some of them have to share catalogs via WhatsApp or their Facebook page. In addition, these groups offer many advantages, as they allow you to see the references of other users to verify that they are safe and reliable suppliers. 

How to buy wholesale clothing?

Like any start-up business, an initial investment is required. The idea is that your wholesale clothing purchase can be done like a professional. To that end, we'll explain how to buy wholesale clothing here. Let's get started.

Choose articles that are relevant to your target market

Not everything you like is fashionable, and that's something you need to be clear about. Also, when you are buying, you need to think about your customers and get advice from a styling specialist. This will allow you to know which clothes to choose so that they match the profile of the buyers you will target.

Check the quantity ordered

When you buy wholesale clothing, you need to check that the order is correct. Therefore, you need to make sure that you order the right colors, sizes and patterns. Do not leave this task to the supplier alone. They will follow the instructions on the generated purchase order without reviewing them. This way, you will avoid getting the wrong merchandise.

Determine shipping costs with the seller

This is an important point. Before making any purchase, you need to make sure that your budget fits the expected shipping costs. Generally, domestic shipping costs are not very important. But when it comes to overseas clothing suppliers, shipping costs can be high.

Another tip is to consider consulting a customs expert to determine if your shipment requires a special permit to enter the country. This will prevent your purchase from being delayed or, even worse, facing penalties.

Build strong business relationships

Once you've done business with a clothing supplier you like, the best choice is to keep them close. To do this, you need to become a customer that suppliers feel interested in working with. You need to be on time with every payment and maintain good communication. This way, they will recommend the best clothing and materials.

Creating a brand distribution boutique

Once you've chosen your supplier and your clothes are on their way, it's time to focus on sales channels. Today, you can have a physical location or open an online store to make your online sales.

The best thing to do right now is to invest in digital channels to launch your business. In fact, an online store requires less investment than a physical location. Plus, it allows you to reach a larger number of customers.

Brand distribution notice

Now you know how to find a branded clothing supplier. And also how to get into dropshipping with brand distribution, let's see the reviews of this market place:

  • Brand distribution : 2,5 stars
  • +120 fashion brands
  • +170 countries in the world
  • +300.000 products in the catalog
  • Products1 00% original
  • Fast and safe shipments
  • +14 years of experience


Choosing brand distribution as a supplier has many advantages for retailers, but also for end customers. It is up to you to feed your fashion e-commerce site with products that should attract attention. You can also ask Minea to help you find the most attractive items of the moment and boost your sales.


How to choose your clothing supplier?

  • Define your needs.
  • Look for quality and reputation.
  • Check production capacity and commercial conditions.
  • Take social and environmental responsibility into account.

Where can I buy wholesale clothing?

  • Explore local wholesale markets.
  • Use online platforms.
  • Attend trade shows.
  • Establish professional contacts.
  • Work directly with manufacturers.

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