Keys to becoming a dropshipping supplier

Dropshipping is touted as one of the most profitable businesses in the world today. The supplier position also generates high revenues if you do it right. To get into this business, there is a set of processes to follow that will ensure success.

The principle of being a dropshipping supplier

Many people wonder how to become a dropshipping supplier, but first you need to have a clear idea of what a dropshipper does. A dropshipper is someone who acts as an intermediary between a supplier and buyers. The dropshipping supplier is therefore the one who makes the products available to the dropshipper. He's not necessarily a manufacturer, but he won't be in charge of selling directly to buyers.

As a supplier, it must decide which products it will distribute to dropshippers. The decisive factor is therefore the choice of products they decide to sell. The responsibilities of a dropshipping supplier are also different from those of a dropshipper. In particular, they are the first to ensure the quality of the products they supply.

It is much more problematic for him if there is a quality concern. This is because he delivers to resellers. So, if the products sold are not satisfactory, it may cost you a lot in terms of returns. At the same time, the financial benefits are much higher. Therefore, many decide to go for this option rather than dropshipping. Unlike dropshipping, you will have to make a slightly larger initial investment.

Finding a product and improving it

One of the ways to become a dropshipping supplier is to identify a type of product that he wants to sell. The product that he will supply must be competitive, and this depends on several criteria. As soon as these are met, you will have at least one good point of completion.

Assessing weaknesses and optimising them

There are several existing products that are mass-marketed by manufacturers. However, sometimes these products have flaws that may not have been noticed during manufacture. As a supplier, you can approach a manufacturer and place an order for a particular product with your specifications.

By doing this, you can have a product that is able to stand up to the competition. This is not a simple task, however, and you need to have a good understanding of the needs you are trying to meet. The details of delivery in general are also part of what you need to assess.

Rework the packaging

It is important that the presentation of your products is able to stand out from your competitors. There are several criteria that need to be fulfilled when it comes to the presentation of your products:

  • Use a graphic charter that corresponds to your brand
  • Create packaging that will appeal to the target audience
  • Think about the practicality of containers
  • Choose a package that ensures secure delivery

These details may seem minor, but they will make your offer stand out from others. So remember to take care of these things.

Finding employees in China

China is the main centre of the dropshipping business. In this country, you will be able to find manufacturers for the products you wish to distribute. To get in touch with them, you will have to go through an intermediary. Also, there are already a large number of them in the country who speak French, which makes things easier for you. In order to do things even better, you are advised to learn English, or even Mandarin.

The English language will be a real asset if you plan to start selling internationally. It will be easier for you to become a dropshipping supplier in France and Europe. This language is much easier than Mandarin, but mastering Chinese will expand your options in the country. It all depends on your dedication to learning one or both of these languages. In the meantime, going through an intermediary is the quick solution, and you just need to choose one carefully.

Become a suitable dropshipping supplier by selling your products

Once you have found your suppliers, it will be a matter of finding resellers for them. Here you will have to contact dropshippers to offer them to sell your products. You can also list them directly on sites like Amazon or Alliexpress. This is a very practical way of doing things, as it gives you a lot of different advantages. In particular, there are services that allow you to link your products on these platforms directly to dropshipping sites.

This means that you receive orders instantly, and you can launch them as soon as they are requested. It is also more common when it comes to payments. This makes it possible for payments to be made more smoothly. This way, both you and the dropshippers can get the money without too much difficulty. In this case you become a free dropshipping supplier, as the dropshipper does not pay you directly.


The dropshipping supplier business is worth looking into, because of the various benefits of it. Once you have planned the actions related to it, it can be very profitable for you. Minea presents itself as a platform that provides you with resources for a smooth running of dropshipping related activities.

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