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The interest and advantages of Dropshipping with Cdiscount

Are you hesitating to start dropshipping? Minea offers you dropshipping with Cdiscount.

With the competition between the giants of online sales, Cdiscount has established itself as the essential French marketplace. This kind of platform allows all buyers to find products adapted to their needs. There are still many advantages for sellers who want to choose Cdiscount for dropshipping.

Dropshipping: how does it work at Cdiscount?

Cdiscount started out as a platform for the sale of second-hand CDs and has since diversified into several areas. Exchanges can be made between individuals, but also between individuals and professionals. It is from the requests of professionals that Cdiscount was able to create a digital platform entirely reserved for dropshipping professionals, Cdiscount Pro. This platform, unlike the usual marketplace, gives a wide choice of products to sell to customers.

Cdiscount Pro works like all dropshipping providers. Dropshipping with Cdiscount is still similar to the methods used in dropshipping with Amazon. The distributor or reseller only has to choose the products they want to resell to customers. The customers will only have to order products. This is all done on the reseller's platform with the dropshipping niche Cdiscount Pro .

The retailer, not having any stock, will then place the order with a secure server of his supplier. The product is already available to the supplier who, in turn, will have to pack and prepare the package for direct delivery to the customer. It is important to remember that the entire process between the Cdiscount platform and the retailer will be white label. However, the retailer pays a certain amount to have access to the Cdiscount Pro catalogue. Several offers are available to the retailer to allow the sale of various product categories.

Why choose Cdiscount Pro for dropshipping

Indeed, retailers wonder why they should choose Cdiscount instead of Amazon, eBay or other world-renowned sites. The reason remains simple, Cdiscount is a leader of the online market in France, the choice of local products would then be a plus compared to the big platforms. The shipping and preparation is done in record time since the journey is shorter than on Amazon and eBay. In any case, the opinions on dropshipping on Cdiscount are more or less positive, especially when it comes to local delivery.

Retailers give different opinions on dropshipping on Cdiscount, but in general, the multitude of choices available to them encourages them to choose a reliable niche like Cdiscount. The platform, in partnership with several brands, also chooses products from trusted suppliers. However, there are still counterfeit products offered by independent suppliers who want to trade through the platform. The retailer must therefore check all the products offered and be transparent in its marketing techniques so as not to mislead customers.

However, it also offers products in different sectors from reliable brands. Quality is therefore a must in this kind of niche. Unlike other specialised sales sites, Cdiscount has been able to diversify the types of dropshipped products to compete with, for example, Brands Distribution in the sale of fashion products or Nova Engel in perfumery. The platform has several types of products and estimates that they have a large number of products in their catalogue, close to 100 million. This leaves a wide range of choices in the field of high-tech, fashion, food and leisure.

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The advantages of dropshipping with Cdisount

Dropshipping on Cdiscount has many advantages that leave much to be desired for the retailer.

  • A multitude of product choices

Cdiscount is a platform that references several products of any brand. It is the ideal place to find a business niche. It sorts products by category and price to make searching easier. In addition, it is a trusted provider that partners with several companies to offer branded products at the right price.  

  • A favourite marketplace for the French

Among all the online sales sites in France, Cdiscount is the leader. The number of customers is very large despite the competition. Cdiscount offers products from several brands, which increases the number of potential prospects. In addition to being a retailer, Cdiscount offers dropshipping products to retailers who want to invest in them at attractive rates.  

  • No need for storage

With this type of marketing, resellers have a large number of products at their disposal without having to store them. This logistical aspect allows the retailer to concentrate on selling and improving their turnover and their site. Some even use dropshipping services on Shopify to facilitate the partnership with Cdiscount.

  • Fast delivery at the expense of the platform

Most French customers give excellent feedback on the quality of Cdiscount's delivery service. The speed comes from the fact that the French giant is mainly located in France with a very large storage space all over France. But also because most of the products are local products. The platform can then ship in record time to customers compared to its competitors like Amazon.


Most French general merchants opt for dropshipping on Cdiscount because of its national expertise, variety of products and customer satisfaction with delivery. Minea can help you find trendy products for dropshipping.

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