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How to dropship with Brands Distribution?

The world of fashion is a very broad field. Minea shows you how dropshipping works with Brands Distribution.

Most retailers are looking for a very rich niche in clothing and accessories products to feed their online sales site. Brands Distribution can be the key to finding many products in this area, especially as it specialises in dropshipping between professionals. We will show you how to get started.

Brands Distribution: what is it?

You may have heard of this online retailer Brands Distribution, but you didn't know exactly what it does. It is an online retailer specialising in the high quality fashion sector. It is indeed the world leader in B2B dropshipping. If you are the type of person who is looking for products to sell, you can ask for offers from the site to find them and benefit from many advantages. 

It is indeed a dropshipping supplier that offers branded products that are very popular with customers. You will find trendy clothes and unique accessories. Being a world famous supplier, the variety of products in the fashion sector may surprise some enthusiasts. One can find several popular and trendy brands that are of interest to customers at the moment. 

This site has been in existence since 2006 and has made an international name for itself that has put aside all competition. It has since acquired experience in dropshipping and has been able to distinguish itself by obtaining certifications and attestations of activity. Merchants prefer to order from this site for its professionalism, authenticity and efficiency in the B2B fashion world.

Why choose Brands Distribution as your supplier?

Fashion retailers choose Brands Distribution for dropshipping because of several factors. Mainly, they choose this supplier because it is the world leader in the fashion sector. This allows them to have several brands and several choices of items in their catalogue. A retailer who has already chosen his niche will easily find his way into their catalogue. Whether you want to increase the density of your product catalogue on your website or whether you want to start dropshipping entirely, Brands Distribution will be able to satisfy you completely.

In addition, the quality of the products offered is ensured by its expertise and its partner brands. You have in general more than 120 fashion brands that everyone knows, including Adidas, Gucci, Prada, Armani with trendy items of the moment. You can then trust all the products offered to enrich your e-commerce site. Their professionalism has been verified after several years in the fashion dropshipping sector, and more and more retailers are becoming interested.

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The steps of dropshipping with Brands Distribution

Since you are already in a fashion business, we can skip the steps of dropshipping in general. You have also already found your dropshipping supplier. There are only a few steps left with your supplier.

  • Dropshipping registration with Brands Distribution

Of course, the reseller must register with the Brands Distribution server to benefit from their product catalogue. The cost of the service varies depending on your choice, but the site generally offers :

  • A monthly subscription with a hundred products: 69 euros per month
  • A monthly subscription with a complete catalogue: 99 euros per month
  • An annual subscription with a hundred products: 490 euros per year
  • An annual subscription with a complete catalogue: 690 euros per year
  • Catalogue selection in the niche

In relation to your subscription, you can choose your products in the appropriate niche for your business sector. You can skip the generalist product platforms like Cdiscount or Webdrop Market to find products specialising in clothing and accessories. After subscription, you don't owe the supplier anything unless an order has been placed by a customer who has visited your site. Similarly, you don't have to worry about the logistics part as the supplier stores all the products available in their catalogue. This will save you some money to focus on other marketing strategies. 

  • Ordering from the supplier

Once you have chosen your niche and put a number of fashion products on sale on your site, customers only have to order via your sales platform. Each order will be transmitted via a private network between you and Brands Distribution so that the package can be prepared for you. The latter will then proceed with the dispatch and delivery to the customer in white label.

  • The delivery service

This is indeed one of the great advantages of this modern sales method. You provide delivery services to your customers. Indeed, Brands Distribution will take care of this for you according to the dropshipping principle and the contract you signed when you registered. On all products in your niche, you have a delivery entirely at the supplier's expense. This is the aspect that also encourages customers to order via dropshipping platforms since the suppliers are notably very reactive with regard to the delivery time. Consumer reviews for dropshipping with Brands Distribution are generally positive.


Choosing Brands Distribution as a supplier has many advantages for retailers, but also for end customers. It is up to you to supply your fashion e-commerce site with products that should attract attention. You can also ask Minea to help you find the most attractive items of the moment and boost your sales.

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