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How to dropship with Alibaba

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Alibaba is a very popular shop for online sales enthusiasts. The platform's managers are always coming up with new offers whenever the opportunity arises. As an entrepreneur, you can consider switching to Alibaba for dropshipping to increase your sales. This will surely help you attract new customers while retaining the old ones.

The main advantages of dropshipping on Alibaba

As you might expect, Alibaba is one of the best known dropshipping providers on the market. It should be noted that the platform has some compelling advantages such as the following:

  • Dropshipping on Alibaba allows you to have full control over each product and shop. The platform also offers the possibility to have a look at the pricing as well as the overall strategy to be adopted.
  • This option is also a good way of convincing customers while building a high level of trust. There is a good chance of increasing revenues quickly.
  • Alibaba offers dropshipping with a superiorservice . It also makes it easy to compete.
  • In addition to customer service, you can count on the strength of each marketing strategy. This will surely facilitate the establishment of a trusted brand.
  • Alibaba ensures a better follow-up of all transactions. This also applies to the processing of each order and the quality of communication.
  • Customers can save a lot of time during the product purchase process by going directly to your site.
  • Detailed analyses can be carried out to establish statistics. These studies can concern the volume of income as well as visitors.

Know the features and price on Alibaba before dropshipping

It is wiser to take the essential information about Alibaba before dropshipping.

  • Pricing policy

Alibaba is primarily for business customers because of its pricing policy. It is easy to obtain products for resale at a wholesale price. In addition, the platform has no problem putting resellers in direct contact with manufacturers. This makes it possible to make more profit during the resale of the products.

  • The minimum requirements for each order

The requirements for orders are different from one product to another with Alibaba. This is reflected in the fact that the platform works with many sellers. This allows it to change the terms and conditions of orders depending on the situation. This is something to keep in mind if you want to dropship with Alibaba.

  • The deadline for completion

The turnaround time for orders depends on the supplier chosen. However, the characteristics of each product ordered should not be overlooked either. This may include the size and the number of pieces required. In any case, the shipping costs must also be taken into account, which depend on the suppliers.

How to dropship with Alibaba?

Just like with Bigbuy, setting up a dropshipping centre with Alibaba should not be done randomly. You just have to follow the steps correctly to make it work.

  • Have a good internet connection

You should check your internet connection before dropshipping with Alibaba. It should be stable and secure to avoid bugs and data loss. Also, it is better to use a PC to start the business.

  • Learn about the Alibaba marketplace on the dropshipping centre

It is important to know the area you will be involved in before you make the decision. For example, you can use Alibaba and dropship to Amazon or Discount. In any case, it is better to know the advantages as well as the constraints that may be linked.

  • Choosing the best niche

It is not enough to choose Alibaba to dropship on Amazon and wait for things to happen on their own. It is essential to choose the niche to exploit during the investment. You need to know the items you want to sell.

  • Creation of an online sales site

Do not forget to create your online shop to launch the project efficiently. Moreover, the activities must be legally declared before the first advertisement is launched.

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The differences between Alibaba and AliExpress

A few aspects can differentiate Alibaba from AliExpress. You can then take the following points into account:

  • The notes

Unlike AliExpress, it is impossible to rate products on Alibaba. The ratings will then be based on the suppliers. It should be noted that the ranking of products is based on customer satisfaction. This is also based on the suppliers. Moreover, the buyer must correctly fill in the form that will be given to him to carry out the evaluation. 

  • The delivery

Tracking the shipment for delivery is also unlikely on Alibaba. You have to go directly to the supplier. Apart from that, Alibaba does not offer free delivery either. On the other hand, this may be possible on certain products on AliExpress.

  • Options for payments

Many options can be offered by Alibaba for payments. For example, this can be done using a credit card or via Western Union. So, there is no need to worry about payment methods when choosing Alibaba.


You now have an idea of how to do dropshipping with Alibaba. However, you can always contact an expert like Minea if you have any concerns. This allows you to act in the best conditions according to the situation. Moreover, you will get convincing results for every sale you make. Indeed, a team of professionals is waiting for you to carry out your project.

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